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Bob Watson Chevrolet located at 147th street in Harvey Illinois continues their assault on any and all people dumb enough to walk through their doors. This is truely one of the WORST places to purchase a used car!!! Operating in a lower working class black community this company continues to prey "unchecked" on the unwary person seeking to purchase a used car!.... Don't just take my word for it...See for yoursel[censored]... All you need do is walk through the door and say "Iam looking to purchase a used vechicle" On 4/3/06 I made this horrible mistake and was greeted by sales people (maurice payne and john cappas)who from the start refused to show me a vehicle without first running a credit check and getting a commitment to buy.I settled on a 2002 volvo S80.. .but every time I asked for the full price of the car I was given a "monthly payment amount" This tatic is used to disguise an inflated price.The full price is not given until AFTER PURCHASE.After being promised that this car was all wheel drive and had the balance of factory warranty.. I purchased this car(for $24,999..!!!) only to find out it had no factory warranty and was not an AWD vechicle...AND....READ THIS...This car was the featured vechicle and was sold to me for thousands of dollors above the advertised price!!! As of 7/1/06 I have spent over $3000.00 dollors on repairs (car was purchased on 4/3/06) ... As of 7/1/06 Bob Watson Chevrolet has refused to address any of these issues.

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  • Pt
    PT Mar 07, 2007

    I also have a huge complaint with the Bob Watson dealership. I have emailed them numerous times and also have emailed never get any kind of a reply.

    I purchased a used 2004 Pontiac Grand Am 2 yrs ago in 06/04. When I first bought the car I was concerned if the vehicle had any accidents. The dealership informed me that there was none. I brought the car home and someone had noticed my trunk wasn't lined up, thinking it could be due to an accident. I called again and they pulled up a carfax report and both the salesperson and manager stated no accidents. Another encounter with someone I knew said the same thing. The dealership offered to do nothing. Now 2 years have passed and my hood, side panels and trunk the paint is all bubbling up. I have owned many cars both old junks and newer models GM's and Fords and nothing like this has ever happened to me before. Why was this car painted when it was fairly new? Only to come back to my original conclusion that it was in an accident. I am a single mother and do not have the means to have the car buffed and repainted, nor do I think I should have to. This bubbling is only to get worse, soon I'm sure, and it will start cracking and then rusting. I am now stuck with this horrible looking car that I'm still paying on. I think it is horrible that a dealership can sell a GM car like this. I feel like I was rooked and taken advantage of. Every time I look at my vehicle that I'm paying for I'm sickened. I cannot believe I'm in this situation. I would have thought for sure that somebody in this corporation can rectify this should not of ever happened situation.

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  • Pa
    Paula C. Mack Apr 11, 2008

    I am on disable and on Social Security. My boyfriend got into an accident with a deer and his car was totaled. He went back in forth about getting the replacement car or a car from Bob Watson. I told him to go with the replacement car because Bob Watson was a slimy place to go. He went to B0b Watson to just check things out and before you know it he was in a 2008 chevy Malibu. There was once hitch. I had to co-sign. I got a good chucke out of that because my credit isn't the best in the world. That was all done on a Saturday. Come the following week they tell my boyfriend that his intrest rate has gone up by TWO POINTS! I told him we needed to return the car because I was going to sign the new papers. Well they played games and got the monthly payment down and so on and so on. After that they start calling daily to get my finacial paperwork. I reluctently gave them up today and they told my boyfriend that the finacial company is going to call me and I have to give them an inflated monthly payout from Social Security. I went ballistic and called Tammy in the finacial department. She hasn't bothered to return my call. Oh and something else, they told him that if I didn't inflate my monthly payout than the deal would be resinded. I live in Illinois. I'm going to give the Attorney General's office a call on Monday. They need to be stopped. I'm scared to death to lie about my earrings from the government. Is there anything that I can do?

    Thank you,
    Paula C. Mack

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  • Ma
    madeline pugh Jun 12, 2008

    I am concern because I have not been financed for a car that was suppose to been financed 3 wk ago. I am driving around with a car, my car was traded in for this one. My note for the my old car is due and this one is due as far as contract what is going on? No one is talking to me.

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  • De
    Demiera Sep 03, 2008

    To Paula C. Mack - They wanted me to do all kinds of things to falsify my documents so they could give me a 2005 Chevy Trailblazer. I, too, will be calling the Attorney General's office.

    To Madeline Pugh - Take the car back! Or they'll do to you what they did to me: call some remedial area police force to scare the wits out of you and your family. They let me go a whole month without telling me my car wasn't being financed. Don't let them get you too, please.

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  • Ka
    kathy s Sep 04, 2008

    I was stupid enough to buy a chevy from bob watson chevrolet the sales person promised free oil changes for as long as I owned the truck. First they said that I could take my truck to anyone of their three dealerships for the free oil changes. I tried that and found out that I could not do that. now they told me that I have to pay for the oil changes and that they changed their policy. This was one of the selling points of buying from this dealerships that I had to travel a bit to get there. They promise all sorts of stuff and then go back on their word! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!

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  • Mi
    Misty Sep 16, 2008

    I purchased a 2005 Ford 500 Limited from Bob Watson in April 2007. I was in the dealership with my 2 small children for over 7 hours! The 1st thing they did when I came in the door was snatch the keys for the car I was trading in. They do this to keep you captive. When I was about to test drive the car my daughter noticed a crack across the top of the windshield. I pointed it out to the sales guy who advised they would replace it. I nmade three appointments all which were canceled by the dealership. I still have the crack. I test drove the car about a mile down side streets that had a low speed limit. I realized after I took the car home that this was done so I wouldn't realize the brakes were bad. When I advised the dealership I was told it was an "as is" sale" So I was stuck forking over $1100.00 to a brake shop to have the whole shebang replaced. Dec 2007 at the 1st snow of the year I found out the hard way that all the tires were totally bald due to bad alighmnet. This was of course after I smashed the hell out of my neighbor's car. $500.00 paid for insurance deductable. $800.00 for 4 new tires. $90.00 for wheel alignment. Feeling real stupid for buying the car.. priceless. Later repairs on 2008, new filters, CO2 sensors, right rear stabilzer arm. In short $3000.00 in repairs/expenses out side of car note and maintenence. I was spending so much on the car that I fell behind in the note and the car was repo'd. However, after I provided the finance company information regarding my expenses I was able to get the car back with a 12% lower apr and a $120.00 reduction in the monthly payment amount. Bob Watson also lied to the finance company and told them the car had features it did not to inflate the proce of the car, and they advise customers to do voluntary reopo's on their current cars, if they are too upside down to trade in, but they neglect to tell the customer the negative impact on their credit, (I didn't do this, but I heard them tell the guy next to me to do so).

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  • Au
    Austin Jun 04, 2009

    I have great credit and because of that they wouldnot sell me a used car. They insisted on my buying a new car. They brought 4 people out to see me. They wouldnot give me my keys or liscense back. Them ###ing ###. I am so glad they went out of business.

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  • Ch
    Charles C. Jun 17, 2009

    Yes. I agree with everyone's comments. Bob Watson Dealership is a horrible place to buy a car. Rude sales people and bad customer service. Did someone say "these devils" went out of business? Good!!

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  • Ge
    Getrevenge2 Jul 15, 2009

    I was sold a 2004 Malibu Classic 6 cylinder, but come to find out the car was a 2003 Malibu 4 cylinder vehicle. Someone said Bob Watson has gone out of business. I am filing a suit against Robert Watson and need information on his current location - can anyone help me with obtaining this information?

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  • Ge
    Get back Matt Jul 16, 2009

    Sounds like someone needs to file a small claims case against these guys. They can't have an attorney appear in small claims. All you need in factual documentation and bingo restitution can be made.

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  • Fr
    fried chicken Jul 19, 2009

    worst place to ever go for a car buying experience. I got a call and a letter saying Im approved for a car loan pre approved. $ hours later I needed a co signer 4000 dollars cash down and they kept hustling me to new sales people what a ###ing joke. Im an African American and I can honestly say this is nothing but a bunch of Porch Monkeys trying to swindle you and also forgot they wanted to raise my rate 2.5% and they wanted to give me 1500 dollars fo a truck I ended up selling for 5900 a 2000 f150 with 86, 000 miles on it so a joke yes a joke. If I was a white man I certainly wouldnt even step foot in there.

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  • Me
    Melmarie Jul 22, 2009

    I also purchased a vehicle about 4yrs ago, I put $2, 000 cash down however after the fact looking through the paper work and the loan amount, it wasn't reflected on the sales receipt. Everyone in my family received a collection notice at their home address stating I owed $2, 000 dollars. Bob Watson must have gone threw the entire phone book in attempt to collect this amount in which I didn't owe. In the meantime I was encountering some major issue with my car within the first few weeks of owning it. The front end of my car would clunk loudly when driving over small bumps in the road almost like a raddled sound. I brought the car in and they tighten the control arm underneath the car. A week later I brought it in again for the same exact problem. Once again they tightened the part. The third time I could have caused a horrible accident when going 60 mph down the E-way when my entire steering column caved in and control arm busted. It's a miracle nobody or myself was injured that day. My car was lifted on a flat bed and driven to Bob Watson's, and that was the day everybody in that entire establishment learned my name... They tried to get me to believe someone was trying to sabotage the car. I was asked who would want me dead. At first I was horrified at such a thought and maybe a little paranoid, I'm not a mechanic and I was told it wasn't possible for something like this to just break like it did. However one mechanic working there must have had a Conscience because he told me they were full of ###. I didn't have a warranty and I too was told I did, luckily after making such a huge scene they agreed they would handle the issue as if I did have a factory warranty and I would only be responsible for the deductible. I paid for my own carfax report to learn this car had multiple owners, Bob Watson came in contact twice with my car and sold it twice. I was told it only had one owner. I only wish this was the end of my ordeal, I had every coil and cylinder replaced 3x, Thermostat x2, both tyroids and control arms, rebuilt transmission, replaced accelerator, and much much more I cannot think off hand. In total I'm close to $7, 000 dollars in repairs. My credit has been effected due to late payments bc I had to pay for repairs. I had no business going to Bob Watson in the first place, my credit wasn't bad to begin with. They even gave me a 20% interest rate, my car before this one was 4.5% . After 3months of paying their high interest rate I refinanced with my personal bank and got a 7% rate. I have no idea where they get their figures, yet I'm the dummy who got too excited and signed my life away so quickly. I've learned a very expensive lesson from this huge mistake. :( It's been a major set back in my life and after speaking to an attorney, they're is nothing I can do. I signed the paper in small print stated "AS IS".

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  • Th
    third time a charm Jul 23, 2009

    I agree with everyone here.Bob Watson is the worst cardealership I ever dealt with.My story is similar but only after I made three attempts.The first attempt was applying online in 2004 got approved by email..I took a 2 hour train ride and walked 2 blocks only to come back the way I went on the train and on foot.I had excellent credit but because my job was seasonal I needed a co-signer..I was so pissed I cussed them out and threaten to tell everyone don't go there. Now one day I was watching TV and you know the informercial came on and there was this sales pitch called Pick a payment..well I called the number and went online and applied got approved, , Rep called the next day to setup an appt.I went to the address on 147th halsted and low and behold it was that D-m Bob watson again..Same thing that happen in 2004 repeat in 2006..Just recently I don't know how my mother ended up there but she had used me as a reference and she also told them I was looking to buy a car soon.She did not know of the 2 instances I had before.The rep kept begging me and begging me to come and assured me I would get a car.I was very reluctant at first, So I drove out there after work ..They tried to bullcrap my mother and me ..But this time I stood firm on telling them because this was my third time out here if I didn't walk out with a car that night which was Feb.2009 I was going to take a front page out in the Suntimes and tell everyone how full of Crap they were.I got to the dealership at 6pm and did not leave until midnight .Well let me tell you the third time was a charm.Not only did I walk out the dealership with two 2008 cars less than $24, 000 but they paid off my 2003 Zx2..However the next day I discover one of the cars had a slight fender bender..I was told to bring it back and they would fix it..4 months later still not done and now they have went out of business.I think we should all file a class action lawsuit against them.Like the rest of you here I was asked to lie to the finance company and then they had me come back after I had originally sign papers and increase the interest rate because they said the finance company would not finance me at the rate they originally gave..Thank God I kept both contracts

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  • Ih
    ihatebobwatson Apr 04, 2010


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  • Th
    Thunder73 Jun 24, 2011

    I use to work for Bob Watson, and sadly I may have sold a few of these cars that are mentioned on this site. I have not blame to lay on anyone but myself for working there. It was fast good money, and i had a wife, three kids and one on the way. I was never happy about each sale, knowing how bad the cars were, but it got better each time I was able to feed my family. These are the kinds of people that they would give jobs to over there, poor, down on their luck, and even guys just out of jail. You see this kind of person would do anything to make a buck, and the ### managers knew it and they worked us just as hard as they worked you guys. What would you do if I told you that four of the managers even the GM were all ex cons. how about one of the salesmen there was once in jail for the rape of a young girl, and later killed himself after being caught trying to do it again. How about the lesbian "Tammy" that had a short lived internet porn site. Or Frank the sales manager that was fresh out of Jail for murder. These are the people that ran that place, and the all moved over to World Hyundai in Matteson and I am sure they are doing the same things. I just want to say I am sorry if I sold you a bad car, and I ask you to forgive me.

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