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Jul 9, 2011

July 2011 BEWARE of this company - I called them to place an order for a cordless phone - I had a conversation with the sales person, and told him I wanted a brand new good quality phone - he recommended an AT&T-EL52109 phone for $39.99. When I received the phone, it was in a plain cardboard box - totally empty of any brand name, etc. It looked as if the phone was just thrown in there. When I called to inquire about this, the "Manager" told me that it was a refurbished phone - NOT brand new. When I told her about my conversation with the sales person who sold me the phone, she said it wa... / Selling knockoffs instead of real products

Mar 22, 2011

I ordered a jabra bt3030 from them last week. i received it and once opening the package i realized the unit felt cheap. i later realized the unit was actually a knockoff! what a nice surprise...i called customer service and told them all of the differences between the genuine product and theirs. i made sure i was polite and even went as far as to tell them i don't blame them for anything because it's not the customer service departments fault. she (the "supervisor") decided to respond by getting VERY annoyed, cutting me off every time i tried to speak, and hanging up on me after i... / Absolutely one of the worst companies we have ever dealt with

Mar 5, 2011

Absolutely one of the worst companies we have ever dealt with. They are inept, unprofessional scam artists. We had to return an item twice because it was the wrong product. After waiting over two months for our item (which they kept lying about being shipped), we had enough and requested a total refund. Surprise, surprise... they slammed us with their processing fee for trying to get our money back. Seriously, don't even waste your time with these ###--they're out to take your money. Their prices are cheap, but they're cheap to lure customers in so they can ship them the wrong items and jerk them around to collect shipping/processing charges from them. NEVER AGAIN. / Sent me tattered box and part of the phone set was missing

Feb 16, 2011

They are a rip off. I ordered cordless phones that were to be new. When they arrived the box was tattered, torn and part of the phone set was missing, the cords were in knots and there was food on one handset. Yet they said I was wrong. The phones were new, They had just been checked to make sure they worked. When I found the return slip from the last owner with the reason for return they admitted they were used. But I had to really talk to be able to return them. They would not even change the price to the used phone price. So not only was I ripped off, I have to pat to return them and will... - New York / Uniden Phone System


DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM! I purchased a Uniden Phone System with 3 additional handsets. They sent the wrong adapters for the handsets but told me they would send me the correct ones the following week. After 2 weeks passed I called inquiring about the adapters and they said they couldn't send me the correct ones that I would have to return the entire system at my cost. They are a rip-off and have a horrible customer service and DO NOT care if they sent you the wrong thingand will not correct any errors on their part. I had to pay for new adapters! / Bad service


Do not do business with 101 phones if you need items to come in a stated time frame, or if you order more than one item! If you order more than one item, you cannot trust that you will actually receive all of your items. They have no way of knowing when their warehouses send out only part of an order. They are totally incompetent. If there is a problem (which is very likely), you have to spent 30 minutes on hold each time you call them, and the person you speak to will know nothing.