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Bieck Management is dirty, rotten and full of crap! They don't care about tenants and they don't care about nobody.Their building Wyngate Apartments at 3006 and 3014 West Pierce Street are dirty and rotten.Their studio apartments at 3006 West Pierce Street are small not big enough.The manager Angela Sargent is rude and disrespectful to tenants.Angela does not care about the tenants! Michelle Fabry worked her fingers to the bone and She always pulled her weight while she was the apartment manager.Bieck Management did her, me and everybody else wrong at Wyngate Apartments, Bieck Management cannot be trusted, because they did Michelle Fabry, me and the other tenants wrong at Wyngate Apartments.Sooner or Later it's gonna catch up to Bieck Management for their wrongdoing and wrongful actions!

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, US
Sep 20, 2017 10:20 am EDT
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He sounds fed up? He should be. Bieck management is the most incompetent, cheapest, slimiest building owner in... the entire county. They steal your security deposit no matter what. Their service guys couldn't pound a nail straight- IF they ever come around. Th only way to describe them is slumlords. Stay away from these clowns.