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Business Breakthroughs International hired me as a client relations manager. I had some concerns with them expecting me to give them my first 5 sales to "make it on their prestigious team." Once I sold my "5 in 5;" I went on to sell another 15 to 20 contracts but decided to resign because I did not like the bait and switch tactic for sales. My theory is if you have a great product you should not have to pressure a person into buying that minute on the phone and/or you should not be afraid if they research your company on the Internet. With BBI they hire reps to pressure the caller into buying the product immediately. Then if the 1099 rep resigns they are not paid for any sale at all. Try and talk to operations and boy that is where the fun begins. Everything is virtual so everyone is in a meeting and there is not direct way to get a hold of anyone to get paid. When you call operations they argue with you and tell you, you are no longer employed here so you are not a priority. Excuse me, I was never a priority I was just a number. I was never paid for any of my sales not one. I should easily have close to $1000 if not more coming to me, but they will not pay. Once I resigned they turned all my sales over to the other salespeople on the team. DO NOT WORK FOR CHET HOLMES AND BUSINESS BREAKTHROUGHS INTERNATIONAL if you get a better offer and resign. They will not pay you a penny. They are the ultimate in scam artists!


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Aug 24, 2020 6:37 pm EDT
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So I am a former BBI Sales Donkey and it was the best and most growing job I ever had. We had many, many success stories and most like those that complain don't want to do the work it takes to simplify your business and get free from the stuff that slows you down from working on your business. Yes they may have had some troubles, yet the folks (team) I worked with all got paid fairly and well if you followed Chets strategies. THEY WORKED..anytime we took coaching from him or the top producers, the company made more money... I have been out of the company for 10 years now and I still push his book and strategies..God rest his soul..he was brilliant...and came from humble means just like the rest of us...

Jul 10, 2013 2:15 pm EDT

All I've ever had over my 2.5 years of working with BBI is great experiences. I get the impression that's it's all in how you look at the glass: half full, or half empty... I choose to see OPPORTUNITY!

Jun 25, 2013 7:43 pm EDT

I wanted to post this as a follow up to a post I made 2 years ago about BBI and Empire Research. Just recently I was contacted by one of the lead representatives at BBI and they were very concerned that I had less than a stellar experience with their company. She went on to ask me what she could do to make it right. I told her that I just wanted to be able to use the information to market our business and attract new clients. She set up 3 hour long phone calls with me and my marketing team in order to accomplish just that. She also went through our core story and made sure that it was up to par and had it reviewed by their top writers. I was very impressed that BBI would go to these lengths to make things right. It seems as though they are definitely trying to do things differently than they were 2 years ago. They still offered my coaching but it wasn't pushed as though I would fail without it. I think before stepping into a project like this you definitely need to know what you are getting for your money. Things at BBI definitely seem more transparent now and I am very pleased that my case was handled as well as it was.

Jun 17, 2013 3:57 pm EDT

Business Breakthroughs International, Chet Holmes and Tony Robbins company, exists to help businesses grow faster, better and smarter. Just as it helps its business clients, it also offers opportunities for entrepreneurial growth within the company in a performance based environment of independent contractors. Since the sad death of Chet Holmes, the company has gone through a total management change including the creation of the office of the President of Client Relations/Ombudsman in our serious effort to create raving fans, as well as, discovering solutions wherever there may be an issue or concern. If you would like to discuss your comments, please email [email protected] with your phone number and best time to reach you.

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Jun 14, 2013 9:40 am EDT
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BBI and it's "National News Today" SEO/Article writing pitch is a TOTAL SCAM! They hit our company for $6, 000 and delivered squat! We were passed around from person to person and the only thing they are really great at is overselling their service! We only received half of the articles that we were promised (we had to write all of them) and the ONLY thing they provided was a website to warehouse your articles that YOU write! The "SEO" specialists tactics that you receive, are outdated and easy to find FREE on the net.
PLEASE do your homework! Research this program on google and you will find a mass of unhappy clients that were SCAMMED!
Our company felt with no less that eight (8) different people from start to finish. THIS PROGRAM IS A 100% FRAUD & SCAM!


I am currently working through this program at my job. These reviews really put it in perspective. Everything BBI is doing during our "coaching" is right on track with what others have said. Its all garbage ! Core story is 100 plus slides of little tidbit factoids anybody could find on the web for free. I have never been told exactly how much this is costing our employer, but I know its a lot. The weekly coaching is what they are banking on. They tell the client everything they want to hear to keep them coming back and paying for coaching, meanwhile picking your pocket. Do not hire BBI !

We hired BBI and were taken to the bank. We paid 10k and all we received was lack luster lip service. We were guaranteed 150 first page views after writing 13 articles. They up graded us to the Platinum program and then said in order to receive the views we needed to write 25 articles. We insisted in the beginning that we are not article writers and would need assistance. We ended up having to write 13 and are only getting 29 first page views which is less than half of the gold series we originally signed up for. We were told that SEO and SEM is a science based on understanding how back linking works and how Google sets the rules for indexing etc... They sounded very knowledgeable and used a lot of tech speak when convincing us that BBI is the best at what they do. When it became abundantly clear that we were basically on our own we started questioning their abilities. We received nothing but back pedaling and broken promises. In my opinion and experience BBI can not deliver. They put a lot of weight on Chet's good name and Anthony Robbins empire but lack the skill set to understand ones business or how to get ones site ranked and develop traffic. 10k later only the things I've personally done to traffic to our site has worked. I apparently know more than they do. My site is BBI has done nothing nor are they willing to earn the 10k we paid them. There has been multiple personnel changes and we've been passed around like a cheap crack pipe. BBI is the worst.

Dale Carnegie is past away and his material is still teaching and changing the lives of millions. Chet's material has and will change the way people market, I believe that's a quote from the best coach on the planet, Tony Robbins.

The sales people work hard to get you to take action, it is likely 'good' action is what has prevented your business from soaring. I learned in a Tony Robbins Event, it is never the product or the service but the tools and the mindset of the leader involved.

They worked hard with me to get me to move forward and my business has exploded since

Jan 08, 2013 1:17 pm EST

They do not tell you on the website or commercials Chet Holmes is dead


I had nothing but a good experience with BBI. I don't ever listen to bitter employee's reviews because they are bias and they will usually lie to discredit the ex-boss. I think the review from the client who said all he got was some powerpoint presentations is a fake btw.

Nov 16, 2012 10:26 am EST

I completely dissagree. Mr 1099 completely missed the point of the BBI sales process. It is no bait and switch to deliver what the client requested, and then follow it with an even more valuable offer of training and/or services which can make an even greater impact on their business. Sheesh.

Sep 17, 2012 12:50 pm EDT

I just got off the phone and he was very pressure oriented. I used good ole google while talking and read this and it helped me tell him we know of his tactics and read a few. He sure didn't want to get off the phone without a cc number:)

Thanks for posting, as it sounded good and they sure use Tony's name to sell.

May 26, 2012 4:40 am EDT

YOu are dead on track...

They got me for 5K! - It is all about coaching which costs $600/hour. :(

Jun 10, 2011 1:48 am EDT

Wow, to actually hear this from within is a biggie. I hired BB to develop a "core story" for my business after seeing a video of Chet Holmes and Tony Robbins together. I paid $16, 000 to them in order to get a functioning tool that I could use to get information about my business to potential clients. Their big sell to me was the Stadium Pitch. What a great concept! Really, it is genius and I was sold hook line and sinker. So I blow the money on a series of powerpoints and research (already available through internet, not new research by any means) and am told that it is going to cost me another 40 grand for an implementation strategy. TOTAL BAIT AND SWITCH. The thing that really irritates me the most is that I shared with them how unhappy I was. It took hours of my own time to come up with relevant topics and content as well as many conference calls. I learned nothing new about my business. Now I have this series of powerpoint presentations and without doing a lot of work on my own, no implementation process. These folks are not dealing honestly. I was excited about sharing my experience with a number of my colleagues and friends and in the end everyone I talked to agrees that it was an easy way for them to make a quick buck and try to implement a continuity coaching program not any where close to being worth what they are selling it for.

If you read this and you want to contact me feel free as well. [protected]

May 05, 2011 6:20 pm EDT

I enrolled with them to bust my sales, can you contact me, would like to speak to you [protected], Laura