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Smiths / open carry guns in store

jgv2 on Oct 18, 2017
I was at the Smiths in Henderson at Mountain Vista & Sunset (Las Vegas) at 3:00 this afternoon. There was some older guy packing a gun in front of me shopping. I know that Nevada is an open carry State but there are many local stores that will not allow guns to be brought into the store...

Zara.com / rude/racist employee

Nikki__ on Oct 18, 2017
On October 17 around 9pm at Garden State Plaza Mall I came to Zara with my mom, dad, and baby sister. I was very excited to pick out a birthday outfit. I picked a couple of shirts and dresses to try on. My mom, sister, and I went to the dressing room and my dad stayed outside to wait for...

Nordstrom / "customer service"

sarah1006 on Oct 18, 2017
I went to Nordstrom's rack to day in hopes of finding Sam Edelmans white sneakeakers with boof balls for laces. They unfortunately did not have them. But id did leave with 2 pairs of sandals that I was happy with. so I went on line to buy the sneakers. the website was not working. so I...

My Own / the customer service at exit 62 in tennessee is terrible!

Nobs75 on Oct 16, 2017
Most of the cashiers there have bad attitude, they are UNATTENTIVE, RUDE, and lazy! Especially Dina! I was out getting fuel and I was trying to get DEF also so I was trying to use the call in button to Ask them if they could please turn on the DEF pump. Dina made a smart and rude comment...

Viagogo / koncert umberto tozzi - prague - 28.11.2017

Jiřina Pistulková on Oct 8, 2017
3.10.2017 I bought 2 tickes - Prague, koncert Umberto Tozzi 28.11. 2017. I bought two tickets balkon centre. You send me 2 tickets balkon right. I wrote you, that you send me bad tickets. - I ordered a paid for balkon centre, no right. You answered me, that I ordered balkon right. I asked...

Dollar Tree / erika the manager

GladysR on Oct 7, 2017
Stoped in the dollar tree on Atlantic in Brooklyn. This particular day we stopped in to purchase 75 beer mugs to host an event in. The lines were extremely long with only 2 people working the floor, which is usually the norm at this shop. I politely asked the team member if there wa...

Ford Motor Company / endorsement of nfl players by ford

B. W. Davis on Oct 6, 2017
We just bought a new car and put our money where our beliefs are at. The choices boiled down to a Ford Escape or a Honda CRV. Both were very close in price and features with little to differentiate them. Wednesday we bought the Honda CRV and our decision was mainly due to the stance that...

Belk / call center/ customer service.

NishaNicole on Oct 5, 2017
On 9/16/17, I placed an order using the new Belks card, and was told it ships in 24-48 hours. By 9/23 I called to find out why hadn’t it shipped. I was told well they have to verify that the funds are available. I said fine called back the next day and was told that they randomly selected...

United Parcel Service [UPS] / not taking us currency at a ups office.

Keith Ramsey on Oct 4, 2017
I needed to ship a shirt. The price of $10.51 was really high, but when I laid $21 on the counter, i was told i had to use a check or a credit card. US currency is not accepted. Guess what folks, we are in the US! US money printed by the US Treasury should be accepted. I despise any...

CafeMom / Stay away if you don't want to be harassed by mean moms

Amy on Oct 4, 2017
What a disgusting place!! Please, moms, stay away if you care about your mental health. The society on this website is gross, absolutely terrible and I wish this website to be closed. Women are mean, angry, stalk each other. Do they have nothing to do? And just imagine: they are...

Budweiser / budweiser commercial

Esh Ulmer on Oct 2, 2017
On 1 October, 2017 (during the airing of an American football game) I had the displeasure of viewing one of your commercials and it was very offensive to me. It mocked individuals who enjoy spiced mead which is a beverage I very much enjoy - way more than Budweiser. This add reinforce...

Anheuser-Busch Companies / support to nfl

Kenterprises on Oct 1, 2017
I have always admired and appreciated the values conveyed by your advertisements, and applaud your actions in the wake of the recent hurricanes. I can not, however, understand your support to the uninformed, misdirected, antagonistic and basically [censor] performance of some NFL player...

Wellness Massage Centre 103-6588 Royal Oak Avenue Burnaby BC V5H 3P4 / wellness massage centre burnaby british columbia 103/6588 royal oak avenue burnaby

Joan1201 on Sep 29, 2017
diane o donovan 7 months ago Really bad massage. It was more like a light back rub for 1hr. The therapist was really friendly. Her name was dalma or something. I paid $50 & was really disappointed. Felt it was a waste of money This place isn't called "Wellness Massage Centre" as stated, a lie...

Nike / nfl

disappointed 925 on Sep 26, 2017
I was very disappointed to hear that you are backing the NFL. I will no longer purchase any product made by Nike as a result. The National Anthem is not a place where anyone should use to make a stance. There are families who have lost there fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, husband ...

Dollar General / employee response

Jacquelin Reid on Sep 25, 2017
I live on Hatteras Island, NC. we have 2 locations and I have been in both. I HEARD, along with OTHER customers the manager. A young black man entered the store and very politely asked if the store was hiring. She very rudely replied, " IF YOU HAVE A RECORD DONT EVEN BOTHER".I was shocked...

Nike / your shoes

Brett rabbit on Sep 23, 2017
Hi guys, I think you make a great product and I was about to purchase my new pair of shoes, down here in Oz but sadly I have made a decision not to buy your brand this time around. As an Australian customer I am offended and hurt by the attitude of one of your sports sponsor recipients in the...

AIESEC International / disorganization and lack of information

cccsss on Sep 13, 2017
I arrived in Casablanca two weeks ago and I was suppose to start working at a particular NGO that I applied for. Since I arrived I keep asking questions of Aiesec managers and I was never informed with a concrete answer. I never knew when and how to start working. Then my questions and...

Anonymous / #655 cashier

Customer respect on Sep 9, 2017
I shopped at Food City #655 today & when checking out, I obviously was interrupting Cashier M. E., #5522, Lane 5. First, she NEVER spoke one word to me until leaving & that was "Thank You". I know for a fact that that is unacceptable customer service. Second, she dropped my cereal on the...

OkCupid / complaint

JonboyRonJon on Sep 6, 2017
My account has been suspended and I'd like to know why my account has been suspended and I'd like to know why my account has been suspended and I'd like to know why my accountant spend suspended and I like to know why you say if I think that's an error to contact you...

Cablevision / Optimum / poor poor customer service

isandy on Sep 5, 2017
Requested a copy of a prior year phone bill..here is the actual exchange: New party ('Enmanuel') has joined the session Enmanuel: Hi, my name is Enmanuel and I will be assisting you today. Enmanuel: How's been your day so far? DAVID LEWIS: good morning How are you today DAVID LEWIS: I am...
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