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I noticed a POS charge on my bank statement from: BARTECLA LLC POS LAKE SUCCESS NY for $8.72. I've never heard of this organization, nor have I ever been to Lake Success, NY. Searching on Google, Yahoo, and Bing reveal nothing about this company. Filing a dispute with my bank.


  • Jb
    JBinDC Sep 22, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had the same charge show up on my card. They are a fraud. I canceled my card to be safe.

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  • Es
    essdeekay Sep 24, 2009

    Same thing happened to me on 9/24/09. No phone number shows up for the transaction.

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  • Jb
    JBinDC Sep 25, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had a phone number show up on my statement for this fraudulent company, but it was a non-working number. I think this company hopes that since the charges are so small, no one will notice it on their statements.

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  • Lo
    louida Oct 03, 2009

    Our mysterious card charge for $9.23 dated 9/04/09 just appeared. Thanks to everyone for reporting this!

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  • Un
    Unhappy about Fraud Oct 03, 2009

    Same thing here - thank you all for reporting! Please everyone report this to your bank and ask them to take action against these people!

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  • Sa
    SammyBB Oct 04, 2009

    I just returned from vacation and this mysterious charge from BARTECLA LLC in the amount of $9.68... cancel your credit card and dispute this charge... call the Nassau county district attorneys office and maybe they can go after this company!!!

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  • Ma
    marshnik Oct 05, 2009

    I had a simlar mysterious charge for $9.43 dated 10/1/09. I had my credit card company remove it. I think I agree that someone is hoping no one will notice.

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  • Ne
    New Jersey Consumer Oct 22, 2009

    Mine showed up on my card for Oct. 19, 2009 TWICE ($9.02). I've been with my credit card company for 19 years, so did not want to cancel. Credit card company will credit them next month. BARTECLA LLC had a telephone number with an answering machine, and I could not find the company at the website listed. Very happy to find all of these complaints on line!

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  • Cl
    cLugo Oct 31, 2009

    I just cancelled my credit card, the charge was 9.50. We got back from vacation and it just appeared. My bank stated that it is a stationary store online.
    Thanks for the info

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  • Na
    nadiabrooks Nov 01, 2009

    I just had a charge for $9.02 show up on my card today (11/1) and I found this page when I googled the company. I have no idea how these people got my info. I'll have to call my bank too.

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  • Ro
    roxychick1983 Nov 03, 2009

    Just had a charge for 8.72 from this company on my card as well, just posted today on my card. Don't want to cancel my card either but I have disputed it with my card company. It's crazy that somehow this fraudulent company has access to so many of our's credit card information. Something certainly needs to be done about this. I'm glad I was able to find this page when I googled the company. I hope someone will be able to find these people.

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  • Nr
    nrc Nov 05, 2009

    This happened to me as well. $9.31. My bank refunded the money, but I am sure they are just "eating" the cost. These frauds are hurting more than they people they skim from, but our banks too.

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  • Sp
    spicygingersauce Nov 07, 2009

    I have a charge for $8.67 from this mysterious organization. I never authorized this and it's obvious that someone that I gave my credit card number to on the phone has fraudulently used it. Has anyone here signed up with and seen this charge appear shortly thereafter. It is so dangerous to give out your number on the phone to a total stranger no matter how trusted the website is. I will have to report this to my bank and cancel my card. Such a pain, but the next time these ### pull something like this, it could be for 867.00.

    What a pain in the neck! Lesson to be learned: don't give your credit card number out over the telephone.

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  • Si
    sicken Nov 09, 2009

    they hit my account also. had to cancel my cards. not happy about doing that but the only option offered to protect me.

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  • Ll
    llaucoin Nov 10, 2009

    I have an $8.73 charge on my checking account today that I didn't make. I don't live near or frequent New York. Had to cancel my card. Good thing I check my account everyday for just such purposes. Guess they are smart enough to only charge small amounts that most people wouldn't even notice. I did.

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  • Ba
    bartonella Nov 16, 2009

    I was just charged $9.27 dollars on my account from whatever bogus company this is. I only have one check card to my name, no other cards. Now I'm going to have to cancel my card and go without until the new one arrives. They must be making a killing.

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  • Jo
    jonquil Nov 24, 2009

    I am MAD as heck!!! Charge of $9.72, caught this yesterday checking my prepaid transaction history. This card was very rarely used, last transaction was at a fabric store and I'm VERY suspicious that this is where my card was compromised. Have had to cancel this card and now wait for another in the mail. What if anything can we do to this fraudulent company thinking they have the right to take our hard earned money???? Reminds me of a person in Miami who dibbed little here and a little here from people and the little adds up. I've been trying to dig and thought I located these thieves @ 425 Madison Ave. in NY NY. Cannot get a phone number and MetroBot comes back with an error on the exact address. Has anyone contacted the Nassau County DA?

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  • Ma
    mad_jack Dec 09, 2009

    This company has done the same thing twice to me in less than 2 months with different credit cards. The charge on both ocassions has been $9.72. I've researched the company and all I could find was a website that has been under construction sinse the first time it happened. This website has no information at all on how to get in touch with this alleged company. I have put a stop on my card and an investigation is being made by my bank.

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  • Ag
    aggravatedme Dec 09, 2009

    I just want to say thank you to all those who have made comments regarding this situation in the past b/c it happened to me yesterday and I too am wondering how we are all connected to this unknown company in NY!? I too had to cancel my card, but thanks to all of you it made me follow thru with my fraud complaint rather than brushing it off to a holiday purchase I may had forgotten! My charge was $9.36 - so random and yes they must be making a killing keeping it small but questionable!!! UGH

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  • Ja
    jahbello Dec 10, 2009

    This charge for $8.73 was just on my recent statement. I called my credit card company and the vendor was listed as "Stationary/Paper Goods". I had to cancel the card, do a bunch of paperwork, and then set up a new online profile. A bummer is the web sites that are legit and that have this card number on file. Have to update those too. These are bad guys. Be careful.

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  • Fo
    FocusedOnGODMinistries Dec 14, 2009

    How is it possible that an unknown company can just steal from an account??? They charged .27 cents to my prepaid debit card. The little money I do have on it is for my bills. Soon as I received a text alert from the charge I immediately contacted my bank. I was told they were going to stop the payment. This is ridiculous. I'm blessed they didn't steal/charge more.

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  • Le
    leenet Dec 14, 2009

    12/14/09 Charge made on my credit card for $.13...then it was reversed and showed up as $.00...Are they testing the card>

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  • Fi
    FishingPilot Dec 14, 2009

    I also got hit with a $0.25 charge today, 12-14-09. My bank said it happened @ 11:06 am. Second time this year. Just got new cards back in Feb. I hope this does not turn into a habit. It costs me $16 to get new cards sent overnight so I can have them tomorrow. It's cheaper for the banks to refund then to research the issue. Would like to start a class action law suit against this company. The banks have to know where the money is going. How else can they finish the transaction and transfer the money?

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  • Fi
    FishingPilot Dec 14, 2009

    Just got hit with this for $0.25 and it cost me $16 to get new cards overnight. The banks have to know where this money goes. There has to be a trail somewhere. The banks find it's easier to just cancel and issue new cards than to do the research and file fraud charges against them. A class action suit would be nice if there are any lawyers reading this.

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  • Qu
    Quarterczech Dec 14, 2009

    This just showed up in my bank account too. They deposited $.28 and reversed it. I think they are checking accounts now.. BEWARE!!

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  • Fe
    Fechter Dec 14, 2009

    Got me today too. They used my debit card number to charge $.22 which showed up as a pending charge. I have my bank sending me alerts when my debit card is used anytime when it is not swiped. Funny thing is that I was also online checking my account and noticed it at the same time.

    After speaking with the bank, I decided to cancel my card and have to go to the bank tomorrow to get a new card. If the charge is not reversed, I definitely plan to follow up with the necessary paperwork for the bank to investigate. Not sure they will go to the bother for $.22 but I plan to ask anyway.

    Wonder where we all shopped - probably online that has now been compromised and is using stolen card and account numbers.

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  • Gr
    Green Eyes Dec 14, 2009

    Got an .18 charge on my card today. Called the bank, since its pending BOA can't do anything until it actually goes thru. I suspect at that time, it will charge more.
    Need a class action suit to get these people

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  • Bu
    Butterflymomma5 Dec 14, 2009


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  • Ch
    chelle_decker Dec 15, 2009

    We just got hit today on our Bank of America account, with a charge of 38 cents. I think they do this to test the card first, and then probably charge larger amounts later. I have to call in the morning to get our cards canceled! BAD TIMING with Christmas next week!!!

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  • An
    anoid2day Dec 15, 2009

    Charged 16 cents today by Bartecla LLC NY. Reported charge as fraud to my bank, cancelled the debit card. My bank (in Texas) advised a police report needs to be filed to pursue the problem.

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  • Ey
    eyespark Dec 15, 2009

    A check card that I rarely use was charged by "BARTECLA LLC" last night -- it was easy to spot due to the inactivity of the account. It was a small amount .27 cents, and it was off the pending list by morning . I called my bank and they could find no trace of it happening (very disturbing that they have no information about who or what it was) but they strongly urged me to cancel the card given that it sounds like a trial charge, before something bigger comes through.

    Here is what I've been able to uncover on BARTECLA:


    There is ZERO company info on the web (other than complaints of credit card fraud)

    This website *seems* to match up:

    The domain is registered to a 'Gempearl LLC' on Madison Ave NYC...
    "private company categorized under Pearls and located in New York, NY"

    Contact name Gemma Gajadharsingh
    1-4 employees
    Annual Sales $310, 000

    Singh, Gemma [email protected]
    Gempearl LLC
    425 Madison Avenue
    New York, NY 10017

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  • Re
    retiredlady04 Dec 15, 2009

    I had a charge of only 28 cents, but I have no idea what it is. I'll contact my bank tomorrow.

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  • Ds
    dslit87 Dec 15, 2009

    I found a charge of .22 cents on my account today. I called the bank and they researched and said it was a scam and cancelled my card. They told me it was something I purched online. Somehow this scam works with online businesses to get money from your account. Apparently, there is small print when agreeing to terms of purchase that says you agree to sign up with scam for them to take money out of your account. Bank said it is completely legal way for them to do this and only thing you can do is have your card cancelled. READ ALL FINE PRINT WHEN ORDERING ONLINE!

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  • Ki
    Kiwidrops Dec 16, 2009

    12/16/09 - I just checked my CHASE checking account online and saw a charge for .19 cents from BARTECLA LLC POS LAKE SUCCESS NY. It is 5:58 a.m. so I will wait 'til morning to call my bank. I recently purchased gift certificates on RESTAURANT.COM and SPORTS AUTHORITY online. Has any one else done so? I would love to find out our common thread.

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  • Pu
    puteminjail Dec 16, 2009

    For me the most recent thing would've been

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  • Re
    reneechurchill Dec 16, 2009

    I haven't purchased anything online in a while. It's been a very long time, but I have ordered from It is possible for them to have my debit card info on file still. I really don't want to have to cancel my debit cards. It will create a huge nightmare. But I guess it's better than having someone clean out my checking account.

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  • Th
    Thankful! Dec 16, 2009

    Just happened to me too. This company tried charging .21 cents to my card. My bank called me to confirm the charge. Wells Fargo is onto this company and knows about them. Thank you Wells Fargo and Thank you for this blog!

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  • Ry
    ryanmck342 Dec 16, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just cancelled my card after they tried to charge .23cents on the card. I know nothing of them, I have bought quite a few things for Christmas both online/offline but all through legit sources, nothing from ebay or the like, I also wonder if they aren't linked with "gift certificates" from local retailers. If anyone here has recently bought a gift certificate or donated anything via a local retailer please post. I know I bought a book for "children in need" at a Barnes and Noble and wonder if that might have anything to do with it??

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  • Jm
    Jmenace Dec 16, 2009

    you can add another victim. $0.15 charge on my Chase debit card. Weird thing is that I only used once in the last 3-weeks as I am out of the country. I tried to use my card to make a purchase at and the transaction was denied which was weird since there were plenty of funds. I didn't think much of it so I just used my business card. Two days later I'm checking my online account and notice the charge from bartecla. So is the commom thread online purchases? I've made dozens of purchases from Crtuchfiled within the last year so its weird to me that they wouldn't be a secure purchasing site.

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  • Re
    RedRoses Dec 16, 2009

    I also received a $.26 charge to my debit card. I notified my bank BOA and then put a stop to future charges. But where and when did they get my debit card number? Who else can I report it to?

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