Bush's Chicken | Hammock Restaurants, LLC4 piece tender meal

D Jul 05, 2019

I ordered two 4-Piece tender meals, one with mashed potatoes the other one with fries with of course two large sweet teas. I get home and I open one of the boxes to start eating I have two pieces of tenders that are half the size of what it's supposed to be. Like these actually look like chicken nuggets. Now when I paid for my food which came out to like almost $20 for these two damn meals and I get these two piece of s*** chickens that I can probably swallow with one really p***** me off that your company charged me that much for this s*** and the [censored] kid that made my order...i otta go back and ask him if he would of paid that much for this little order. Wish i could post a pic of these chicken nuggets Id put Bush's to shame..
Never again will i be going to Bush's. The whole reason why i stayed away. I think their trying to act like a Taco Bell and be shady...Yes got a pic in...Does anyone see this s***.

4 piece tender meal

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