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Berkshire Acquisitions InternationalScam

This company is such a scam everytime i call it always goes to voicemail just like the others that have riped me off. I was charged before my contract was sent out and didnt recieve it until 3 week later when i was told 2-3 business days. The owner Don Myers also who uses the name of Gary Miller whos an ex employee of Universal Marketing Solutions, Creative Vacation Solutions, and World Wide Marketing Solutions, who was fired from all three companies for embeselment. Now his right hand women is Jessica Cruz Torres (Wife/scammer) is nothing more then a 20 something year old who likes to steal clients money to keep up with their party life. Now i have also talked with a gentelmen named Danny Chandler who is another ower of the company who has no clue about this market or about his contracts. He told me to talk to Don and Jessica because they could help me because he told me hes just the investor. When i first signed up with this company my rep was Justin who coned me into thinking it was sold. Now when i call for him customer service tells me hes not in hes in a meeting or in a closing. I have contacted Justins personal phone and he tells me he quit this company due to more stolen money and embeselment. i have also been informed from justin that berkshire has only one employee left Chris Gilkey who also is working for IRS also known as International Resort solutions a compeating scam company. Further more when my card was charged my $1, 997 charge came from a north atlantic vacation group which i have found out is another name that berkshire is using due to accounts being frozen under the name berkshire. If you all know Jennifer Kirk then add this company and Don Meyers jessica cruz and danny chandler in the same ship. Do not do anything with these people! Don Myers/Jessica Cruz([protected]-7711

Danny Chandler([protected]
Chris Gilkey([protected] OR([protected]


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    misst91 Oct 20, 2009

    I got a call from this company claiming that they had a buyer for my timeshare. The gave me a pretty high price when I know that they sell for much less than when they offered me. I did some checking on this company and really couldnt come up with much besides that they have only been in business since August 2009. I really believe that this is a scam and that they arent going to sell any timeshare. I will not be signing up with them! I can almost bet that they are a scam and there will be many more complaints to come following this complaint! No thank you I will keep my money and not paying this company a dime. I would reccommed for anyone reading this to contact the florida attorney general and department of argriculture and the better business bureau and file complaints! Do not trust this company!

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    Jessica Cruz Oct 22, 2009

    I am the office manager with Berkshire Acquisitions International. There is a couple of concerns that I have reed with your complaint. Please give my company a call so I can better assist you to give you full detailed information on our company.What it sounds like is you have gone with other companies and you would assume Berkshire Acquisitions International is like the rest.I would love to hear from you and what your concerns are. You don't have to sign on with our company, I am not here to sell you but to give you answers to any questions, concerns and/or what other options you have to rent or sale your timeshare.
    My office number is [protected]
    Jessica Cruz

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    414155 Feb 27, 2010

    I totally agree wih you, and I personally know all of the scammers you named. Chis Gilkey, I know very well, I heard through the grapevines he is making close to $10, 000/wk scamming people. I learned a lot from your complaint, and appreciate the news on this new company. Trust me, they won't last long. Anything Jenn Kirk touches, turns to poison.
    She and others I know, cannot work in the telemarketing world. This establishment will not last long...Hang in there.
    Addicts need their money, and will do anything to get it.

    That was the name of the game Jenn Kirk ran. She hired recovering addicts, the greed, the amount of money that these people were making led mostly all of her employeees back to using drugs again. And she claimed she helped Addicts. Yeah ok; she is venom, and Karma is a ###...I heard also, Jenn Kirk is on the run, guess not, I will contact Atty General.
    Not a problem.

    Thanks for the information.

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  • Ti
    timesharetruth Mar 05, 2010

    You are whacked Sharon...didnt you just get fired from recovery center for testing pos to drugs? Jenn Kirk isnt in the business anymore and she is having a baby...why dont you all get a life already and worry about your own screwed up drug addict issues. And why would she be on the run you ### she already copped a deal with the AG office so get with the program...or get a program for that matter! All these companies started b/c they once worked for UMS or Premier timeshare, the AG has the information they just refuse to do anything about it. Not to mention I heard Jennifer tried to get this company shut down before they even opened when the owner was Cameron Berry, Real estate agent and also serves papers for PB and Broward County, now starting a new timeshare biz now that he split with these guys. Dont know anything about this company, just know the whacko writing on here spent all her childs trust fund on heroin...isnt that right Sharon???? No wonder your daughter dates Chris Gilkey and that is why you have so much to say about him...Get a life already will ya?

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    timesharetruth Mar 05, 2010

    Sharon (aka Forshitsandgiggles) Why dont you also tell the people how atleast 5 people that I know of have had to call the police and make reports against you for stalking and harrassment and the 100's of messages you send in the wee hours of the night and people that have had to change their phone number 4 and 5 times bc of your relentless stalking? Why dont you tell them about how when you daughter got fired from CVS her and her boyfriends called clients and had them, Western Union them money for closing costs (wire fraud) and how they have warrants out for their arrests in Ohio and other states? Why dont you tell them about your othr pothead drug addict child, who takes after his mother and cant hold a job. Why dont you tell them how you take advantage of senior citizens by having your retired parents pay your mortgage and other bills after you blew all of your dead husbands money he left you? And you would know all of those scammers now wouldnt you bc your daughter slept with them all!!! Guess your kids are following in their mommys footsteps!!!

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    Sapphirizz Mar 05, 2010

    If these people are dishonest and into illegal financial practices (which I believe ), why are they not being prosecuted.

    I don't understand why the authorities let this thievery continue, in so many areas where so many people
    are hurt. It seems exceedingly irresponsible, especially when there appears to be an abundance of evidence.

    These comments helped me not do business with these pains in the...butts.


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