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Avian Water Softener review: Our lesson learned

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Salesman came to house newly bought, gave a spectacular presentation with water and food coloring. After an hour of insisting we could not afford it, he finally got us to take a 3 day trial. Salesman said to call him and he would cancel product by the third day otherwise we would be obligated to pay for it. Call the guy day before time was up and he gave us the run around, saying someone will be there to pick it up on a certain day at a certain time, no one came and finally the saleman said to us we have to send in paperwork to cancel product by third day, was too late for us mail man picked up mail from mail box already and the paperwork was postmarked one day late. Now we are stuck with a bill for $4900. Manager in office was very rude, hanging up phone and insulting. Don't fall for presentation, Our lesson learned.

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Jun 25, 2012 9:02 am EDT

I am experiencing similar results with the aftermarket side of the Avian water softener system III and it is awful!
I called their support line because the brine tank on my unit is not draining, and all the person on the end of the line wanted to do was sen out one of their dealers for a service call. My request was for basic information so that I may have an opportunity to troubleshoot the system myself, as it is most likely a simple fix. They have no tech manuals, basic diagrams or personnel on staff to answer basic questions with regards to the system. Buyer beware, after the $4900 dollars for installation, you will pay for a service call every time you have a minor issue. This corporation is more interested in protecting it's dealer network and franchise revenue than the end user. My advice would be to avoid this product altogether.