Autozonewronfuly terminated


I feel that communities don't deserve companies like this. Managers and their superiors seems like they do not respect employees and when employees are right, they loOK for any chance to get rid of the employee, They Violate all of the amendments that any city or this government have to protect employees. It is really sad that the second amendment is violated over and over for companies like this, In my case, they violate the Ada act of 1969, disability discrimination, act of 1971: discrimination of age and so far God knows how many they had violated every day.Whatever Managers say, is OK for the upper Management.The real and sad part of this company is that employees don't have any protection at all.HR only have ears for Management;but not for employees. Really sad that we are living in a country without law, rules and regulations. punishments only exist to employees and regular citizens;but for this companies, remarkably rewarded. perhaps they assist and let the customers perceive that they are A Good company to work for, behind the walls is different story." Whatever it takes", "customer satisfaction" is good at the moment;but what the customers don't know is that later after a "customer help", employees (some) are punished. I wonder where are the good lawyers, the good government employees that monitor this kind of treat for the society.? I was proud helping my customers until they terminated me because of " helping the customers" they use different wording.Auto Zone Principles are only written in a piece of paper;but in reality is different.I am reporting their employee abuses with fears.They threatened me about mention names, every day, constantly, EEOC, department of justice, almost everywhere it was reported their abuse and what happened? they are probably continue with their abuse, telling some of their employees I will sue you if you mention my name or my reputation on the Internet.Like we are In a country were the freedom of speech is punished.


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    taijirich Aug 23, 2009

    I wanted to let you know about my experience at this store yesterday and today. II think it important to note that these experiences are such that I will not shop in this store again, and will think twice before
    giving business to Autozone in the future.

    Yesterday I was working on my girlfriends car doing the front brakes, replacing rotors and pads. I had her call to see if the parts were available. She was told by a woman on duty that the parts were there, told a price and told that they would be ready for her when we got there.

    When we arrived at the store, there was one employee outside, and two inside�at least I am guessing that there were two inside because the manager on duty seemed to be talking to someone in the back of the store while we stood at the counter waiting. He did not even acknowledge our presence. I chalked it up to general bad customer service and was not surprised. When he finally came to the counter, he asked what brake pads my girlfriend wanted�she had just gotten a price on the phone, no she had to go back through the same process, except this time she had choices? She was confused. Since the manager had not responded, I was choosing a car wash to add to the purchase, but had to hurry back over to the register and guess what, the manager was gone again when I got over there. I could almost hear the calliope music playing, it would have been funny, though it was frustrating as the consumer. When the manager came back, I told him we also needed lug nuts. He pulled up the lug nuts, and heard me saying that I did not want the type that the car came with, because they were starting to come apart. The manager was quick to tell me that he had the same kind.

    Now, I am not new to autoparts stores, I know better. I asked if he did not have aftermarket chrome lug nuts. He said, �oh yes, but I am not sure they will fit with your wheels, � and then told me they were in aisle 4. When I got to aisle 4 and looked, all I could find were sets with locks. I picked a set of locking lugs and went back to the register and said that I wasn�t really happy, that I just wanted plain chrome lugnuts, and was surprised that Autozone did not have any. The manager replied, �we do, they are back here, but I am not sure they will fit with your wheels.� I asked him if I could see them. When he showed one to me, it was exactly what I was looking for and I told him I would take 10. Leaving the store I felt like he was totally lost and had run me around the store for nothing. I mentioned to my girlfriend how disappointing it was that all he seemed to know was what he looked up on the computer.

    So, not that big of a deal so far, I got home put the car back together and started putting the wheels on. I found that one of the lugs had bad threads. Ok, so I would have to take it back and get a new one. This is where the story gets bad. I took the lug back to the store Sunday around noon. I did not bring a receipt because I just wanted to exchange a bad lug for a good one. I waited until it was my turn and explained this to the representative, He asked me for a receipt. I told him I did not have one and that I just wanted a new lug. He then told me that the store was out of that particular lug nut. I the was frustrated and told him I just wanted a refund. He asked for my receipt again. I told him again that I did not have it, and made the comment that this store was a joke, that I just wanted a refund so I could go get another lug elsewhere. He visibly got upset, did not suggest that I try the next closest autozone, just told me that he could only give me a store credit. I told him I did not want a credit and mentioned that the transaction could be pulled from the computer, that we had purchased 10 of the lugs just the day before. At this point he replied in a very agitated fashion that he did not have time for this and took the customer behind me to the next register leaving me to be even more frustrated. I of course asked to see the manager. The parts manager came over, again asked for the receipt and then told me that I would have to come back sometime the next day to talk to the store manager, as he could not refund the $2+.

    Such a small amount, such bad customer service. In this economy, I would think that a store such as yours would want to increase it�s customer service. It is especially frustrating that I the consumer was not even given options, another store was not suggested, there are many in the Fayetteville area. I will not return to such a poorly run store that obviously does not care for it�s customers. If this is the case with me, I am sure it is the case with many others. I am just one that will share this because I certainly would not want that culture in my business.

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    John Forselius Apr 01, 2017

    @taijirich Unfortunately Autozone hires and pays minimum wage employees who are not mechanics to look up parts on the znet system and sell them, that's about it. Autozone policy and unfortunately the register computer itself will not give a cash refund without a receipt. The only way to look up a sale on the system is if the part is under warranty and can be found thru your phone number under warranty lookup. They should have called around to other stores to find you the lug nut so you could go there to get it with an exchange or with a store merchandise card they would have given you for the return. Sorry for your bad experience, not all of us Autozone employees are so careless and not understanding of they're customers.

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    chev67 Jul 03, 2011

    This store in yucca valley ca is the worst store you could ever go to
    they lie to you give the wrong parts
    dont care about what they say
    The dist Mgr mike lies and covers his ### Crys if you say anything bad over the phone
    Total disregard for anything they do
    Please buy anywhere else and send autozone a message and ask them what happened to customer service

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    henry flores Sep 06, 2011

    on or about 09-06-11 approx 0915 hr, i arrived at auto zone #3421 to have a battery tested. Edgar {asst store mngr) had very little knowledge of testing batteries in addition to having a hard time with the computer. I was delayed at the store for a long time due to poor customer service and improper training of its employees.

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  • He
    heath2011 Sep 06, 2011

    maybe it was his first day, cut the guy a break...

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    gatortracks Dec 13, 2011

    "It is really sad that the second amendment is violated over and over for companies like this"

    Auto Zone infringed on your right to keep and bear arms? They do have the right to restrict employees from bringing firearms on their property.

    Do you have proof that you were terminated due to your age? It appears as though you want more government intervention in the private sector. Well, no thank-you.

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    storm1605 Dec 13, 2011

    This sounds like threat through complaint boards?why you need to threat a freedom to speech act?as far as i know this is America and everything is and had been documented with EEOC and Department of labor and comissions.

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    Coda79 Jan 13, 2012

    You also didn't pay anything for the service. If you want a trained professional working on your car, take it to a mechanic. (Who will charge you, but hey that's the breaks)

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    Sad for Veterans Nov 12, 2012

    I would have to agree with this individual. They fired a Veteran today on Veteran's Day based on someones call in from outside of the store because of tattoos. This employee had been promised a transfer and had been working. Who looks out for the Veteran's - NOT AutoZone. This employee was on time and took care of business but based on a customer call, no offense to customers because everywhere we go we are one, but whoever this was wasn't even in the store. H

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    storm1605 Nov 13, 2012

    Unfortunately. Companies like Auto Zone. Always get away ! Not even God
    Can intervene. Struggling, Hardship, not able to find a job ; because they pass it on
    To other companies for you not to get hired. I am 52 yrs.old with more than 20 years
    In auto parts and nobody wants to hire me. Good luck Auto Zone. You have the power
    To decide in people's lives. No justice !! Justice and law are no longer citizens of our
    Country. Where are they? With money in every corner. Broke with pain and suffering
    Result of false accusations, unlawful terminations, This two are gone.finito
    Not found. Really sad !

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