S Jul 15, 2019

While at autozone I encountered a gray shirt employee throwing things, arguing with a customer and being very rude I believe that his name was Ted. I also seen another gray shirt employee disrespecting a red shirt employee in front of the entire shore full of customers I believe her name was Sarah. While this was all going on I felt that I was getting attack and I felt so horrible for the young girl that was being verbally attacked by the gray shirt employee and I Am astonished by how these employees can get away with such disrespect and how they make their employees feel. This young lady left the store crying and I feel so bad for her. . The way that this company is treating its employees is outrageous and so disgusting. I am disgusted and appalled by the way that this company talks to its employees and the way they run their store. I would never let my child be employeed by this company because of the way they are talked to and treated. I will never shop at autozone again and I plan on taking my business to Napa where they know how to talk and treat their employees with more respect. I will tell my friends and community to never shop at autozone again.

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