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Society & Culture Complaints

Cynthia Seifert / st. anselm's episcopal church, nashville, tn


Cynthia SeifertCynthia Seifert has sprung from the humble beginning and has smoothed her path with prostitution. Her being a current priest of the St. Anselm's Episcopal is a shameless sham. Originated from the Nazi family, she has no compassion, no respect for the human beings. Cynthia has also...

International Library of Poetry Owings Mills / poetry

Tawanna S on Dec 31, 2018

Recently I had to use a storage facility called simply storage Michigan and I had some poems and other writing material for a small business and some of them those contained proofs of poems submitted to International Library of Poetry Owings Mills I have been trying to find archived...

Ambro Rose Cottage / video call appointment

Ambro Rose on Oct 8, 2018

We have been trying to list our property ambro rose cottage now for 3 weeks. We have been promised a call from to set up a video call to set up our property. So, I would like to know how does does one wait for this video call? We have other listings on the site, and within 3 days we had our call and our properties was live on site.

NJ Transit (Bus) No. 115 Bus #7929, Driver #544868/9 / ac full blast inspite of passengers complaining

Barbarakeira on Aug 27, 2018

Hello, I would like to report this rude driver. Everybody who walked in complained about the air conditioner which was on full blast and turn down the air, but she did not budge! She was rude. It was just not one passenger complaining, but several passengers! Doesnt she realize the ga...

Tommy Hight Jr / he made verbal threats to me over the phone.

Chandler Anderson on Aug 10, 2018

Tommy Hight Jr's wife, Jadonna Hight, has been a menace to my family and the Columbia community for a while. As a result, my attorney has postured to sue her. He sent her a Cease and Desist regarding her libelous statements she had been making on social media. As a result of this Cease and...

The Closer / episode 1 content

Gardengirlmiddle on Jul 11, 2018

We do not appreciate your obvious disdain for the Catholic faith by portraying In your very first episode a devout Catholic woman as being so homophobic that she kills a transgender woman out of guilt about being a "good Catholic woman! Good grief your very first episode??? Are you THAT...

sydney gay singles / behaviour by the group owner

Ugo Gregorio on Jun 9, 2018

this group for gay singles declined my request to join i subseqyently emailed them for more info (please help me understand the raitionale for declining me but they have not bothtered to answer or elaborate an answer I have sent three/3 chasers and still nothing I do not think it is very...

גיא גולני פתח תקווה 4-3-04 / גולני גיא

מנור אהוד on Mar 13, 2018

גיא גולני פתח תקווה 4-3-04 בריון, טיפוס נאלח שמתחנף לחזקים אך מתנהג לחלשים ממנו כאל אבק אדם. דוחה, עיניים מלאות שנאה, אין לו שום בעיה לבצע מעשי אכזריות ילדים המומים מהגאוותנות שלו, מאי יכולתו להפסיד בוויכוח ויותר מכל - מתשוקתו לשלוט. לא על כל אחד הוא מעז לתקוף רק על ילדים חלשים ממנו גיא גולני הלוואי שתסבול רק חלק קטן ממה שאתה שעשית לקרבנות שלך

Financial Criminals Against Headquarters Bank of America and Carl Borrowman the Second (xxx-xx-1977) / bank of america supports and supplies finacial civil liberty as its product and life span financial support of civil liberty with-out risk of life.

Carl Borrowman the Second on Dec 26, 2017

Upon my early years of my life span my name identity to include my California 1963 available social security card information. Had been applied to the State of California and or higher at the' State level Archive. As fraud banking operation against Addressed (Bank of America Head Quarters in...

Regular Customer / i'm complaining about owner/manager

DHolbrook on Dec 15, 2017

I go into the 7 Eleven on South Eastern (7311 South Eastern, Henderson, Nevada 89123) often. The Employee's are always pleasant and they keep the inside and outside of the store and property very clean . Today [protected]) Friday. It was the time that the owner/manager Siphan Khek was in the...

The World / lack of undepression

Donkey01 on Nov 5, 2017

The stupid world won't provide the grinch and donkey with constant undepression and instead gives us hate even though we deserve our undepression and this is completely unnecessary and very immature and I expected better from this world but apparently I shouldn't have because the world i...

Wishlist / shipping costs

Dawn keir on Oct 26, 2017

I have ordered one ball of wool at £1 and being charged£11 shipping costs which is ridiculous.i have ordered many items thinking it's great value until shipping costs double or treble my cost.i understand costs occur but to double or treble advertised cost is terrible. I have warned all my...

My Own / the customer service at exit 62 in tennessee is terrible!

Nobs75 on Oct 16, 2017

Most of the cashiers there have bad attitude, they are UNATTENTIVE, RUDE, and lazy! Especially Dina! I was out getting fuel and I was trying to get DEF also so I was trying to use the call in button to Ask them if they could please turn on the DEF pump. Dina made a smart and rude comment...

Wellness Massage Centre 103-6588 Royal Oak Avenue Burnaby BC V5H 3P4 / wellness massage centre burnaby british columbia 103/6588 royal oak avenue burnaby

Joan1201 on Sep 29, 2017

diane o donovan 7 months ago Really bad massage. It was more like a light back rub for 1hr. The therapist was really friendly. Her name was dalma or something. I paid $50 & was really disappointed. Felt it was a waste of money This place isn't called "Wellness Massage Centre" as stated, a lie...

Refuwe Sesing / being treated like a thief

refuwe on Aug 12, 2017

good day on the 30/07/2017 my husband and i went to fashion looking for a diesel perfume and they didn't have it we were assisted by a guy we then left the store after a couple of minutes we where told by the mall security grad's the we stole from fashion store by then we where walking...

Kaz Psychic / extremely poor service by your staff in various technical support departments

Kaz Stevens on Aug 9, 2017

I am now increasingly dissatisfied with the diabolical technical support I have been receiving in recent weeks. My complaints in bullet point are: (1) endless conflicting advice from one tech support person after another. (2) I suspect sabotage of my business by tech staff in the wake of... / daou technology inc., republic of korea, ceo - young-hoon kim

Azz Noble on Aug 9, 2017 is a hate-site, a korean business belonging to Daou Technologies and managed by Young-Hoon Kim. That site allow anyone to post anything, without registration. The koreans laugh on us by enjoying the fight between the American businesses and citizens. By offering a fight arena...

Michael Tyler / on board seating

Michael Wayne Tyler on Jul 17, 2017

Two men hoarding entire back seat row making it impossible to sit there. 6:22pm. Leaving Atlanta, destination D.C. Entire bus nearly full. It is clearly visible two men are taking up 5 seats when near full occupancy. As I attempted sitting between them, they bullied me and were hostile...

Cubic Technologies, LLC - Irving Texas / visa fraud

[email protected] on Jun 28, 2017

To: U.S. Department of Justice US Department of Labor Please Department Of Labor Launch Investigation into H-1B Visa Program for the following companies. Many companies have claim that there is I.T tech talent shortage in USA. Fact is that, there is no tech talent shortage in USA. Nor...

Porn Facebook Ad / I'm tagged in a facebook ad of a woman in an outfit with the boobs and crotch cup out.

Tammmy on Jun 21, 2017

Porn Facebook AdI'm tagged in a Facebook ad of a woman in an outfit with the boobs and crotch cut out. What the @$!!? This popped up in the feeds of friends of mine on FB. The only thing I can think of that would connect me with something like this is that I've looked at Halloween costumes, and a few...