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Society & Culture Complaints

Taco Bell / customer service

Calamity Ganon on Jun 13, 2018

My family and I went to get food for our mom's co workers since they were working late at the house. When we got to the Ripon Wisconsin Taco Bell, we started naming the orders.When we were done, the person over the mic told us to call ahead next time because it was such a big order.We...

sydney gay singles / behaviour by the group owner

Ugo Gregorio on Jun 9, 2018

this group for gay singles declined my request to join i subseqyently emailed them for more info (please help me understand the raitionale for declining me but they have not bothtered to answer or elaborate an answer I have sent three/3 chasers and still nothing I do not think it is very...

Megabus / service

Loni Greene on May 27, 2018

To Whom It May Concern, Yesterday I was on my mobilephone on your website trying to book a trip from my brother from Washington DC to New York. I selected my trip and proceeded to check out but it would not let me check out unless I signed up with an account. Assuming the trip I selected...

Incheon International Airport / customer service

zainura khan on May 21, 2018

good morning. this is my first trip to korea. being how it is i was excited as per usual about visiting your country. however, i was unpleasantly surprised by the attitude of the people manning the information counter and the ticketing counter to purchase my tickets. both the ladies looked...

Outback Steakhouse / california, maryland outback steakhouse manager misconduct

Nathan Bush on May 19, 2018

I'm writing this complaint today about an incident that happened today at the California, Maryland Outback. I drop off and pick my girlfriend up from work throughout the week, but every time I pick her up it's a problem. I had to call out from work because of it today. When I went to pick...

Yahoo / can't open because of security code

Asivt Sky on May 17, 2018

YahooI am asif, my yahoo account is, I don't understand why I can't open my account. My another yahoo already can't open so... Alll is problem... Please remove the security what so ever... I can't open... Or... You can link with my another gmail account. / terms of service rules

John0987 on May 16, 2018

They used to be ok about posting pro ads, but lately, they are TERRIBLE. After submitting ANY changes to ads, they send an automatic, "Unfortunately, your PROad was not approved because it advertises something illegal (like sex for money, drug or other illegal activities). Please be...

Fox TV / fake news and cancellation of your only quality shows

Tyler Biso on May 11, 2018

Your news station is not only biased at this point, but pretty much state news, purposely misleading the American people, it is disgusting and you will be the down fall of honesty and real journalism. You are compliant in the downfall of American news, have insulted and openly been...

Pizza Hut / delivery vehicle

Brents on May 10, 2018

Pizza HutNoticed a pizza hut deliver truck with some inappropriate stickers on the windows and bumper. As my kids order form pizza hut often I found this to be very concerning when you consider this person has easy access to my home when orders are delivered. One was a stick figure performing oral sex...

7-Eleven / I would like to file a racial discrimination complaint

GVargas78 on May 7, 2018

So we stopped in Lodi at a 76/7-11 off E. Kettleman. One of the kids was not wearing a shirt, he stood at the door and asked to come in with no shirt and was told hey, "no shirt no service" so we walked to the car to get him a sweater, we walked back in, started to grab a few thing...

Netflix / michelle wolf

Annie15 on Apr 30, 2018

It's completely inappropriate to hand this individual a venue to spout vulgarity and trash. Netflix is not so important to me that I would continue to pay for the service, should the smut from this irresponsible "entertainer" be offered. Be smart, Netflix. Stay clear of mean-spirited...

KTM / Keretapi Tanah Melayu / warga asing berniaga di ktm batu 3 dan biadap semasa meminta wang untuk masuk tandas

nabilah norazmi on Apr 30, 2018

Pada jam 2.05 saya sampai di stesen batu 3 hari isnin 30/4/2018. Saya tidak mengetahui apabila hendak masuk tandas perlu membayar wang sebanyak rm 0.30 kerana tiada signboard yang terpamer di bahagian hadapan. Saya tidak tahu itu tetapi warga asing yang berniaga di stesen batu 3 yang tiada...

Burger King / the manager brenda at the paul's valley oklahoma francis

Pamela Amos on Apr 26, 2018

I have put in an application several times a guy named cody said there was 2 positions on evening shift and 1 on day shift when i spoke with Brenda 4/26/2018 she said she wasn't going to hire me because i only had 1 job contact down and i tried to explain but she got rude when i asked who... / free trial

Pieohpah on Apr 22, 2018

I signed up for the free trial and enjoyed the site. I cancelled my trial through the email, on 3 occasions. Now my account has been charged 3x and I've not found a reliable source to contact customer service. I have kept all of my emails I've sent, and I feel this is moving into illegal...

airG / permanently banned screen name for 0 reason

Sick-Witted on Apr 18, 2018

airGI was chatting away on air G and out of nowhere I refresh the page and it says my screen name is permanently banned. Upon calling customer service a very robotic person named Mike took my complaint and gave me this reason for why this it happened: "You have been permanently banned for being... / my whole order

Nikkigaulden on Apr 10, 2018

This. Is my third attempt to contact someone about my order its been over two months my order was for over 100.00 dollars and when I checked the status of it it told me refunded this is the second time this has happened the first time my money was put back on my account but this time im...

Okcupid / racism against muslims

Rabian on Mar 27, 2018

I'm a Muslim and I had a paying account on okcupid for years. Then this man from the UK wrote to me a very angry and abusive letter about my beliefs. I thanked him for his opinion, and I took the opportunity to write a nice and educational letter back.. Explaining my beliefs. This wa...

Chowking Online Store / to chowking plaza de leon tondo manila, customers service

Isna on Mar 25, 2018

Earlier, our family went to Chowking Plaza De Leon, tondo. Actually almost every sunday we are having our breakfast there. Lots of concerns and feedback were actually considered before because we thought that they are doing their best to improve their service. Most of the time, they accept...

Subway Store # 34721-0 / rude employees.

John Halbert on Mar 17, 2018

Subway#34721-0 @2154 N. Mall Drive, Alexandria La. 71301 Served by Sarah 3/17-18 @12/29/01PM Transaction # 1/A-192475 Never have we been treated so rudely at a Subway. First our Great Granddaughter ordered a kids sandwich with Salami. We were told (unpleasantly) that she couldn't have...

Omegle / omegle

KingsJ on Mar 16, 2018

As an avid Omegle fan, I haven't been able to connect to Omegle in quite while. I use to connect fairly often but unfortunately i'm unable to now. It either says error connecting to the sever or plugin blocked. I've tried every avenue to connect but still to no avail. Perhaps I have been...