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I received a text message regarding a job I applied for (that I did NOT apply for) giving me a number to call. When I called the number I was told they had been hired to verify the information on my application and it would take anywhere from 5 minutes to 45 minutes. I did not apply for any such job and did not sign up for any text message notifications. Have I been unknowingly signed up for some charges that are now going to appear on my cell phone bill? Where do I file a formal complaint? - Florida, Hastings / scam


I became concerned when I sent an e-mail, which was not answered ever. My question was where are these jobs located, since I am unemployed, and have been looking 2 to 3 times a day and have signed on with several job search web sites. Well NONE of these jobs have ever showed up in local newspapers, local employment agencys. Every day I would see these jobs come up, if you got a response they either want a credit score, want you to pay for it and then send it over to them via the internet. I learned a long time ago, if they want my credit score it will cost that company an interview. Beware...