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Pieohpah on Apr 22, 2018

I signed up for the free trial and enjoyed the site. I cancelled my trial through the email, on 3 occasions. Now my account has been charged 3x and I've not found a reliable source to contact customer service. I have kept all of my emails I've sent, and I feel this is moving into illegal...

airG / permanently banned screen name for 0 reason

Sick-Witted on Apr 18, 2018

airGI was chatting away on air G and out of nowhere I refresh the page and it says my screen name is permanently banned. Upon calling customer service a very robotic person named Mike took my complaint and gave me this reason for why this it happened: "You have been permanently banned for being... / my whole order

Nikkigaulden on Apr 10, 2018

This. Is my third attempt to contact someone about my order its been over two months my order was for over 100.00 dollars and when I checked the status of it it told me refunded this is the second time this has happened the first time my money was put back on my account but this time im...

Okcupid / racism against muslims

Rabian on Mar 27, 2018

I'm a Muslim and I had a paying account on okcupid for years. Then this man from the UK wrote to me a very angry and abusive letter about my beliefs. I thanked him for his opinion, and I took the opportunity to write a nice and educational letter back.. Explaining my beliefs. This wa...

Chowking Online Store / to chowking plaza de leon tondo manila, customers service

Isna on Mar 25, 2018

Earlier, our family went to Chowking Plaza De Leon, tondo. Actually almost every sunday we are having our breakfast there. Lots of concerns and feedback were actually considered before because we thought that they are doing their best to improve their service. Most of the time, they accept...

Subway Store # 34721-0 / rude employees.

John Halbert on Mar 17, 2018

Subway#34721-0 @2154 N. Mall Drive, Alexandria La. 71301 Served by Sarah 3/17-18 @12/29/01PM Transaction # 1/A-192475 Never have we been treated so rudely at a Subway. First our Great Granddaughter ordered a kids sandwich with Salami. We were told (unpleasantly) that she couldn't have...

Omegle / omegle

KingsJ on Mar 16, 2018

As an avid Omegle fan, I haven't been able to connect to Omegle in quite while. I use to connect fairly often but unfortunately i'm unable to now. It either says error connecting to the sever or plugin blocked. I've tried every avenue to connect but still to no avail. Perhaps I have been...

Anheuser-Busch Companies / broken tip of beer bottle

Brandon Carkner on Mar 14, 2018

Anheuser-Busch CompaniesI purchased a 24 case of busch bottles and when I went to open one of the bottles the tap came off quite easily. When the cap came off little pieces of glass fell onto my counter top and into my hand. I was not injuried by any means but the top of the bottle was noticeablely broken and...

גיא גולני פתח תקווה 4-3-04 / גולני גיא

מנור אהוד on Mar 13, 2018

גיא גולני פתח תקווה 4-3-04 בריון, טיפוס נאלח שמתחנף לחזקים אך מתנהג לחלשים ממנו כאל אבק אדם. דוחה, עיניים מלאות שנאה, אין לו שום בעיה לבצע מעשי אכזריות ילדים המומים מהגאוותנות שלו, מאי יכולתו להפסיד בוויכוח ויותר מכל - מתשוקתו לשלוט. לא על כל אחד הוא מעז לתקוף רק על ילדים חלשים ממנו גיא גולני הלוואי שתסבול רק חלק קטן ממה שאתה שעשית לקרבנות שלך

Netflix / providing a politically controversial public figure a platform for disseminating his message, for compensation.

Wil@Bloggasaurus on Mar 10, 2018

Barack Obama. You are negotiating a deal in which he will provide material for future programming. Inasmuch as this former President has been active behind the scenes & still making Public Politically charged statements, it is unseemly for him to be offered, what is essentially, a...

Netflix / obama show; unethical programming

Truthealing on Mar 10, 2018

Netflix shares are being consumed by one of Americas most dangerous people "GEORGE SOROS". Who promotes violence, hate, racism with his liberal left agenda to bring down the United States. Obama has cronies with the likes of George Soros, Louis Farrakhan. Obama recoganized the Nation...

YouTube / alex jones channel; other conservative channels

TonyBnLA on Mar 4, 2018

I am deeply troubled by the removal and/or banning of channels that Youtube. I live in a country that is protected by 1st amendment rights. This is a trepidatious, slippery slope. This will spur a movement that will awaken what is already present in the social lattice - a need to understand...

Jack In The Box / charging to much cheese

alana3 on Feb 10, 2018

Ok so I order curly fries with cheese and bacon they charge a dollar and ten cents for cheese and they dont even put enough cheese to cover my goddamn fries I don't think it fair cause why i'm I paying so much for cheese if you guys won't put enough for what i'm paying and then what if I...

Telkom SA SOC / internet and line

Unilam on Feb 9, 2018

Good day Ntombizethu Hope you are well. Please note that you are aware of my troubles with Telkom and my situation as well I have been liaising with you in the recent past due to Telkom issues that I have had. I would like to state that I am working from home as I did mention before and I... / can't delete old netlog account

Valentin1990 on Jan 23, 2018

I want to delete my old netlog account ( because it is very embarrassing.and a threat to my career. But I can't because Netlog is now Twoo therefore I cannot login to my netlog account. I also forgot my email adresse and password, plus Twoo dosen't...

AliExpress / I haven't received my refund

Mavix Tomtom on Jan 22, 2018

Hello my name is Dennis eghiogha i live in Italy and i have been buying things from Ali Express for year now and everything has been going on well.but since December 23 i made an order and my order wad cancelled and up till now i have not received my refund its been one month now and it i...

Circle K Stores / customer service complaint

Tristan D. Franzino on Jan 21, 2018

On 1/20/2018 at about 10:40 P.M I walked in at CircleK to buy 2 of my favorite soft drinks at 2 W Valencia Rd in Tucson, Arizona 85706. When I was next in line at the register to pay for my 2 soft drinks... like ALWAYS.. I'm very kind, mature and educated and I kindly said said "Hello"...

Zorpia / hi zorpia it important

Patts on Jan 20, 2018

Hi I sign to a dating site on Zorpia a girl contact me that ask me for my Skype address from zorpia I sent here my contact we ended meeting Skype chatted a bit ask me to show my to my mid parts I never done that to her on video she wants money to her that not she recorded a video on me she...

Wawa / security guard

psreyn on Jan 7, 2018

During my visit to Wawa the bathroom was supposedly closed. When I asked where the bathroom was the security guard told me "it is closed for you buddy." I preceded to say "okay" and then asked why the bathroom is closed. He then told me, "do I have to explain it again? it is closed for you...

Viagogo / australian open tickets

LexieLexieLexie on Jan 4, 2018

I purchased tickets thinking they were the official website (based on Google advertising). How stupid of me! Not only did I pay way over the odds, they sold me tickets which were purchased 'officially' after I had purchased them on Viagogo. I'm not sure how this is legal. I have...


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