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Mark Manuel and Lance Perry, along with others including Wesley Merebech (spelling could be wrong), conducted a meeting in L.A., California raising money at I.B.I. (now CEOSPACE.net) for Bullhorn Poker 1.6 million total; of which the software never worked as promised, many people who played on site and deposited monies never received there deposits, there were numerous promises in which none were ever fulfilled. The whole thing was just another scam in the Mark Manuel and Lance Perry plan to defraud as many people as possible (do Google search on both and see all of the complaints). The site eventually were taking down only after a month or so, of which no one ever received any of there monies back. After dozens of repeated attempts to contact Mark and Lance, there were never any answers or call backs from either.
Why hasnt our govt or ANY attorney general looked into these evil people. They have destroyed many lives, and keep on doing there destructive behaviors. Lance was a known coke addict and gambled away thousands, not to mention on hookers while still married to Dani Perry who was also in on the Bullhorn Poker scam in Las Vegas, as per stories of dealers and pit bosses that I spoke to in my own investigation.) Wake up authorities. These guys, the Manuels and the Perry's need to go to jail. They have scammed millions out of families in which some lost everything. I only hope that someone WHO IS CONNECTED TO an ATTORNEY GENERAL'S office is going to do something for the sake of the hundreds who have been scammed, as well as GOD (even though he hides behind that name for everything that they do).


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    Herbert Coolhouse Jan 24, 2011

    Let's see if I have this right, you gave money to two known coke addicts and now you're whinning about it?
    If you didn't know it at the time, why did you not do proper due diligence?

    Furthermore, why are you naming IBI? If you went to a wedding and met someone, got to know a bit about them and then invested in their project, would you then blame the people at the wedding? Would you blame the bride and groom? Would you blame the church because you didn't do enough due dilligence?

    Put your big girl panties on!

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