Better Business Bureaulooking for biological siblings on paternal side (requested a death certificate)

D Oct 10, 2019

On February 20, 2018 I contacted Backgrounds and requested a death certificate and also a marriage certificate for my records concerning my biological father, Louis Lehrer, DDS. (born-8/13/1906, expired-2/3/1973); I have not been contacted since that time and have been waiting ever since for these important records. I have been in touch with a Lilly Johnson who at one time told me that I would be expecting this to arrive ; Today, (10/10/2019), I called the office again and was told that Lilly was not in yet but will call me back; they then told me that if I want to make another order I would need to go online and do it and that I should contact New York; they did not give me the website or other information which would help me do this. They told me that my order was cancelled and that a credit was issued in the amount of $62.78. The name of this company is: USA Vital, 1760 Gaylord Street, Denver, CO. 80206, 1-800-315-7678. I would not recommend this company to anyone, especially someone trying to obtain hard to obtain records involving family members. Their manager was named Ann Hicks. Please check and see if they are registered with your bureau and if not I would have them investigated.

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