Avinash Kuamar Surecheat, fraud, defaulter & thief

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Beware of me, I am a number one cheat. I will befriend you and will try to get your confidence in name of various tricks. Like Business proposals, Helping in savings etc. I will earn your trust for few months and one fine day will vanish along with your money. I am doing this from past several in many countries like India, UK, Middle East, Singapore and Malaysia. I get there with work visa and then will befriend Indian working class. I will sell them various schemes or business proposals. For few months I will pay from my pocket so that your investment in me increases. I along with my associates in India will do this for few months till you are ready to shell out your money in huge amount. I will give you my how address in India, Passport copy and Visa copy so that you can have faith in me. And after few months of investment I will elope with all the money. I did this every year. In 2016 I eloped with amount of 80 Lagos (8 Millions) INR and in 2017 I took away around 1 Corer 20 Lagos (1.2 Billion). In Malaysia I took around 1Million Ringgits. My family is with me in this scam Business. So if you are any Indian out there in any part of globe and have any knowledge about me then just let me know. You can find my Visa & Passport pages here.
My Permanent address is: D.No 3-28-1/c, Brundavan Garden's, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. Pin Code -522006
Fathers Name- Appa Rao Sure

Avinash Kuamar Sure
Avinash Kuamar Sure
Avinash Kuamar Sure
Avinash Kuamar Sure


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      Mar 28, 2018

    will kill him in next minute when i saw, no more discussions with this [censor].

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