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Awareness Technologies, Inc. Complaints & Reviews

Awareness Technologies, Inc. - Connecticut, Westport / webwatcher

Apr 27, 2017

Have encountered so many problems with this ' service ' including inaccurate gps tracking - when it works at all, text messages not registering, pictures not registering, the app shows up on the target device - they advertise that it does n't, poor customer service and website crashes including today 27/04/2017 6 a.m. When the site is totally unreachable. A shockingly inadequate app

Awareness Technologies, Inc. - California, Westport / WebWatcher

Sep 15, 2016

Do not buy this, it is a rip off and apparently the money back guarantee is just hype. I purchased the software online for $109.90. During installation, i had issues, so i talked online support and tried several times. But still it did not work. So, i submitted a ticket for a refund. They said they cannot refund based on their refund policy But when i talked to online chat, they said they will refund if i submitted the ticket within 3 days. This is totally a scam/fraud