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ALLCare Complaints & Reviews

ALLCare - Indiana, Granger / Closed without providing paid services

Jan 6, 2011

In August 2010, I decided after my husband was fortunate enough to find a job to begin my search for a dental clinic and get estimates of what I would need to do to get my teeth repaired or replaced. I had become unemployed and wanted to make a better presentation of myself, but with our finances strained due to both of us being unemployed for so long I had to wait. I finally made appointments and went to a few different dental offices in Mishawaka and retained quotes. I went home and did research. I looked up the businesses on the BBB of Michigan and Indiana. I also looked up the businesse...

ALLCare - North Dakota, Fargo / Bad Service


I seen the AllCare TV ad and told my mother that she could get her New upper dentures @ senior citzen discount, make payments and have her dentures in 7-10days. ALL WAS A LIE. She is 77 years old and traveled by herself 365 miles to go to AllCare. At here first appointment Oct 1, 2009 the dentist was very polite and informative. Then she & I meet with the Manager "Ffloyd Marshall, Ffoyd told us that she would come back tomorrow have a mold taken and she would see a wax impression of how her teeth would look, then when she came back down to Fargo on Oct 23, 2009 she would get her new dentures. and...

ALLCare - Tennessee, Knoxville / ALLCARE about the money


I had a toothache and the tooth has the metal on it to hold the partial duhtures I had. All i wanted is to extract the tooth, replace it and move the metal to the next one. They took Xrays to all my teeth and said that I need to extract all my lower teeth (13) and the three upper teeth and a full dentures. The business manager gave me an estimate of 6700 Dollars. I was shocked. I don't need all that, I don't have insurance. Non of them cared about my pain nor they did anything to help me. All they cared about is how much money can they get out of me. They added more than 600 dollar...

ALLCare - Pennsylvania, Harrisburg / insruance Fraud


Please if you are thinking of going to Allcare run, if that is not an option watch you Explination of Benfets mailed from your insurance company very closely, Allcare charged me more that $4, 000.00 over the amnt they were allowed under my dental insurance which they are participating with. When you call to question this you get a run round both myself and my insurnace company are having a deal of a time getting my money back from these people.

ALLCare - Indiana, Mis / Work promised-not done/crooked dentures both pairs now


This office has had troubles holding enough dentists to cover it's "overbooking" - which causes consumers to have to wait for hours and hours. By the First Dentist, I was promised that he would fix me up where I had a small space between two bottom front teeth where one had to be extracted and it had since grown closer together enough to be repaired. That dentist left before his words were even written down, and the new dentist will not honor his words because they were only told to me and not written down by him - and I paid up front almost 3, 000$. Then for my first pair of upper...

ALLCare - Ohio, Boardman / Poor patient care!


This Company is very unprofessional and has poor patient care. The assistants walk in and out of each patient area, joking and laughing with each other which was very unprofessional and erased any feeling of privacy. At one follow up visit my husband had burns around his mouth where they had tried to clean off the mess from taking an impression. When he complained to the hygienist she said "one else has complained". The "so called" dentist did not even come in the room to find out what was wrong. At the next follow up visit he waited in a room over and hour after his scheduled appointment, a...