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Belden Jewelers Complaints & Reviews

Belden Jewelers / Will not fix bracelets bought for xmas present

Apr 20, 2011

Bought 82 year old mother charmed memories bracelt there and it broke but they will not replace it. It cost me $274 for this bracelet. also bought the rings there and diamond has fallen out and they refuse to clean one of them, as i said i have spent thousands of dollars there in the past 20 somehting years and think the should be a little more considerate to returning customers. the ladies at The Mall @ Whitney field are rude except for joy and denise. the charmed memeories bracelets are not under warrantee and should be since it is only 4 months old.

Belden Jewelers / Lost my stones


I took my rings in for cleaning every 6 month like the extended warranty says. i always keep my records and the last time i was in a Melesa said i didn't need all this paper work so she went to throw everything away.i said to her who are you too just go and do that with out asking me first. so now i don't have my 2 other stones that i was going to make a necklace out of. i did say something to the store manager and he said nothing he can do about it. i am still very anger and will never buy anything there again ever. Karen in pa.

Belden Jewelers / Harassment


I was a customer with Belden Jewelers. Up to 5 Months ago, i was making payments on my account. I had recently fell on Some Hard times. My spouse lost her job, as did I several months ago. The only income i have is my drill money from the Guard. Use that to try and sustain the house i rent. I haven't been able to make a full payment on my account. I feel terrible about it. What makes matters worse was that i had been robbed of the merchandise that i bought. So i could even return the merchandise since i could no longer pay for it. Now i get harassed by there collection department...

Belden Jewelers / Poor customer service


My boyfriend works in this store so as a gesture of friendship I thought I would throw my business their way when it came time to buy for mother's day. I had talked to him the previous week and made my selections, and in addition to another order for a another person, it was going to be around $300. I realize this isn't a large order, but I figured that any business would be appreciated. The other thing is that I live about 60 miles away from the store and needed to complete the transaction on the weekend since I am not usually able to see the boyfriend during the week due to the...