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Budget Dumpster review: Dumpster rental

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December 1, 2022

I had called and set up a dumpster rental to be placed in the gravel driveway not on the concrete, I can home was blocking garage door, so I pushed it out of the way into the gravel. I noticed an orange strap on the back doors to hold the doors shut, come to find out their dispatch was aware of the issue but when they came to load it up the contents that was in the dumpster was dumped into my driveway because the driver said I had broken the doors and it accidently fell out. I called customer service and that was a complete joke. He didn't event listen to me just wanted me to know they were going to bill me for damages to the doors that was broke when delivered. I asked who is going to clean this mess up and he said it was my problem. I will never USE this company ever again. In the pictures you can clearly see where he loaded it and then dumped it.

Desired outcome: Pay for my clean-up in the driveway that the drive dumped

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