Brenda Fisherpuppy mill animal abuser & animal killer

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These are the filthy conditions Breeder Puppy Mill Owner Brenda Fisher leaves her dogs in, She even sedated poor buttons till he was dead with over dosing him on medication, the witch is a true narcissistic sociopath & animal abuser killer, two dogs she purchased not long ago she rehome because she was neglecting to care for them while dog poop lay in their cage for days she calls dogs rats, abuses her husband and loves serial killer Charles Manson, calls her own dogs stupid, this woman is a sick as animal molester narcissistic sociopath Randy Boles, Brenda Fisher is also a Go Fund Me Fraud asking money for Buttons while she was killing him the whole time not giving him water dirty dry water bowls while she runs the streets hooking for customers

puppy mill animal abuser & animal killer
puppy mill animal abuser & animal killer
puppy mill animal abuser & animal killer


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    Fraud Investgation Team Jan 01, 2019

    Brenda Fisher Abuses her dog Lyric verbally and physical neglect
    Brenda Fisher is not only known as a lover to the serial killer Charles Manson but several of her animals she has physically abused and verbally abuse along with posting on face book about other people dogs. Here shows just how she failed to train a Pomeranian purchased from Webster Florida breeder Lacey Leigh Burton she later blames this breeder for neglecting to train and keeping animals stuck in cages all day for Lyrics pooping problems inside her cage when she becomes frustrated in training Lyric and ended up rehoming the dog as she claims with Tabitha Corkern known face book name now as Tabitha Wakefield any person that post these type defamation post about a dog really don't deserve to even own a dog to begin with her own failure to train Lyric was her own fault, this dog is just a puppy. It's a good thing Tabitha rehome Lyric, she probably end up dead like poor Buttons from over medicating drugs to sedate the dog into laying motionless like a stuff animal, Screen Shots show be on a doubt this person is a extreme narcissistic sociopath animal abuser

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  • Sherrone Annette Boudreau / receiving fraudulent donations for ill pet funding and abusive breeding practice
    Sherron Annette Boudreau from Abilene Texas owner of Sherron's Crafts is know for her attacks on several people in Face Books groups and her Fraudulent Go Fund Me accounts she has open up this lady family draws in six figure income a year $149, 000 dollars but ask others to foot the bill of her rescue pets, when a person takes in a rescue not to rehome but keep it themselves it is their responsibility to pay veterinarian bills on that animal . Instead Sherrone Annette Boudreau ask for donations for others to pay her veterinarian bills with Brenda Fisher's help to support the fraud, Sherron Boudreau sold Liz Blu a Pomeranian she had that had been taken out of breeding service by her, the two had a agreement for Cubbie to be neutered, Liz Blu agreed, although when she took the Cubbie into the Veterinarian the Veterinarian refused to neuter Cubbie due to the fact he had a bad heart from being locked down in a cage most his life and used as breeding stock, When Liz Blu informed Sherron Boudreau of the Veterinarians decision. Sherron Boudreau attacked Liz Blu in her Facebook group POMERANIAN LOVERS AND FRIENDS and Liz's Face Book page for her dog Cubbies club telling other to block Liz and not like or visit Cubbies club page, Sherron Boudreau also was involved in attacks on Michael Dale Dodd with her partner Brenda Fisher, Sherron Boudreau was paying for a web page Brenda Fisher created called maddoggurudodo.weebly that bashed the Dodd family and their fur babies, This was web page was paid from funds Sherron Boudreau collected on her sick dog Bear. Sherron Boudreau has created several fraudulent Go Fund Me accounts asking for donations when the fact is she can afford her own Veterinarian Bills with a six figure income and a business of 149, 000 a year, She seems to be fine shopping for a new home close to the $400, 000 price range, Let's expose this fraudulent Witch for who she really is a scammer and abusive Breeder, almost breeding poor Cubbie to death keeping him locked in a cage to her he was nothing but her breeding stock, Screen Shots provided show be on a reason of doubt how this Master Manipulator, For her involvement in the maddoggurudodo.weebly page shame on her some day she'll have to answer to God, Sherron is owner of Sherron's Crafts.
    Sherron Boudreau also created a Facebook group and helped support a couple of Pomeranian groups where others in the Pomeranian community was bashed like the secret group created by Brenda Fisher called Little Man Do Do if a person did not fit Sherron Boudreau liking she attacked them, keep in mind viewers, Sherron Boudreau Charles Manson Loving friend Brenda Fisher was Sherron Boudreau best friend, this scam artist Sherron paid for the maddoggurudodo.weebly that bashed the Dodd family and their fur babies. Sherron Boudreau is nothing but a bully, fraud, animal abuser. Master Manipulator and very close to being a extreme narcissistic sociopath, The face book group Sherron Boudreau created was called Pomeranian Witch Hunt with Cathy Diehl Conway as her co partner, later the group was called Pomeranian pumpkins which had plaster on the banner Bullying stops here Love our Pom's & Mom's, The real fact is Sherron Boudreau is the real bully and her involvement in the maddoggurudodo.weebly page and treatment of poor Cubbie and Liz Blu proves the type person she really is . And why would anyone create a flipagram on another persons dog you already sold them, than attacked them wrongfully for not having the dog fixed upon a Veterinarians decision not to, due to his bad heart from neglect and abuse, Cubbie was treated like a piece of meat, when used up sold off like a piece of meat, For Sherron Boudreau lies she was being bullied this was only fabricated in her behave to gain popularity and cover up the real person she is, We also provided screen shots where Brenda Fisher plays favoritism only allowing Sherron Boudreau to ask for funding money in a group Brenda Fisher once ran and now is banned from that group, which we found this a bit odd and suspicious, Sherron also create the face book group POMERANIAN LOVERS AND FRIENDS

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  • Randy Boles alias Randi Mee, Liz Harrison & Brenda Fisher the three of them are the worst of the worst handing out a web page called that displayed verbal animal abuse and suggested physical abuse three years back, None of them should even be allow in Facebook Dog groups, all of them are also frauds in the promoting of Foxies Fund Facebook group & attacking others wrongfully, We have 100% proof of evidence be on a reason of doubt, Randy can hire all the attorneys she wishes, She drew first blood blaming Dodd on reporting this fraud and scammer Dominick Tambone's Go Fund Me, Go Fund Me shut his account down because he is a fraud, so did You Caring Inc. Than Randy Boles alias Randi Mee, Liz Harrison & Brenda Fisher attacked this man's pets with display of verbal animal abuse and suggesting physical abuse .Randy Boles is nothing but a drug addict, drunk and narcissistic sociopathic liar all 3 of you are narcissist sociopaths and master manipulators, That enjoy attacking people and animals that don't fit their approval on Facebook, Facebook harassment and promoting graphic violence violations can also proof this be on a doubt, Evidence shows Brenda Fisher passed the link in the group All Pom No Drama at the time she ran the group, She has since been removed as a Admin and blocked, Randy Boles and Liz Harrison passed the link out in her created group pOmFaBuLouS where Randy Boles was her Admin Liz Harrison also order her Admin to attack Michael Dale Dodd and pass the link out to his members, Liz Harrison now sells Rodan + Fields on her new created Facebook account and page . She sure needs the product for her ugly face! We sure are ready for any court date, with these Narcissistic Sociopathic lying Drama Queens everything has been printed out in files and ready to go. Links provided for these women that all thought was so wonderful ! Randy Neumann Boles Past Inmate Number W077414 Ohio prison was Incarcerated State Prison Term 5 years, Should be Monitor for future crimes.For those that visit that web page they don't need to own dogs also, their a bunch on pathetic animal abuse supporters

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    Team Dog Frauds Exposed Dec 18, 2019

    Lori A DeVries is a puppy mill breeder that has falsely attacked others on Facebook, she is a well known heavy drug user, which her husband Anton Devries now past away posted this in the group Pomeranian Lovers Of America, Which now the name of the group has changed to MILK's Pomeranian World. Lori A DeVries had to step down as a admin her own group due from her heavy drug use, But Lori still runs her once sell group on facebook POMERANIAN FANCIERS INTERNATIONAL
    She started taking heavy doses of drugs after having rotten teeth . The rotten teeth may have come from past heavy drug use, She wrongly attack a man that had a 20 year old Dog named Cupid in her group back in August 2, 2014, Telling 1000s of members the Dog was not 20 years old and the Man was a scammer. Lori A DeVries even posted that the Dog Cupid should have been euthanized and she was only a old dog that was still functional.
    The Man was only trying to teach natural Dog health and never ask a dime, To this day the Man Michael has never collected one dollar from any Dog group members, When fact the Man proved the Dog Cupid was 20 years old thru Guinness World Records. Book filing number 475261 Cupid was not the oldest Dog in the World at the time, she did live to be 21 years old, Born 12-31-1993 Passed [protected].
    Lori A DeVries was so high all the time back than she even neglected to care for her own pets, They lived in filthy conditions and was abused, Her breeding business flopped into a puppy mill type operation, She had others attack this Man, being racist to his grandkids with personal messages to his wife's and his facebook. Her rant went on for years as she lost over 600 members from her group Pomeranian Lovers Of America from these false attacks and rants, She even neglected to care for her sick husband Anton Devries, That has since past away from neglect, This is a evil person that only thinks about herself, her Facebook wall of photos of herself prove this.
    Donald Stevenson is a relation to drug user Lori A DeVries, Lori also goes by Lori Stevenson Donald Stevenson and Brenda Fisher are both well known for their lies and attacks on others in Facebook groups Brenda Fisher is a scammer always asking for donations for her Dogs but has Lori A DeVries, Donald Stevenson and Sherron Boudreau back up her up.
    These folks are well off owning homes, buying homes and rental property but want others to donate to their scams of collection ripoffs, while they attack others that have legitimate funding campaigns for their sick pets.
    Face it these people are breeder scammers and our advise is to block them and never donate to their fraud or buy into their attacks on others

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