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resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Big Bear Sheriffs, Nyse:udr, Parsa Law GroupPolice Brutality-Tenant Oppression-Loan Mod Fraud

[Note to Readers: This letter will be mailed on Tuesday morning, November 10, 2009. There will also be subpoenas issued and served on that day to several people on the distribution list. Throughout the next couple of days, the list will likely increase and I may make revisions to the letter as I review it frequently.

You may view the final letter, distribution list, and subpoena list on Tuesday at, if you like. By the way, this list does not include the gross offenders of loan modification scams for which I reported on my blog Bad Biz Finder. Those names will be included in my next letter to the President.]

Erin Kelly Baldwin
Post Office Box 1503
Big Bear City, California 92314

VIA UNITED STATES POST (Certified Mail – Return Receipt Requested)
(Please note that a copy of this letter was also sent to the names on the distribution list at the end of this letter, via facsimile transmission, electronic mail delivery, or via U.S. Mail – First Class Delivery.)

November 8, 2009

President Barack Obama
The White House
1450 Pennsylvania Avenue, Southeast
Washington, DC [protected]

Dear Mr. President,

My name is Erin Kelly Baldwin and I am a proud consumer and tenant advocate and citizen of the United States of America. On January 9, 2009, I founded a blog called, “Bad Biz Finder, ” and began reporting on the fraud perpetrated against vulnerable consumers in foreclosure at the hand of attorneys licensed to practice law in the State of California.

Unfortunately for these folks, the California legislature made a grave error in the writing of the law that was supposed to protect these consumers, the California Foreclosure Consultant’s Act (California Civil Code Section [protected].11) (“CFCA”). The mistake was that the CFCA permitted attorneys to take fees in advance from consumers for loan modification services and prohibited advanced fees from all other providers of loan modification services.

As a result, thousands of attorneys either formed loan modification law firms (with little to no experience in real property law) or lent their law license to foreclosure rescue companies to help them circumvent the advanced fee provision of the law. Either way, with very few exceptions, these companies did not employ attorneys to help the consumers; rather, ran boiler room operations with inexperienced employees that had no knowledge of the legal defenses necessary to negotiate effectively with lenders on behalf of these consumers.

This was the basis of my blog and was the only source of information on this travesty of injustice available to California consumers. It was a very bold, yet necessary blog and as I continued to report on all facets of the fraud, it became obvious that I was not only upsetting the status quo with the attorneys themselves but also with the California State Bar, the California Department of Real Estate, the California Attorney General’s Office, the Federal Trade Commission, the Orange County Bar Association, the Orange County District Attorneys’ Office, and the Orange County Superior Court system, all of whom I discovered were a party to the deception.

When I began intense investigation and reporting about those facts, my troubles multiplied very quickly. My blog was shut down on June 15, 2009, by Order of Judge Franz E. Miller in Orange County Superior Court when he ruled that I had defamed Parsa Law Group by my news articles about its operations and its attorney, James Mazi Parsa, and ordered me to pay $605, 000 for injuring James Parsa’s reputation as well as the future earnings of his law firm. Parsa Law Group had sued Bad Biz Finder for $20 million at the end of January 2009. As I had no funds to defend this law suit and no one would help me pro bono, I represented myself through six months of intense litigation.

As of October 22, 2009, James Parsa is not eligible to practice law and his business is shut down leaving thousands of consumers stranded without loan modifications to save their homes and with no way of recovering the average $4, 000 fee paid to Parsa Law Group.
The California State Bar waited four months after my blog was shut down, to charge James Parsa with the very facts I reported on my blog. Within weeks, the California Attorney General’s Office also filed charges against him regarding facts I reported on my blog.

Everything I wrote about James Parsa for six months was true and the truth is an absolute defense against defamation. However, the California State Bar and the California Attorney General’s Office could not admit that I had been warning them for ten months and that they had jeopardized the safety of California consumers in foreclosure. They are, in my opinion, as liable for the losses suffered by Parsa’s clients as he is.

So where does that leave me and all the consumers Parsa defrauded? I still have a $605, 000 judgment against me and thousands of consumers are not only homeless but penniless as well. At the time my blog was shut down it had amassed over 185, 000 views from consumers in desperate need of the truth.

These folks came to my blog because my news articles warned them not only about Parsa Law Group, but about 42 other illegally-run loan modification operations. My blog also educated them about the CFCA and the California State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct, informed them about alternative free resources available to consumers in foreclosure including HUD and Legal Aid, provided information about the California State Bar Client Security Fund for compensation recovery, and many more important subjects of interest as well as much-needed camaraderie with folks in the same situation.

When Judge Franz Miller shut down my blog, he also shut down the only lifeline California consumers in foreclosure had to the truth, the unbiased and objective truth. My blog was at all times 100% absent a profit motive; I sought only to inform. So I made a conscious decision at the very beginning to deny all requests for donations, payments, gifts, advertising, or any other type of compensation and asked instead that those I helped “pay it forward” and help someone else for free. I also wrote my blog anonymously because I wanted the focus to be on the consumers not on me.

[Please note: I am re-posting all 325 articles I wrote from January 9 - June 15, 2009 on to corroborate the hideous fraud perpetrated by California state agencies that failed to take action. In addition, the collection of articles will include all reports on Parsa Law Group and the other loan modification companies and law firms many of whom are now under investigation as well.]

At the outset of the Parsa Law Group litigation, Judge Franz Miller recognized that the case had constitutional “prior restraint” issues and he was right. When my blog was shut down my right to free speech without prior restraint was violated. Somewhere along the line, Judge Franz Miller forgot about my constitutional rights and although he denied Parsa Law Group’s preliminary injunction, six weeks later, he granted the permanent injunction. Even though he stated that he did not recognize me as a party to the action, he included me personally in the $605, 000 judgment.

The case is now on appeal and since the truth about James Parsa and Parsa Law Group has been officially recognized by California state regulatory agencies, I expect a reversal on the $605, 000 judgment and a meeting of the minds on the eleven months of litigation that Parsa Law Group’s attorneys put me through. But the question still remains – what about the victims of Parsa Law Group and the other operations I warned consumers about and reported to the California regulatory agencies? Is it just too bad for them? Is it enough to just shut someone down – what about restitution?

Parsa Law Group is but one example of the price I paid for telling the truth. As soon as Parsa’s attorneys were able to manipulate the court system, shut down my blog, and acquire a six-figure judgment against me, they began marketing to other law firms that I had reported about on my blog. Soon, Parsa’s attorneys, Burkhalter, Kessler, Goodman & George LLP had acquired several more clients that were also eager to sue me for defamation including Jeffrey Cancilla, Esq., Craig Laverty, Esq., Eric Traut, Esq., and my own apartment landlord, UDR, Inc., a publicly-traded real estate investment trust based in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

You may be wondering how UDR, Inc. fits in with loan modification law firms. On the same blog where I reported about loan modifications, I also helped UDR’s California tenants understand the gross illegalities in UDR leases. I began to form a class action lawsuit against UDR and shortly thereafter, UDR towed and then sold my car in retaliation. Then they sued me three times in six months for unlawful detainer, two of which they lost and the third they won because they were able to convince a criminal judge, Derek Johnson, to risk his judicial future by granting a Motion for Summary Judgment the very day I was supposed to begin a trial before a jury of my peers.

On June 16, 2009, I was forcibly removed from my apartment by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. As I had obtained an administrative stay on the eviction pending investigation, I was not expecting to be evicted and nothing was packed. I believe this action was intentional so UDR could destroy all the evidence I had collected on almost 250 class action litigants.

I was on the street with my two small dogs and whatever I could carry outside. The Sheriff told me I had 15 days to return to collect my belongings but on June 19, 2009, three days later, UDR deemed my property “abandoned” and confiscated everything I owned and moved it offsite to a UDR-owned storage unit where it remains to this day. The administrative stay on the eviction for which I was promised was dismissed without explanation and my case was closed.

The UDR class action lawsuit I formed uncovered seriously egregious causes of action that spelled devastating losses to this $500 million company. For five years the company had been collecting liquidated damages fees in the form of early lease termination penalties and unconscionable late fees both of which were ruled unlawful in California residential lease agreements.

UDR was also earning a large profit on its Ratio Utility Billing System (RUBS) by charging tenants a pro-rated share of the entire apartment community’s utilities via an incomprehensible calculation including ever-changing variables outside of the resident’s control or knowledge. I had collected evidence wherein the California Public Utilities Commission declared that UDR was illegally earning a profit on water without being designated as a public utility.

In addition, UDR used false names on their leases to eliminate the possibility of tenant-based litigation, deferred liability to its tenants for on-site negligence via illegal “hold harmless” clauses, withheld security deposits via hidden fees above and beyond ordinary wear and tear, and failed to maintain its properties at a level of habitability defined by California statute.

All of this illegal activity was presented on my blog for the benefit of UDR tenants. All of this information was also brought to the attention of Senator Tom Harman because there were nine UDR properties within his District. He failed to even acknowledge the concerns of his 35th District constituents. It was later discovered that UDR is a significant contributor to Harman’s bid for Attorney General next year.

For about a month I was either homeless or slept on friend’s couches. Despite this challenge, I maintained my vigor for the causes I had started by riding my bike to three different libraries in Orange County everyday using the one-hour free internet connection available at each stop. I decide to seek a quieter, more serene way of life and move to Big Bear.

Events That Occurred in Big Bear:

July 16, 2009: Keith and Patty White picked me up in Costa Mesa and I began a temporary residence with them until I could secure a job and get a place of my own. Before long, the issues I had been advocating in Orange County and the intensified attempts to stop me from doing so, followed me to Big Bear.

August 3, 2009: I began a job at Keith’s work, Prudential Properties of Big Bear, until I discovered extremely unethical and illegal activity in the workplace and in retaliation was dismissed. The owner, Mike Dolan, was very concerned that I’d inform the authorities and press charges against him so he threatened Keith White with his job if I said anything and in turn, Keith White threatened me with homelessness if I pursued any actions against his employer.

August 9, 2009: A process server hired by Burkhalter, Kessler, Goodman & George LLP (James Parsa's attorneys) tracked me to the White’s home which caused an already stressful living situation to explode. Keith White, unhappy in his marriage, had been demonstrating an inappropriate infatuation with it inuriated his wife, Patty White.

August 10, 2009: I decided it was time to go and I entered into an agreement with 65-year old Bernadine Krueger, to write a business plan for her start-up company in exchange for residence in her home. While I knew Ms. Krueger was struggling with alcoholism, she demonstrated a willingness to stay sober and improve her life. I am a recovering alcoholic with 12 years of continuous sobriety, so I tried to support her although she was very difficult to live with.

August 31, 2009: Ms. Krueger began drinking again and her difficult nature was exacerbated.

September 13, 2009: Ms. Krueger began demonstrating signs of dementia, I believe in connection with her advanced age coupled with extreme all-day intoxication.

September 16, 2009: Ms. Krueger exhibits the incomprehensible dementia by becoming unreasonably angry at the fact that I had used an old cooking pot filled with warm water to soak my feet.

September 17, 2009: Early morning, already inebriated, Ms. Krueger called the Big Bear Sheriff’s Department and claimed I was threatening her life. A Sheriff deputy arrived and found no evidence of her claim and waited until I had packed my belongings and was safely outside. I relocated to Baldwin Lake where I am to this day.

September 19, 2009: Patty and Keith White assaulted me at Starbucks at Interlaken Center and the incident was captured on Starbucks' surveillance video. I called the Sheriff, he arrived, took a report, interviewed witnesses, told me he was going to find the Whites and interview them, and encouraged me to file a restraining order against the Whites. The assault was apparently prompted by Keith White’s anger that I pursued legal remedies surrounding my unlawful dismissal from Prudential.

September 23, 2009: Bernie Krueger filed what the Big Bear Sheriff’s Department called a “citizen’s arrest warrant” claiming I had slammed her hand in the door on the day I left her residence which had I done so, would have been reported but was not because it did not happen.

September 25, 2009: Big Bear Sheriff Deputy Michael McCracken (who is on probation for driving under the influence) began to investigate Krueger’s “citizen’s arrest warrant” (which I later found out does not exist) by interrogating my clients and landlord before I even knew about the charges. He documented on paper the serial numbers from the computers I had in their office. He warned my landlord and clients that I’m a criminal and that they should check my background and not sign any contracts with me.

Later, McCracken and my clients and landlord arrived at the house we share and he searched my belongings and began to interrogate me about my entire life before I even arrived in Big Bear and eerything imaginable since I'd been in Big Bear, asked to see my contract with Bernie Krueger, my contract with my landlords and clients, explained employment law to me regarding the Prudential situation, explained to me the legal definition of assault vs. battery in the White situation, asked me questions about my blog and where I think I’m going to be living next and so on.

September 26, 2009: I filed a complaint against Deputy Michael McCracken and his boss, Sergeant Bryan Lane came out to my house to investigate. He defended McCracken’s illegal actions and perpetuated the lie about the existence of a “citizen’s arrest warrant.” I filed a complaint against Sergeant Lane.

October 5, 2009: Keith White makes strange and threatening calls to me and I report them to the Sheriff. The Sheriff came to my house and stuck a tape recorder in my face to which I request to not be recorded. The deputy rudely states, “I can record you on this or on the phone, what do you want?” I reply, “Neither, ” so he leaves.
October 5, 2009: Keith and Patty White filed an emergency request for a temporary restraining order against me with the Court and it’s granted the next day. The claims are completely fictitious but as they failed to notify me of the hearing I was not present to defend myself.

October 8, 2009: The San Bernardino District Attorney filed a criminal charge against me for battery of Bernadine Krueger and sets my arraignment for December 1, 2009. Based on the interrogation of my clients and landlord and of me in my bedroom on September 25, 2009, the DA determines I have committed battery.
However, on the actual day of the incident, September 17, the deputy on the scene states in his report that I have not harmed Krueger in any way. So, I’m confused how the report of a deputy not on the scene and not witnessing the alleged battery takes precedence over the report of the deputy that was on the scene that stated there was no battery. How can that translate into the DA filing a criminal charge against me?

October 8, 2009: I’m detained as a suspect in an annoying telephone call. Deputy Chris Morsch admits to a witness that the call could not be traced to my phone therefore he had no probable cause to track me down where I was meeting with a prospective client, and further, no probable cause to suspect me, detain me, nor later incarcerate me due to the fact that he didn’t like the way I behaved when he started asking me ridiculous questions in front of the prospective client.
While in custody I was severely beaten and burned, humiliated and threatened, and also served Keith and Patty White's restraining order papers. I was told repeatedly that I didn’t belong in Big Bear and should go home. The beatings became worse when I invoked my constitutional right to remain silent, when I asked for an attorney, and when I refused to be booked without having my Miranda rights read to me and informed of the charges against me.

The Big Bear Sheriff's Department transported me the next day to West Valley Detention Center because it is common knowledge that everytime they do so, they get a financial kickback. At the jail, a nurse encouraged me to see a doctor when I got home due to large knots on my head, bruises on my face and body, and burns over my arms, chest, hand and face from the mace and pepper spray.

October 10, 2009: I went to the Bear Valley Community Hospital emergency room and the doctor kept me 5 hours checkng me out and performing tests. When he released me, he made the definitive statement that there was no doubt in his mind that I had been beaten. The hospital reported the beating to the Sheriff’s Department while I was there. I now have over $9, 000 in medical bills.

October 13, 2009: I find out that all three clients I had earned have dumped me as their business consultant as a result of the arrest and the story that K-BHR was going to run on my incident is quashed by Mayor Rick Herrick and owner of H-BHR because he claims “I’m not credible.”

October 14, 2009: I started a blog called “The Big Bearian” to document the events that have occurred.

October 17, 2009: I completed my first online intake complaint and request for assistance with the ACLU, no response.

October 24, 2009: I completed my second online intake complaint and request for assistance with the ACLU, no response.

October 28, 2009: The DA filed another criminal action against me in connection with the day I was detained as a suspect in an annoying telephone call. The charges include battery on a peace officer, providing false information to a peace officer, resisting arrest, contempt of court for violating a restraining order, and battery on emergency personnel.

October 28, 2009: The Whites are granted a permanent 3-Year restraining order against me by stating under oath to Judge Steven C. Malone that I violated the TRO five times since it was issued and as a result, there are five misdemeanor actions against me with the Court none of which are found in the Superior Court record. The Whites also fraudulently testify that I was arrested and held on a 72-hour 51-50 psychiatric hold which never happened. I demanded a jury trial because the Whites sued me for money damages and Judge Steve Malone denied my request for a jury trial by stating, "I am your trial."

October 28, 2009: George Watson, Chief of Staff for County Supervisor Neil Derry, informs me that the ACLU has decided not to take my case because they called Captain Greg Garland of the Big Bear Sheriff’s Department and he convinced them that he had everything that happened the night of my beating audio- and videotaped. The ACLU violates the very civil rights they claim to protect.

Mr. President, not in a million years would I think that any of the above would be possible in the United States of America, a nation dedicated to freedom of speech. But I am living proof that telling the truth can be extremely hazardous to your health, your freedom, your pocketbook, and your basic needs of shelter, food and security.

I come to you as my last beacon of hope. I stand before you dedicated to seeing my mission through on behalf of consumers in foreclosure and California tenants of UDR, Inc. However, I have reached a point where the amount of information I possess about the high level of corruption present in California is a very dangerous thing for me. I refuse to compromise and I will not be quiet. However, I now call upon the highest advocate in the land to stand up for me as I have stood up for consumers in foreclosure and oppressed tenants for the past year.

Please help me, Mr. President. I would be eternally grateful. Thank you for your time and I look forward to a response from a designate on your staff.

[Original signature on letter to President Barack Obama]
Erin Kelly Baldwin

P.S. The following list includes individuals, agencies, and representatives with whom I have:

(1) communicated in an attempt to seek help for my issues but found no cooperation or willingness to assist me; or

(2) in various ways, been affiliated in connection with their acts of civil harassment, oppression, intimidation, civil and criminal actions, and attempts to silence my consumer and tenant advocacy activities throughout this past year up to and including incarceration.

Distribution List:

United States Senator for the State of California, Barbara Boxer
United States Senator for the State of California, Dianne Feinstein

Governor of the State of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger

California State Senator, Robert Dutton, District 31
California State Senator, Tom Harman, District 35
California State Senator, Lou Correa, District 34
California State Senator, Alan Lowenthal, District 27
California State Senator, Roderick D. Wright, District 25
California Assembly Member Curt Hagman, District 60

Attorney General for the State of California, Edmund G. Brown, Jr.
Deputy Attorney General, Benjamin G. Diehl

Keith B. Bolcar, Acting Assistant Director in Charge, FBI, Los Angeles
Steven L. Gomez, Special Agent in Charge - Counterterrorism Division, FBI, Los Angeles
Robert W. Clark, Acting Special Agent in Charge - Criminal Division, FBI, Los Angeles
James L. Struyk, Acting Special Agent in Charge – Counterintelligence, FBI, Los Angeles
Salvador Valdez, Acting Special Agent in Charge - Intelligence Division, FBI, Los Angeles
FBI, Resident Agency, 14011 Park Avenue, #450, Victorville, California, Spoke to Duty Officers
FBI, Resident Agency, 3480 Vine Street, #200, Riverside, California, Spoke to Duty Officers

Federal Trade Commission, Director, Jon Leibowitz
Marcus Beltrano, Federal Trade Commission

Howard Sherman, President, State Bar of California
Russell Weiner, Interim Chief Trial Counsel, State Bar of California
Holly Fujie, Past President, State Bar of California
Scott Drexel, Past Chief Trial Counsel, State Bar of California
Kristen Ritsema, Attorney at Law, State Bar of California
Diane Curtis, Public Relations, State Bar of California

Jeff Davi, Director, California Department of Real Estate
Dionne Young, Deputy Commissioner, California Department of Real Estate
Erik Duckworth, Deputy Commissioner, California Department of Real Estate

San Bernardino County Administrative Officer, Mark H. Uffer
San Bernardino County Deputy Chief, Sheree Stewart
San Bernardino County Supervisor, Neil Derry
San Bernardino County Public Defender, Doreen Boxer

San Bernardino County Sheriff-Coroner, Rod Hoops
San Bernardino County Undersheriff, Richard Beemer
San Bernardino County Assistant Sheriff, Warren Nobles
San Bernardino County Assistant Sheriff, Bill Abernathy
San Bernardino County Deputy Chief, Sheree Stewart
San Bernardino County Deputy Chief, Ed Ripley
San Bernardino County Deputy Chief, James Coronado
San Bernardino County Deputy Chief, Robert Fonzi
San Bernardino County Deputy Chief, Paul Cook

San Bernardino District Attorney, Michael Ramos
San Bernardino Deputy District Attorney, Laura Robles

Orange County Supervisor, John M.W. Moorlach, 2nd District
Orange County Supervisor, Patricia Bates, 5th District
Orange County Sheriff-Coroner, Sandra Hutchens
Orange County District Attorney, Tony Rackauckas
Orange County Deputy District Attorney, Elizabeth Henderson

Orange County Superior Court Judge Matthew Anderson, Harbor Justice Center
Orange County Superior Court Judge Margaret Anderson, Harbor Justice Center
Orange County Superior Court Judge Kim G. Dunning, Central Justice Center
Orange County Superior Court Judge Derek G. Johnson, Harbor Justice Center
Orange County Superior Court Judge Franz E. Miller, Central Justice Center
Orange County Superior Court Judge Craig E. Robison, Harbor Justice Center
Orange County Superior Court Judge Karen L. Robinson, Harbor Justice Center
Orange County Superior Court Commissioner Richard Pacheco, Harbor Justice Center
Orange County Superior Court Clerk, Alan Carlson

San Bernardino Superior Court Judge Gilbert Ochoa, Big Bear
San Bernardino Superior Court Judge Steven C. Malone, Victorville
San Bernardino Superior Court Judge Joseph Brisco, Needles
San Bernardino Superior Court Clerk Deputy, Elvira Viernes, Big Bear

Samuel Parker, American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California
Michael G. Yoder, Attorney at Law / President of the Orange County Bar Association
Pamela Boggs, General Counsel for the Board of Directors of Starbucks Corporation
Susan Blount, General Counsel for the Board of Directors, Prudential Financial Corporation

Dixie Allison, Attorney at Law
Jeffrey A. Cancilla, Attorney at Law
Scott Clement, Attorney at Law
David Berstein, Attorney at Law
Todd A. Brisco, Attorney at Law
Alton Burkhalter, Attorney at Law
Eric Goodman, Attorney at Law
Daniel Kessler, Attorney at Law
James Knox, Attorney at Law
Marilyn A. Moberg, Attorney at Law
Nicholas D. Myers, Attorney at Law
Cynthia S. Poer, Attorney at Law
Bill Tanner, Attorney at Law
Anne Zimmerman, Attorney at Law

Rick Herrick, Mayor of Big Bear Lake
John Day, Mayor of Big Bear City / Chaplain of Big Bear Sheriff’s Department
Big Bear Lake City Council Member, Liz Harris
Big Bear Lake City Council Member, Bill Jahn
Big Bear Lake City Council Member, Michael Karp
Big Bear Lake City Council Member, Darrell Mulvihill

Big Bear Chamber of Commerce President, Ken Dally
Big Bear Chamber of Commerce Director of Membership, Pam Scannell
Captain Greg Garland, Commanding Officer of Big Bear Sheriff’s Department

Lieutenant Bechtel, Big Bear Sheriff’s Department
Sergeant Bryan Lane, Big Bear Sheriff’s Department
Sergeant Jeremy King, Big Bear Sheriff’s Department
Deputy James Wijnhamer, Big Bear Sheriff’s Department
Deputy Brent Meelker, Big Bear Sheriff’s Department
Deputy Brian Shedd, Big Bear Sheriff’s Department
Deputy Alex Connell, Big Bear Sheriff’s Department
Deputy Long, Big Bear Sheriff’s Department
Deputy Christopher Morsch, Big Bear Sheriff’s Department
Deputy Michael McCracken, Big Bear Sheriff’s Department
Deputy Massey, Big Bear Sheriff’s Department
Deputy Brunson, Big Bear Sheriff’s Department

Thomas W. Toomey, President and Chief Executive Officer, UDR, Inc.
W. Mark Wallis, Senior Executive Vice President, UDR, Inc.
Warren L. Troupe, Senior Executive Vice President, General Counsel, UDR, Inc.
Richard A. Giannotti, Senior Executive Vice President, Redevelopment, UDR, Inc.
Matthew T. Akin, Senior Vice President, Acquisitions & Development, UDR, Inc.
Mark M. Culwell, Jr., Senior Vice President, Development, UDR, Inc.
Jerry A. Davis, Senior Vice President, Property Operations, UDR, Inc.
David L. Messenger, Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, UDR, Inc.
Katie Miles-Ley, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, UDR, Inc.
Dhrubo K. Sircar, Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer, UDR, Inc.
Thomas A. Spangler, Senior Vice President, Business Development, UDR, Inc.
S. Douglas Walker, Senior Vice President, Transactions
Tracy L. Saffos, Vice President, Orange County Area Director
Eric Foss, Chairman, PepsiCo, Board of Directors of UDR, Inc.

California Anti-SLAPP Project
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Toni Schneider, Chief Executive Officer, Automattic, Inc., WordPress Blog Host
Hossam Abdel-Kader, Chief Executive Officer,
Sabina Abdel-Kader, Editor,
Jerry Wright, Publisher, The Big Bear Grizzly
Judi Bowers, Editor, The Big Bear Grizzly

Michael Patrick Dolan, Owner, Prudential Properties of Big Bear
Rodney Graves, Broker of Record, Prudential Properties of Big Bear
Valerie Cofsky, Agent for Service of Process, Prudential Properties of Big Bear
Mickey Peterson, Buyer's Agent, Prudential Properties of Big Bear

Bernadine K. Krueger and Clifford Krueger, Pending Criminal Action
Keith D. White and Patricia A. White, Pending Civil Action


  • Mr. Sardonicus Nov 09, 2009

    While having exposed James Parsa's criminal behavior, Erin Kelly Baldwin is obviously a nut-job who is not very well liked by people in general.

    1 Votes
  • Several cards shy of a deck; not the sharpest knife in the drawer; not the brightest bulb in the lamp; etc, etc, you get the drift. Erin Baldwin is flat out nuts with a whole lot of sicko thrown in for good measure. All her blogs have been taken down for violation. She's no consumer advocate, her mission is to destroy.

    1 Votes

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