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Basement Rx

Basement Rx contracted with me to waterproof my basement in March of 2006. They assured me that re-sealing the home’s foundation or re-grading the yard was not necessary. The salesman was the company’s president, Stephen Schulz and he showed up for our appointment about four hours late. He arrived between 8 and 9 PM and did not leave the house until after 10PM. I later realized that he was trying to get me tired before making his final pitch. He showed me photographs where he had done work for celebrities and supposed mafia members. He told me to be aware that other companies often used ex-convicts to do their work, so I couldn’t be sure that my belongings would be safe. He emphasized that they offered a lifetime guarantee which ultimately convinced me to hire them.

Stephen Schulz estimated the work to cost around $10,000, but because they had a crew idle the next day, they would discount the estimate to $8,220, but only if I accepted and scheduled the work for the next day.

They installed a French drain and a sump pump the next day. I have continued to get significant water in my basement, particularly in an area next to the basement door which they never addressed in any way. They returned three times under the guarantee, and while they obviously re-dug the French drain, there was no improvement. As I continued to call them to honor the guarantee, they frequently did not return calls. Three separate times they did come to the house. Each time the employee who came agreed that the previous person had done a poor job. They promised to make it right and then never showed up at the appointed time, and never called.

Ultimately, I hired another contractor who re-mortared and sealed the foundation, and changed the grading in my yard and in my neighbor’s yard. This has fixed the problem.

I contacted the Better Business Bureau, and while they did nothing, they did tell me the State Attorney General was investigating this company due to the significant number of complaints.

I took Basement Rx to small claims court where I was awarded $5000 (the max allowed in small claims court) plus my court costs of $122.71. Basement Rx had 30 days to appeal this decision, but they never did. However, they also have not paid me the $5122.71.


  • Jo
    Joe Waksberger Aug 31, 2017

    They scammed me for almost 6K, when issues came they are gone.
    I don’t even have a basement and they convinced me to install a French drain where my problem was water was going over the concrete slab and only needed a yard drain.
    Now they created a river inside my house where they are letting water from outside come in.
    Sales man STEPHEN SCHULZ was the master mined behind the scam (as stated above in original complaint), Bob Martin told me 2 days after I had an issue that they fired the sales man.
    Their company is registered in NJ only from 05/2017 (13VH09480500) where registered owners are Eric J Martin, Steve Zolk.
    Their address is a home under the name Nancy Martin.
    Bob Martin who claims he is the owner promised me he will fix the problem, they are the lowest form of human beings you can meet and deal with.

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  • Sy
    Sylvia Kriebel Apr 02, 2018

    @Joe Waksberger Do you have a number for Stephen Schulz?

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  • Sy
    Sylvia Kriebel Jul 03, 2017

    I've been doing some checking on Stephen Schulz again and it seems that he's back in business again. He seems to have his licenses up to date under 3 different businesses again...BASEMENT RX INC, THE ORIGINAL BASEMENT DOCTOR INC and MADISON RESTORATION INC. with him as the president.

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  • St
    stateamind2 Nov 16, 2012

    Just had Marc Pressman out to my house for a mold issue. He now works for Affordable Waterproofing " family owned and operated- Over 20 Years Experience" Is that collectively? On his business card it says "its all in the name!" after reading these comments that statement made me LOL. I'm drafting a letter to the company because of his lack of respect toward me. For the face of a company one might think they wouldn't want to send someone to your home that looks like he hasn't showered and smells like an ash tray. I'm glad I had a friend over at the time because i got a very bad vibe from him. He looked shady and untrustworthy. Very rude, I showed him the door very quickly. He obviously didn't want to give me the "free estimate" the company claims they give. His reasoning on the phone and at my house as maybe because I was forthcoming with the fact that I'm going through a divorce and need repair cost estimates. He didn't trust I would actually pay his company to get rid of the black mold. Clearly if I could do the job myself I would but I have four children and one who was recently hospitalized for asthma which i shared with him. Obviously he didn't think I would put the health of my child first and in no uncertain terms told me i was a gold digger looking to screw my soon to be ex husband out of money... yes the man who refused to pay for ANY repairs for 17 years whilst ignoring our sons health problems. I'm so frustrated. ServePro took 3 months to get back to me after i paid for an estimate and that was the OWNER who came than finally gave me an estimate that left out half of the problem areas in question. I had a home inspector out and he had a guy come who was a "mold specialist" who never got back to me with an estimate either after repeatedly emailing reminders to him. He did tell me however how I could do it myself.. HUH? black mold?? and what if it comes back? and what about my sons health and everyone else in the house? Now who do I go to? Who can I trust? I just went onto the New Jersey Department of Health website and found a company called Aerotek. Dept. of Health does not guarantee these companies. The man said it would cost 500 to come out and test the air and see if I have a mold issue... really? I can clearly see with my eyes i have a mold issue. They don't scrape the mold or anything they simply sample the air indoors and out. Now if it comes back clean and good than i just spent 500 on what? After questioning this the man says well i can come out and just visually inspect the home but that will cost 150... i mean c'mon seriously? Good lord this has got to be a joke or a bad dream. Can anyone help me? please respond if you have the name of a reputable company. I literally just feel like moving and starting over.

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  • Sy
    Sylvia Kriebel Jul 03, 2017

    @stateamind2 I just read your comment. I was at a hospital in Philadelphia PA waiting for my brother and watching Mike Holmes on the Dr Oz show. He talked about the ERMI testing. Google it. I think it's something you can do at home yourself.

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  • At
    ATP Apr 05, 2011

    Oh no...they are just starting work now. I just read your post. How was the work???

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  • Ro
    robert pr Jul 24, 2010

    BEWARE of another waterproofing company...UNITED WATERPROOFING ! They were a sub contractor for mid atlantic and are being sued by Mid Atlantic and a customer that they dropped thier wall and booked off the property. My aunt had a terrible time with them. they changed thier name from united construction to united waterproofing to united waterproofing systems with a front man named Steve Scarfo who was kicked to curb by mid atlantic. Also they have a woman salesperson who cries the blues and tells everyone she is a licensed attorney( why would she be selling waterprooofing). This company has to be a scam!!!

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  • Ba
    Badbasementjob Jun 24, 2010

    I also had problems with this company. In Dec 2006, Marc Pressman also made a "hurry up deal" with me. If I signed before the new year, the price would be reduced. I foolishly agreed and did not take the time to investigate them. This turned out to be a bad decision.

    They promised to remediate the mold. When the mold reappeared, they did nothing except offer to sell me more services.

    The cement that created the surround around the basement, over the french drain is always damp. And I never had water in my basement before! I had an engineer come in and the borders test positive for moisture.

    I spent a lot a of money and got NOTHING!! These people are a rippoff!!

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  • He
    Healthy Way Apr 23, 2010

    Check with the BBB to see if Mr. "Wet Basements Made Wetter's" accusations are accurate. Beware of any waterproofer who had the time 9 days ago to place a post. This is the busiest I've seen this industry in my 17 years of experience except for the company that this guy works for!!??

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  • We
    Wet basements made wetter Apr 14, 2010

    Healthy Home waterproofing is now working under the name healthy way. beware!

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  • He
    Healthy Way Sep 04, 2009

    Marc Pressman now works for a company called Aqua Dri Waterproofing. This is definitely the next Basement Doctor, Basement Rx, etc. Just do some research on this company & you'll see what I mean. They've only been in business for 6 months & they are already causing havoc in the industry. The owner's name is Al Demola. BEWARE!!

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  • He
    Healthy Way Aug 15, 2009

    P.S. Marc Pressman no longer works for Healthy Home!

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  • He
    Healthy Way Aug 14, 2009

    Healthy Home has NO affiliation with Basement Doctor, Basement Rx, etc. Just because Marc Pressman works for us does not give you the right to put this in writing without any proof. We do not use day-laborers. We use a combination of in-house crews & independent contractors that work only for us. I have personally been in this industry for more than 16 years & have an excellent reputation. Please feel free to check my background. You will see that your statement is unfounded.
    If you would like you could contact me directly at [protected] to discuss this further. I will be forwarding these statements to my attorney. I refuse to allow anyone to try to ruin my reputation with nothing but assumptions!!

    Very truly yours,
    Robert Lanfrank
    Owner of Healthy Home, LLC

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  • Pr
    princeton Aug 05, 2009

    I believe some of the Basement Rx people are now doing business under a new company called Healthy Home- beware of them! Marc Pressman is again one of the salespeople working around Princeton, NJ. They claim to be basement and mold remediation experts, use fear based marketing strategies, will do the work quickly so you feel like they are saving you from all of the recent horrible flooding, and charge exhorbitant fees ($10K) for subpar work performed by day laborers that they pick up as crews. One can only imagine how little they pay the inexperienced crews and then pocket for themselves. Has anyone else dealt with them recently?

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  • Me
    melisaB Jun 26, 2009

    I had basement work done by Basement RX in the spring of '07. My story also started with Stephen Shultz showing up very late, showing me numerous photos of all of the work he had done on celebrity homes, and telling me that he could offer me a reduced price on the job if I was willing to have them do the work the next day (due to a job being cancelled and them needing to fill the day).

    When Stephen was shown the problem, I specifically discussed with him the fact that I was only getting water near my window areas (but not through the windows)...that I was NEVER getting water seeping in through the walls...and never anywhere where there was not a window. He claimed that he knew exactly what the problem was and that a complete drainage system was necessary. This was the third company that had claimed this at this point. I singed a contract which stated a guarantee for no moisture in my basement below ground level.

    Within months of the completed job, I had as much water as I had ever fact, more. Because they had dug down into the window wells areas out in order to install drains, my window areas were now taking in tons of water. It turned out that this was not a basement foundation problem at all. The water was coming through the wood frames in the windows (previously hidden by the drywall. If the problem had been properly diagnosed, instead of slapping on a generic fix, I would not be out close to $15, 000 and would have a dry basement.

    I called Basement RX many times for the problem to fixed. Stephen tried to claim that the issues was above ground level...and not covered. When I finally got him out to the house, I pointed out that the window well areas were indeed below ground level...and that his diagnosis was horrible. He sent some guys to my home, who did not speak English, for me to explain what needed to be done. I am not an expert...and here I was trying to explain the situation. They ended up slapping on a tiny metal shield for the rain and slapping on some caulk. This held the rain for a about a week. And, even then, one window frame had a gap of a quarter inch exposed to the outside.

    I just took a video last week of my basement during a rainstorm where water was was literally pouring in through my window frames...all four of them.

    Also, I was on a payment plan...monthly checks that I gave to Basement RX that were predated and given to them when they were done the job. After 3 months of not getting return phone calls about the leaking, I put a stop payment on the which they got angry with me...claiming that I had not made any phone calls. I was threatened with legal action. When they finally completed the job...after about a year, they were given a check...dated for a month later to see if things worked out. In the mean time, they cashed one of the monthly checks they I had inadvertently missed in my cancelations. Stephen claimed that he had given me the cancelled checks back and that this could not have happened. I had to cancel my final payment check...subtract the monthly payment...and write another check.

    After $15, 000, I am left with a basement that is leaking worse than when I started. I am left with 4 feet of drywall and insulation missing from every wall. My basement leaks worse than ever...AND my Basement RX's phone number...and it's affiliates phone numbers...have all been disconnected.

    This whole thing has been a nightmare. They are a terrible company. I believe that they were already in the business before they became Basement RX...and I imagine that they will reemerge as another company again soon.

    Is it possible to take a company to small claims court when they are out of business?

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  • An
    Another Unsatisfied Customer Sep 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I do not know how this company gets away with this stuff. I too had a very similar situation in October 2006. I already had a french drain, but my basement walls were wet (never the floor). My salesman was Eric, Steven's brother-in-law and he assured me that drilling holes in the bottom blocks and redoing the drainage would correct the problem. I read the contract and actually had the Eric cross out and initial parts of the contract that said they do not guarantee against wet blocks. They gave me the same speal about it costing $12, 000, but if I had them start right away it would only be $10, 000. I tried to check the company on BBB, but the record was not available because it was being updated. Dan McFarland called me for payment in the middle of the job and I wanted to break up the payments (like they previously told me I could), but now he said I could not if I was using a credit card. I asked him why, to which he became very rude and hostile and demanded I pay now or they would stop working. I told him I would not be spoken to that way and I was not dealing with him anymore (and I hung up). BIG RED FLAG. That got worked out and a few weeks later I still had basement wetness on the walls. I called for warranty service and got the same experience with them saying they would come out and then not show up without any call. I had to threaten contacting the BBB and disputing the credit card and Dan responded "Like that matters." (Note his last name is McFarland, I bet he is related to the dentist that was dumping medical waste into the ocean in Avalon, NJ). They finally came out and tried to tell me that the warranty did not cover wet blocks. They preceded to merely Dry Lock the walls (which I already had over 4 coats of on the wall before they did their work). I finally got fed up of them ignoring my calls and I disputed the credit card charge. Amazing how they are all of the sudden available when they do not have their money. They came and put some kind of cement of the wet spots and wanted to recharge my credit card. I said no, that I have no way of knowing if this would work. Dan McFarland yelled and threatened me with liens and legal action, then he called and threatened my husband, and then he actually had the nerve to have one of his workers come back to my house and try to scare my husband that we could lose our house. I talked to Steven Schultz a few times and he said he would roughcast the walls for free if he could recharge my credit card. I said I needed to check with the credit card company first and I would get back to them, however Steven Schultz charged my credit card without me consenting or giving him the card number (he must have pulled my credit card number from my original receipt). They came and did the roughcasting, however Steven Schultz also submitted a rebuttal to the original credit card dispute. Capital One (also a horrible, incompetent company) gave Basement RX both the rebilled $10K PLUS the original $10K for a total of $20K. This was now February 2007. We had to get the local police involved for theft because Steven Schultz denied that he got $20K from us when we only owed $10k. It took 7 months and the police actually saying if they did not have a cashier's check by the end of the month they would be coming to arrest him, for Steven Schultz to actually admit that he did have $10K extra from us and give the police our check. If it were not for the help of our police department, we would have been in the same situation dealing with a civil suit and Basement RX still not paying us. We still have some wet spots (not too bad though) and the cement they poured cracked, but I doubt I will try to call Basement RX (I think they are under a new name now). Crooks!

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  • Va
    vania voron Jul 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Steven Schultz is the biggest RIP OFF in town! He owes me thousands of Dollars, you can never talk to him on the phone(he is NEVER in the office )Thats what they will tell you anyway!He is a liar & a theif & I heard that they may even be working under another neme now, so that people he ripped off can not find him! If you need this work done CALL SOMEONE else ANY one ELSE

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  • Ma
    Marc Pressman Apr 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We the company tried fixing his problem 3 times for him and we where not able to fix it to his satisfaction. At that time he gave us no other chance to come in and fix the problem. Instead he went to court and we did show up to appeal the decision. At that time the customer made an agreement with the owner Steven Schulz to settle the case for $5, 122.71 which he got a check for on 9/25/2007 Check #1012 and the customer even signed an agreement stating that the case was satisfied and that he was happy that we handled the problem.

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