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I was shocked to see that this company has charged my credit card without my concurrence. When enquired they said it is auto renewal. It is criminal breach of trust and in no way i have authorized them to auto renew. They have started giving explanations which is unacceptable. Different call agents try to pacify me and said they will give discount etc and will refund money in 10 days etc. But i that is totally unacceptable. It is complete misuse of credit information provided to a company on the basis of trust. It is shocking breach of trust. / memebership renewal scam


Hello, Bharamatrimony all of a sudden came up with this idea of auto-renewing the memberships and charging the credit cards without notifying the members. Luckily I checked my credit card statment and noticed it, and requested them never to auto-renew my membership. they agreed that time. Guess what? They continue doing that and continue charging the cards. they say that they send us emails notifying it but i have never seen those emails - maybe they go to spam folders, as they have large number of other businesses like real estate and what not. they are looting the members and using their...