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M Jul 22, 2019

Can't recommend them. Way over priced. Kenneth Orbeck in Greenville, SC berated me for not buying their supplements which were not clean compared to what I was taking. Insists you buy cleanses, genome testing, and way over priced unnecessary labs. 300 for his labs every 3 months compared to 20.00 some place else with same necessary feedback. I went specifically to address migraines and I know it's as a result of having no production of progesterone. However, he decides to provide T pellet injections. Doesn't even address the fact that I'm seriously progesterone deficient. All the T in the world isn't going to change that and the labs from the other doctor confirmed that. He's claimed to have worked with Suzanne Somers and says he's the one who's taught everyone around the T pellet procedure. All BS. The guy is very full of himself. If you want to spend a ton of money and get sub par treatment then this franchise is for you. Even though he says he's not raking you for money, keep in mind he's driving a very nice Maserati and his lobby is worth 10s of thousand of $$. You've been warned.

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