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Bob Sersow review: Lies and cheats 2

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In Phoenix, Az This man leads multiple women on at the same time, lies, cheats and uses them. He is on many dating and paid sex sites as well as the regular social networking sites. He is a very smooth talker but what he doesn't tell is that he uses speed regularly and other drugs at times. He is the bass player in a band which is another way he finds the women he uses and scams. He prefers slim, very attractive blonds who have a respectable income although he is unemployed and using "loop holes" to continue to get unemployment. He share owning a home with his brother only cuz his Mom left it to them when she died a year ago. He is fifty-five and lived with his Mom and brother up to when she died. He talks the talk but does not walk the walk.

You can find him all over the web, on plentyoffish dot com, zoosk dot com, facebook, myspace, matchmaker dot com, fling dot com, xxxbalckbookonline dot com, secondlife dot com, passion dot com, adult face book dot com, biterornot dot com, and lots more. Check him out and see for your self if you want.
He goes by, bassman8951, rockerbob, bassman, bsersow, etc

Surprise, US
Apr 28, 2011 7:23 am EDT

I also know Bob. I would like to say, I mean no ill toward the person who wrote this. Listen if you meet someone online and it doesn't work out what next? What you did here is slander an awesome person. How come you never mention the fact that you are married? Why are you even on any of these sites? A woman scorned? The right and just thing to do is remove this post. How would you like us to tell nothing but the truth with "absence of malace" about you and post you name? Bob gave me a job when I most needed it and I will never forget that. I have never ever seen him take any drugs? I to, am going to look into Legal action toward this issue.

Phoenix, US
Apr 27, 2011 7:42 am EDT
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This is an outrage. I have known this man for over 30 years and he is one of the most peaceful loving human beings I have ever known. He is not on any drugs, and he is not using the government for a dam thing. In fact he had to adopt his grandchildren and is raising two little ones with the help of his ex-wife who is also an amazing, wonderful human being. I am going to speak with an Attorney to find out if anyone can't fight back to such slander. The women who wrote this is a married women who tried to pick up Bob at the bar. He rejected her for one she is married for crying out loud and then she with no regards to any truth of any kind she writes this crap. It is total 100 percent BS.