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Ajman Taxi Complaints & Reviews

Ajman Taxi / arrogant rejection and choosing of passengers/customers

Apr 16, 2018

I went to Ajman City Centre on 16th April 2018 and took a taxi going back home at around 7PM. This taxi driver instead of opening his back trunk so that I can load my groceries, asked me first in where I live, and when I told him it's only across the road at Ultima Bldg. beside Etisalat Tower, I got rejected by him saying simply "No, I dont want", and was immediately left chosen for another customer/passenger. Obviously, since that I only live very near and that my fare charge will only be 12aed, is the reason that he did not take me. I told him that I will file a complain and report his taxi...

Ajman Taxi / service

Jul 01, 2017

All Ajman Taxi Drivers are not well behaved. They don't stop on Thursdays and Fridays to avoid taking families to Sharjah or Dubai. If they have to decide at their own then what is the point of doing job and they behave as if they are the owners. Kindly look into this matter and take appropriate actions specially Pakistani Taxi Drivers. The time will come when they will have their monopoly and will ruin UAE reputation like they did with Pakistan