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Lasership / General manager

Didyouwin? on Aug 19, 2017
One of your general managers Troy Hanford sent me bigoted facebook messages and I do not know him. I respectfully ask that you display zero tolerance for bigotry and remove him from his position. We are prepared to pursue this to the fullest extent that the law will allow if he is allowed...

Shopko / poor customer service and racism

Ellen Lewis on Aug 13, 2017
Hello I live in racine wisconsin and I was just at my local shopko. I went to customer service to but lottery tickets. When I approached the counter there was already an associate at the counter but she was on the phone. So u waited for her to finish her phone call. She was still on the...

Refuwe Sesing / being treated like a thief

refuwe on Aug 12, 2017
good day on the 30/07/2017 my husband and i went to fashion looking for a diesel perfume and they didn't have it we were assisted by a guy we then left the store after a couple of minutes we where told by the mall security grad's the we stole from fashion store by then we where walking...

LiquorLand / not being served

Peta Carroll on Aug 11, 2017
2.35pm Bateau bay square liquorland Saturday 12th august 2017 We are well known in the shop and have our i.d constantly checked their the only day I forget mine after they stop asking for it and they refuse my partner service even though he had his I.d I don't drink to begin with and they...

Kaz Psychic / extremely poor service by your staff in various technical support departments

Kaz Stevens on Aug 9, 2017
I am now increasingly dissatisfied with the diabolical technical support I have been receiving in recent weeks. My complaints in bullet point are: (1) endless conflicting advice from one tech support person after another. (2) I suspect sabotage of my business by tech staff in the wake of...

www.scamgroup.com / daou technology inc., republic of korea, ceo - young-hoon kim

Azz Noble on Aug 9, 2017
scamgroup.com is a hate-site, a korean business belonging to Daou Technologies and managed by Young-Hoon Kim. That site allow anyone to post anything, without registration. The koreans laugh on us by enjoying the fight between the American businesses and citizens. By offering a fight arena...

Domino's Pizza / didn't communicate

Grainrich on Aug 7, 2017
I believe the managers name is Kenny, it took me six tries to get a response. He didn't call me though I provided the number and confirmed with the manager after the fact. I had to pay twice for dinner(one refunded in 3-5 days)which I still haven't gotten. After confirming this at 800...

Youtube / censorship of cynthia g

Lmquam on Aug 3, 2017
I find it appalling youtube Cencering of Cynthia G because white people don't like what she's saying then go to another channel she has a right to say anything she wants this is America she has thousands of subscribers me one and last time i check white racist have allways said...

Chipotle Mexican Grill / chicken and rice

Brendan reynolds on Aug 2, 2017
I had a bowl from chipotle yesterday and the chicken was burnt to a crisp and the rice was stale. Ontop of that the chips, which I payed extra for, were very stale. I asked for another bag of chips and the enployee told me no. Overall it was a horrible chipotle expierence and now in not...

Dollar General / management

Kayf on Aug 2, 2017
I would like to say the st. Mary's ohio dollar General is a joke. Management if u can call it that is a joke. They have no clue how to treat customers or how to operate the store. You have let all the good employees go now we are stuck with clueless rude lazy an dirty looking employee...

Taco Bell / service

Brandiii on Aug 1, 2017
Usually, the service at this Taco Bell is great but today, I was fooled. I pulled up, paid, got my food and the cashier, whose name was Jamile, asked what kind of sauce and I said mild. So he gives me the sauce and on top of that he just keeps handing me my receipt and change while my hand...

King.com / candy crush soda saga

Cafinnc50 on Jul 31, 2017
I've encountered some kind of technical glitch on Level 1683 ... I've retried the level no less than 6-times and the same exact thing happens: In this level you have to collect (11) Soda Bottles. As soon as you read the 10th collection, the "box" where the majority of bottles come from...

Michael Tyler / on board seating

Michael Wayne Tyler on Jul 17, 2017
Two men hoarding entire back seat row making it impossible to sit there. 6:22pm. Leaving Atlanta, destination D.C. Entire bus nearly full. It is clearly visible two men are taking up 5 seats when near full occupancy. As I attempted sitting between them, they bullied me and were hostile...

Youtube / eugenia cooney videos

Zero One on Jul 16, 2017
This woman's videos are promoting eating disorders by the mere fact that she stands and shows off outfits in her videos . aimed at young girls. She shows too much naked emaciated flesh and it is obscene and disturbing. Shocking and disturbing content because her body is in a shocki g and...

Netflix / f is for family

Cathryn Baird on Jul 12, 2017
Guys, I know you won't read this or any of the other complaints, and even if you do, you won't drop the show until you see ratings fall (which they will). But here's my opinion anyway. I am so disappointed to hear about your offensive show, especially because I know Netflix originals to be...

Skout / being blocked

Dhghbjhg on Jul 12, 2017
SkoutHI my name is James, and I have really know idea why I'm blocked from account. From what I read on the "Please fill in" it said many people think your fake and that they wanted to give my number out. Which find nothing bad at all, but while I tired that, it didn't except myphone number in...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / unethical behavior

Kiana Tavakoli on Jul 7, 2017
My friend and I just went to Costco to buy all the food and drinks we need for our BBQ tomorrow. We head up to the register, and this gentleman said he could check us out. He looks at my Costco card, and says we aren't able to check out due to it being my Mom's membership who wasn't there...

MasterCuts / professionalism

ExcustomerB on Jun 30, 2017
I have been going to master-cuts in the Springfield mall location for a few years now. About four months ago there was a different manager that introduced herself to me. When I was in there the other week, I happen to overhear her and what appeared to be her assistant talking poorly about...

Youtube / speech of dr. n. gopalakrishnan

NaveenPoona on Jun 30, 2017
Dear Team, I humbly request you to delete all the videos of Dr. N . Gopalakrishanan because all his videos he is trying to spread communal violence. That means he is blaming Christians and Muslims. Without any regrets everyday he is putting this type of videos. Lot of people are asking him...

Cubic Technologies, LLC - Irving Texas / visa fraud

To: U.S. Department of Justice US Department of Labor Please Department Of Labor Launch Investigation into H-1B Visa Program for the following companies. Many companies have claim that there is I.T tech talent shortage in USA. Fact is that, there is no tech talent shortage in USA. Nor...
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