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Brent Guild SCAM iGalen Victoria Scam review: igalen brent guild [protected]

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11:38 am EDT
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Brent guild from 2546 wentwich road, victoria, bc v9b 3n4, stole over $12, 000 from me and my husband. He is nothing but a scam artist and a fraud. He lied to me about being the owner of a company called igalen and that it was going to make millions! He asked us to invest into igalen through brent guild, and he would give us a $50, 000 return!

He is a scam artist. Brent guild is a liar. A con!
Brent guild stole our life savings. A total scam artist. Brent guild scam igalen scam.

Total scam artist - brent guild scam [protected]
Total scam artist - brent guild scam [protected]
Total scam artist - brent guild scam [protected]

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Aug 19, 2017 1:15 am EDT

You are full of crap, You are doing nothing but trying to scam Brent and other innocent people. get a life

Aug 18, 2017 7:13 pm EDT
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I am Brent Guild, and as you can see I am not afraid to show my name as was this poster.

victimofbrentguild is actually the company that runs under the promotional company name of Google Ad Doctor. They are the actual scam and they are retaliating for me disputing their charges on my Credit Card.

Since I started the dispute I have been threatened with just this type harassment using their influence online as well legal action and problems with iGalen, the company I work with.

as they did here, they provided a false Breach of Conduct complaint with the company I work with, iGalen, using a false name and even getting terminology wrong in their complaint, stating they were a Diamond Level distributor with Isagenix. Isagenix does not have a Diamond Level.

I have been receiving constant automated calls saying either that legal action has been filed, there is a warrant out for my arrest, or Revenue Canada had filed action against me.

After I canceled their services and started my dispute they actually had the nerve to bill me again under a different name and amount.

Mastercard has refunded all charges from this company and their investigation continues. I had several associates also conned by this group so it further infuriated them when I passed on to them that they should also get their money back.

If anyone wishes to contact me for further information, please do to