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Blu E-cigsBad customer service

Blu Cigs have the worst customer service ever!!! They put my order (for 2 refill carton cartridges) on a 4 week back order without even notifying me! I just happened to be browsing the site when I saw the 4 week back-order notice, so I decided to ask them if it had effected my order that I had placed a week earlier. Sad thing is that I placed this order before any back-order notices were posted to the site. Below is an excerpt of my letter to them:

I shouldn't have to wait 4 weeks just to start using your product consistently without interruption! The whole point of me using your product was to quit smoking cigarettes, only to simulate smoking while stepping down the nicotine levels. What's the point if I run out of your product half way through stepping down, only to have to buy real cigarettes again???

I also like how customer service failed to notify me about the 4 week back order until I was the one to ask about it! What if I knew nothing about it? I would have assumed that my order was going to take the usual amount of time, only to experience a huge gap in usage! There was no notice of this back-order posted to the site during the time of placing my order! If I hadn't seen the back order notice a couple of days ago, I wouldn't have even sent my last email asking if my order was effected!

You guys have a lousy set-up when it comes to providing consistent product to your customers! You are supposed to be replacing someone's cigarettes, and the only way to do that is to provide consistent product without interruption! How many smokers do you know of, that will just up and take 4 weeks off of smoking? Not too many. Probably 0.5% of them. I'm a smoker, and it's a safe bet to assume that most of your customer base are also mostly smokers. So I hope you've read all of my email because these are the concerns that I have in common with many of your customers!


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    Jerimy78 Mar 29, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I have had nothing but trouble from Blu. I ordered on the 17 of this month. I ordered the product in white even though id have preferred to get black, but i ordered white just to get it with in 12 Business days. Well Today is the 29th and they couldnt ship my product because of some sort of shipping label printer problems. Well not to fix that they hired a 3rd party to ship the packages. This new company is telling me that I will not receive the package untill after the 2nd of next month.

    In my opinion the owner('s) of blu need to need to pull their heads out of thier ###. If this is such a great product well the customer service needs to match the or exceed the quality of the product.

    I have already printed my RMA to return the product.
    if you read the 30 day return policy. you only have 30days from the pruchase to return the product. so if it takes 3 weeks to get to you, then you have less than a week to try it and if you dont like it to send it back.

    I have a feeling I will have to go to my bank and dispute the charge...

    So far with out even trying the product im at the point i dont even want it and should have went with another company.

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    jir0nimo May 04, 2010
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    Blu Cigs is probably the worst company in the world. They have horrible, and rude, customer service. The products I've ordered from them, have all broken in less than a week. Even the replacements I bought have broken in less than a week. The flavors are horrible. The atomizers are horrible. Trust me, I came into this product with nothing but pros. Now I have nothing but cons. I really wanted this product to go over well, but that wasn't the case. With atomizers out, I had to switch back to regular cigarettes, which like you said, defeats the purpose of buying the blus. When I called customer service I wanted my whole kit replaced, because I was just breaking in all the cartridges because I wasn't getting any vapor. So, I thought it was the cartridges. They said they had to process my order and only for the batteries/atomizers/chargers/pack. They can test my cartridges I'm pretty sure they have plenty of juice in them. Anyways, I was so excited about the product that I didn't let any of that get to me. Now, this is just sad. I want to just break this thing. Actually, I want my refund is what I want. But, I don't feel like waiting no 2 weeks.

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    Anayeli Jul 13, 2010

    I had a great experience with the people from Blu (costumer services) also I didn’t have any issues receiving my product on time, it only took me like 4 or 5 days to receive it after I made my order, when I first seen the Blu electronic cigarette I was simply amazed. The Blu electronic cigarette really stands out among its competitors. While most electronic cigarettes companies simply expect you to put your electronic cigarette in your pocket, Blu electronic cigarettes actually gives you a pack.

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    another concerned citizen Oct 22, 2010

    My boyfriend wanted to order this and I warned him about all these so called " free offers...just pay shipping " only to have them keep charging your card. I told him to use his PRE PAID VISA card, and ONLY put the total amount for shipping on it, nothing more. That way, they CAN'T take any more money out, and you have just beaten them at their own game ! Do this for pretty much anything you order, if you aren't sure and READ THE FINE PRINT ALWAYS !!!

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    cpwjr Jan 16, 2013

    i ordered blus products. the ordering process is hard. sometime they will charge you 33 items for 1 you put in your cart. that sucks. they is almost no way to get the total correct. the customer service is really rude. they are never wrong of course.they are so rude!!
    the phone number might as well be inactive because they never answer. and of recording hangs up afer be on hold, no matter hoe long you hold.the produck better be good and right when it comes.

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    123not happy Feb 12, 2014

    I bought two starter kits, both wouldn't work. 70.00 in product and the customer service is was now where to be found. This company seems to be a big big scam. 24 hour 7 day week customer service, and now one there because of bad weather and online help was down also. I dont think so. choose another brand one that will work. and not this joke

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    BlueyedAngel Apr 17, 2014

    I bought the starter kit and it smelled burnt wires and cartridges leaked on my fingers. They told since i opened my kit I would not get a refund of what i paid for the unit. And customer support was very rude and nasty to not only me but my dad as well and all I want is my money back not another kit and I am disappointed in blu e-cigs. to me seems like they rushed the product on to the market without testing.

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