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Air Jamaica Complaints & Reviews

Air Jamaica / They are incompetent, idiots


Air Jamaica overcharged me $75.00 for a re-scheduling fee that I already paid for on one of my credit cards. When I sent them copies of my statements PROVING that I paid for 3 charges for the 3 tickets that I purchased and had to reschedule due to the hospitalization of one passenger, then PROVED they charged me a second time for a 4th fee, they refused to do anything! Once before I had a problem that took 2 years to resolve! I HATE Air Jamaica! They are incompetent, idiots, unrelenting in refusing to fix ligitamate consumer complaints!

Air Jamaica / Worst airlines


Lost luggage on a flight Jan 5, 2008 from Barbados with stop in Montego Bay final destination Philadelphia. Filed lost luggage form in Philadelphia unpon clearing customs. No communication from airline for weeks. Filed lost property claim Jan 25 and mailed to Air Jamaica, PHiladlephia International Airport. Letter from Air Jamaica Jan 31 said claim was sent to Kingston. No communication from Air Jamaica since. March 2, I called Air Jamaica, PHL, they said it could take up to 4 months for a settlement. April 2 sent an email to Air Jamaica through their "contact us" Refund section of web page...

Air Jamaica - New York / Getting unloaded from an Air Jamaica Aircraft – My experience, the drama, and the troubles


Getting unloaded from an Air Jamaica Aircraft – My experience, the drama, and the troubles December 22, 2008 On Thursday December 18th 2008, I planned a trip to Jamaica. I was a bridesmaid for my high school friend’s wedding. Her wedding was also a high school reunion as she invited several friends from our high school. I received a guest pass from a friend who works at Air Jamaica and per the following report, it will show the little if any respect that Air Jamaica shows people that they consider ‘non-revenue’ passengers. On my way to the airport I got a flat tire and had...

Air Jamaica - Tennessee / Ruined Vacation


Arrived to check in at Fort Lauderdale Airport at 11:00 pm. was told that we would be flying another airline and that it was leaving at 3:10pm and that the plane we paid to take was late (by approx 15 min only) I asked to speak to a supervisor and she said our plane that they were placing us on was a direct flight and we would be arriving earlier that the one we paid to take. (Which was not correct because we found that our flight we purchased was only 15 min late and arrived at approx 3:45pm into Montego Bay). Our Flight finally departed Fort Lauderdale at 5:40 pm (North American Flight # 34...

Air Jamaica - New York, queens ny / disrespectful encounter with air jamaica representative


Air Jamaica called saying that flight 014 would be delayed until 6:15 the day of 8/7/08. I arrived at the air port stayed in the line and waited to be called. Some how another carrier was about to take over the counter. Ms. Yates who was an attendant began to pseak to me the customer in a manner of disgust, sacrazim could be heard in the tone of her voice. she asked me the child's name, i told her ask the child since he is 12 years old. Man! she went off. I asked her, why are you behaving like a pig, she turned to me and responded" you are the pig, that i am full of ###". not done yet...

Air Jamaica / inconsiderate, arrogant


After a wonderful week in Jamaica, my spouse and I, as well as 4 other people were scheduled to leave Kingston On Air Jamaica flight 025 for Miami at 3PM on 22/07/08. At about 2:45 PM I asked an attendent at the desk when we would be boarding the flight since it had not been announced yet. She took our tickets and began processing them, then she hands me back the tickets with vouchers worth 850 Jamaican dollars for food, and tells us that the flight will not be leaving until 6;40PM! when we asked to see a supervisor, we were told that there was NO superviser. Then we were all told that if we...

Air Jamaica / I will never fly Air Jamaica again


We had reservations for a flight from BWI to Montego Bay for our sons wedding. I called & the flight was to leave 8:30am as scheduled. We sat on the plane for over three hours and then told to get off the plane and wait for instructions. Then we were informed we would not fly out till the next morning. We missed our son’s rehearsal party and Air Jamaica refused to compensate us for the three rooms at Sandals for the night we lost. We were out over $1500.00. The airline employees acted as if they could care less. I will never fly Air Jamaica again. Since then I have heard many many complaints of this nature about Air Jamaica.

Air Jamaica / Lack of crew training!


I just returned from Jamaica along with my wife. We flew on flight #041 and your crew members were nasty. We flew 1st class and they were more interested in serving drinks to certain other passengers then serving dinner. Other passengers had already eaten and were getting 2nd drinks before we had dinner. We then tried to purchase some duty free items and were told that they were sold out. If they would not have gone to business class passengers first they would have had these items. On leaving Jamaica your ticket agents failed to inform us that the laws had just been changed relating to...

Air Jamaica / Air Jamaica confirmed almost every bad thing we had heard


For the most part, the letter which follows is self-explanatory. Air Jamaica did not respond to it and even refused to give us our Delta frequent flier miles for this trip by just not posting them and not responding to requests to do so. Happily, Delta took care of that for us (Delta and Air Jamaica are in a code sharing alliance). Please use my Email for any responses. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- December 15, 2004 Air Jamaica Customer Relations Office 4 St. Lucia Avenue Kingston 5 Jamaica, W...