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L Feb 29, 2020

My Name is Lorie Milbank Owner of BareNakedBabies Sphynx Cattery

I am here to expose :TONI DUALLY(Real name Tracy Buck) Pink Moon Alien Sphynx, Purrbald Alien Sphynx, Lowrider Dacshunds, Flatlander Dachs, who has launched a slanderous campaign against multiple catteries and Dog Kennels over many years.She has attacked both BNB and OhNaturel on this site and I am posting this in response. Tracy Buck steals pictures from websites and falsely posts them as her own. She fabricates information to suit her current attack. Her name is NOT Toni Dually it is Tracy Buck. She has many other alias's : Toni Rose Dually, Janice Andrews, Scott Dually, Scotty, Tracy Koper, Leah Koper. TB, Grace Beatrice, Kenneth Logan. She has been written up on this website and Better Business Bureau for her Daschunds. I have attached a pic of one of the complaints below.

One of the cats she is trying to openly sell right now, has already been sold and transferred into another Breeders name. The Cat is no longer in Tracy Bucks name and yet she approached a breeder Wed February 26th 10:57 am offering to put the cat into the breeders name if the Breeder would give her higher than the deposit amount. She fraudulently showed her a blank Registration slip signed by Murray Piggott as proof. The owner of the cat is clearly Murray Piggott on the slip. If the NEW Buyer paid the money Tracy Buck asked for and she was sent thisa blank Registration slip she would not ever be able to register the cat into her name. See Registration pic attached below.
This cat was never in Tracy Buck's name even though she had the Registration. She refused to put her into her name as she was using it as part of her slander to say that Murray Piggott was withholding it. The fact that she had the registration to show the new Breeder is proof she had it all along. Tracy Buck was contacted by two TICA Regional Reps telling her to put the cat into her name as she had everything she needed but she refused in order to continue her smear campaign.

With regard to HCM and Kim Hawkes not knowing who we are, again another lie. I book and organize HCM Clinics where ever possible. My last was at the Elk Lake Hospital in Victoria. Dr Kim Hawkes flew in from Edmonton to conduct the scans. I am currently working with two Board Certified Cardiologists, in the midst of developing a New Hypo Allergenic breed with their acknowledgement. See below.

Hi Lorie:

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you - I had emailed Dr. Hawkes after receiving your email and was hoping to hear back from her sooner (still waiting on her). She and I have talked about working together for clinics/etc. so wanted to reach out to her as well. I am committed to several clinics already for this year (in the Atlantic region) so it may be a bit of a challenge to get something for this year. The work you are doing I feel is very important to the breed given the high incidence of HCM presently in the Sphynx. That's why I hope to hear back from Dr. Hawkes soon so we can possibly see what we can do as cardiologists to help support your breeding program. As soon as I have a chance to talk to her, I will let you know.

Take care,


Pleae refer to the Home page of my Website:

This woman has been banned and removed from many sites for lies, fake profiles and falsely accusing her competition in order to discredit them. Everything that she accuses people of doing is in actuality what SHE is doing.

If anyone would like to contact me I am more than willing to share more information.

Lorie Milbank

slander, fraud
slander, fraud
slander, fraud
slander, fraud

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    Anyone wanting more info please feel free, I can substantiate everything I have said.

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