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Aztec FinancialReal estate scams

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Warning: Aztec Financial / This company has been bilking and scamming unsuspecting borrowers and others doing business with them since opening. Joel Hoffman and Carrel Hoffman are the owners f this company and have been sued numerous times. Avoid doing business with them. Research them and you'll find they have hundreds of negatives on record. They are using the name Aztec financial to imitate other mortgage companies in the U. S. using this DBA. his one is located at: 2624 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505.

Real estate scams


  • Te
    teacup Mar 24, 2010

    Is this the same Joel Hoffman that used to own the Nevele in NY?

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  • Si
    Silverberg Mar 29, 2010

    Likely one and the same. One thing is for certain, AVOID AZTEC FINANCIAL based in Burbank, Ca.
    More examples of Joel Hoffman's shady dealings:$FILE/item_16-12.PDF

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  • Br
    Brown Properties Dec 08, 2010

    I find Silverberg's post to be quite bogus. I have been dealing with Aztec Financial for years and have not ever had any problems. I have looked them up and they have not been sued several times also they are not imitating other companies as Mr. Silverberg says. These allegations are completely fallacious and have no basis in reality. Joel and Carrel Hoffman have no ties to this Joel Hoffman in Wisconsin or Ohio. I have done several loans with them over the years that have paid off favorably. They're rehab programs are set up for the rehabber to accomplish and re-sell their property for a profit. It's unfortunate that you do not have to qualify any type of slanderous remarks before posting them all over the Internet. Signed Satisfied Customer

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  • Re
    Re-agent May 17, 2011

    In reference to 'Brown properties' comment as to whether Joel Hoffman and Carrel Hoffman are frauds its clear that username 'Brown Properties' is a shill fronting for the Hoffman's. The first hint is that 'Brown Properties' joined for the sole reason to comment in this thread, and secondly 'Brown Properties' does not in fact exist and there is no Brown Properties in Lancaster, Ca. I did in fact research Silverberg's assertion and in fact both Carrel and Joel Hoffman have been sued numerous times for fraud and other acts of deceit. I highly agree with Silverbergs discovery and support his complaint 100%. The facts are there if you know where to look. Having access to real estate records I can verify this claim to be true. Meanwhile, I see no proof to counter this from the shill aka 'Brown Properties. Its interesting that when confronted with the truth, criminals will resort to desperate tactics including using alias identities to counter factual complaints. Thankfully we have a place like the complaint board to air the truth.

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  • Si
    Silverberg May 17, 2011

    You'll notice I re-posted what RE-agent did just to help underline how important it is that the word get out about AZTEC's fraudulent activities. If anyone else out there has encountered similar scams in relation to Aztec please post up.

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  • Mv
    mvich1956 Jul 16, 2011

    Am a long time client and personal friend of the owners of aztec financial. aztec has never had dealings with a silverberg from beverly hills. this is all a work of fiction probably by some borrower who refused to pay their mortgage to aztec financial and faced foreclosure and therefore is upset. this is my own speculation as to why someone would take an alias like silverberg and make up a complete batch of lies about a very good and honest company. the unfortunate part about it is, is that anyone and I mean anyone can write anything derogatory or untruthful about a company and submit it to the complaints board, and you know what? ; they will publish it without question. that’s right, they do not require one iota of fact or truth to back up your claim against any company no matter how defamatory. silverberg claims that aztec has been sued numerous times for fraud and deceit. this is absolutely false and he has no proof to back this up. after being in business for over 25 years in this very litiguous industry, yes aztec has been sued before. aztec financial has won every one of these meritless cases. in fact from my own research aztec financial has never lost not even one case of any kind, ever!, and I challenge this ficticious mr. silverberg to come out of the cave he is hiding in and show his cards and prove otherwise. I challenge him to cite even one case where aztec financial lost due to fraud and deceit that he claims. he will never do that because number one they don’t exist and also because then aztec will know who he really is and then will sue him for defamation because it is illegal to publicly make false accusations that have no truth to them. he is trying to hurt aztec financial’s reputation but instead he is looking pretty stupid right now. I hope this finally shuts down the plethora of lies that this so called silverberg keeps spewing!

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  • Jo
    jose a. Apr 23, 2014

    2624 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    We also had major problems with Aztec Financial. They charge 10 points every year after the loan came due and didn't tell us. When we went to pay them off our payoff was $35, 000 more than expected! They also took a long time to give us that payoff number and even charged us a rush fee. These guys are out to rip people off. Watch out!

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  • C
    [email protected]×+c Jul 14, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes Joel and Carrel Hoffman are such experienced fraudulent criminal we currently are suing them my dad obtain a loan to purchase a home then they cashed out money from his commercial property without us knowing until he personally went to Aztec to ask what is happening and if they can modify the loan and Carrel rejected my dad and said she is going to accelerate interest rate from 9.98% to 21% and speed up foreclosure sale date. They had him sign forms that he recalls had no information imputed on them. Help contact me to help prove their crimes

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