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This company is nothing short of a rip off. These extremely over priced 'miracle drugs' as they tout them, are nothing but watered down worthless capsules. Calling into the company to order, is nothing short of a nightmare. Terrible customer service by the same exact person, every time I call. And he is very rude, might I add.

This is clearly, a 1-2 man operation. Biomedic labs ads online claim to have '95% success rates' for their products, but cannot back up such claims. I see no clinical evidence or studies, of such on their websites. I have been conned out of my hard earned money from them, and used these worthless products for months. Not even the slightest sign of 'success', that they so proudly guarantee. They will give you the run around when you try to get a refund. Ridiculous! Do your research before you fall victim of this rip off company called Biomedic Labs, based in Queen Creek, Arizona!

Rip Off Products & Lies


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    Shirts Dec 22, 2015

    I had a terrible customer experience with this company. They offer free shipping over a certain ament but I ended up getting charged shipping, I called and left at least 3 msg's as well as a few emails, no-one ever got back to me, I finally reached Daniel who was very helpful, nothing he could do and couldn't explain why no one got back to me. I would not recommend purchasing from this company

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