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Cubic Technologies, LLC - Irving Texas / visa fraud

To: U.S. Department of Justice US Department of Labor Please Department Of Labor Launch Investigation into H-1B Visa Program for the following companies. Many companies have claim that there is I.T tech talent shortage in USA. Fact is that, there is no tech talent shortage in USA. Nor...

Porn Facebook Ad / I'm tagged in a facebook ad of a woman in an outfit with the boobs and crotch cup out.

Tammmy on Jun 21, 2017
Porn Facebook AdI'm tagged in a Facebook ad of a woman in an outfit with the boobs and crotch cut out. What the @$!!? This popped up in the feeds of friends of mine on FB. The only thing I can think of that would connect me with something like this is that I've looked at Halloween costumes, and a few...

Digital Samip / about the wrong suspend

Samip Aryal on Jun 14, 2017
Respected YouTube and Google when I see my YouTube account then it was shown my YouTube account has been suspended. But according to my view it was not out of law, there was Internet friendly, with respect to Cyber Law and not the video of violence, any type of discrimination. I think...

Yahoo! / comments are they not let on all articles, liberal reasons?

wesley asher on May 28, 2017
This day May 28, 2017...ok? I have sent messages before to Yahoo, these include comment sections as I see mainly the articles concerning Liberals. Other articles shown on Yahoo are or 99% of the time have comment sections where we can put our comments. Why are the mainly Liberal article...

James Belton (Breathworks CIC/Breathworks Mindfulness/Windhorse Trading) / communications manager bad mouthing previous employee / false allegations of harassment

reviewer971162 on May 26, 2017
James Belton (Breathworks CIC/Breathworks Mindfulness/Windhorse Trading)James Belton of Breathworks CIC (aka Breathworks Mindfulness) who originally worked for Windhorse Trading UK Cambridge as a communications manager made a big gaffe by insulting a Free Spirit behind his back and falsely alleging harassment. It was because he wanted an apology over how hi...

Kmart Stores / shopping carts/ prices

Kristin O'Donnell on May 23, 2017
One day my daughter(2) was being really difficult she wanted to ride in basket part of shopping cart cause she does at Walmart well at Kmart the basket part is so low I took a turn and she flipped out of cart. On another day I had her in cart buckled and all like she should have been and I...

Judy Heid / Article in May issue

Judy Rush Heid on May 10, 2017
DO Be a Potty Mouth i was so very disappointed to see this, however small, blurb on page 101 of the May Issue! Not only does this "truth" not follow logic rules, it is NOT the sort of "information" that Good Housekeeping is known for. Are you trying to appeal to a younger set? Not all...

Ford Motor Company / advertising

wiseoldsnail on May 10, 2017
thank you for your support for stephen colbert . please don't take the complaints against your advertising on the show seriously . the whiners are an extreme but noisy minority who like to equate comedic rants (colbert) with actual sexual harassment (o'reilly) . they like to pretend...

American Swiss / appalling customer service and a bad attitude

MTito on May 8, 2017
I got the most appalling service at American Swiss Alberton City Mall on 06.05.2017 and to make matters worse, it was the second time, they were doing this to me. Their service is absolute **** and that is putting it mildly. I was there Saturday morning, wanting to pay and take my lay-bye...

Cashgate Scandal Malawi / cashgate scandal malawi

Akhona Zulu on May 4, 2017
Cashgate Scandal Malawi 7 Henderson Street, Blantyre, Malawi Dear Admin! This is Akhona Zulu. I am a freelance writer and know how hard it is to write good quality content. However, I found your website "http://capitalhillcashgatescandal.wordpress.com" suitable for my articles. I need to...

Yahoo! / horrible constant captive animal videos on yahoo mail

karenw182 on May 3, 2017
I do not wntor choosthose videos that you insist on binging up on my mail page. I assume the reason it's nearly always cptive or performing animals is because your Chinese CEO likes that sort of thing. This is a world tying to end this not encourage it. I havebeen a loyal yahoo customer...

Hotwire / extremely dissatisfied customer/change in flight time/customer service treatment

mynewdentist on Apr 30, 2017
itinerary number: 7237522029823 Dear Hotwire, I want to make a formal complaint with regards to the way your services are run and the way customer service representatives treat your customers. I booked a round trip flight in January from JFK to Casabalnca to Toulouse (return flight Rome...

The Sanctuary 1860 Ayahuasca Retreat Portugal / Billed €100, 000 for damages to the work of a spiritual master / refusal to apologize for disrespectful acts

Anonymous96612 on Apr 26, 2017
The Sanctuary 1860 Ayahuasca Retreat PortugalThe above mentioned retreat centre have refused to apologize privately for death threats made against their Spiritual Master and collectively (with Earth Connection Portugal) - as they are partnered - have been billed for damages in relation to disrespect of Source. Their business partner...

Earth Connection Portugal Ayahuasca and Breathwork Retreats / billed €100, 000 for damages to the work of a spiritual master / refusal to apologize for disrespectful acts

reviewer1690 on Apr 26, 2017
Earth Connection Portugal Ayahuasca and Breathwork RetreatsThe above mentioned retreat centre involved in an illegal cannabis growing operation (as discovered by the police in 2016), have refused to apologize privately for death threats made against their Spiritual Master. They thought he reported them to the police for their cannabis when he did...

HMSHost / non-service, lack of customer service

madfresh on Apr 24, 2017
On April 19, 2016, Michael #360204 at PZA located at Brady's Leap Travel Plaza was working. I asked for a Chicken Parmesan chesse sandwich. He stop cleaning the area that he was working in. He never washed his hands, and started to fix my sandwich. He put the chicken on the bun while...

Black and Brown Unite / your site won't let me log in to upload my information

bnbu on Apr 14, 2017
Since I'm not able to log in, I have no way of contacting the support system as they don't provide a phone number. this is costing us money everyday were not able to launch our site because we're not able to properly advertise. you say my complaint is to short and thus you can't proce...

JoinIlluminati.vision - Bavarian Illuminati / Earning money through https://joinilluminati.vision/

Dave Jr. on Apr 8, 2017
JoinIlluminati.vision - Bavarian IlluminatiI recently came across this website, they claim themselves real Bavarian Illuminati. I received one payment from them, payment is very small and for other payment they wanted me to verify my identity. In their mail they mentioned 39 different ways to Earn. There is nothing on website, as you can...

Mariana Olguin aka Aida Mariana Olguin Zetina Dallas Texas / Fraudster and thief of social security numbers

Amoz0802 on Apr 1, 2017
Mariana Olguin aka Aida Mariana Olguin Zetina Dallas TexasMariana Olguin dob 2/8/81 in Mexico lives in Dallas Texas area. She is known by many for her manipulation of men and her violent nature. She is every dude's worst nightmare. She starts off good and normal. Then she cozies up to your family and friends and starts asking you for money. She...

Christianchat.com / Christianchat.com

Television5 on Apr 1, 2017
There intention to help Christians mature with experience sharing is thoughtful, only mature and much less so of us are allowed in sHARING so does cause lite problems. SOME STRONG ANGER AT TIMES OR CONFUSION WITH A FEW EVEN CRYING ABOUT disagreementsm or other. Even some name calling...

Naira Matevosyan, MD / Identity theft, defamation, libel, despicable behavior

JHar on Mar 24, 2017
Naira Matevosyan: Identity Theft, Impersonation and Defamation by Libel of more than 20 professionals NAIRA MATEVOSYAN, currently residing in Atlanta, GA, has been engaged in impersonating, libeling and lying about over 20 professionals' (mostly MD and PhDs) credentials, personal lives, their...
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