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T Jul 14, 2019

I Purchased a red 2005 Scion tC for my daughter on February 2, 2019 from Toyota Auto Nation in Davie, FL.

They had it priced in good condition, so I expected to get some use out of
it. I paid almost $6, 000. One month later, the car overheated on the highway (595) and my daughter had to pull over late at night on the highway and I had to have it towed to my home. Very scary and unsafe situation for a teen. Had it towed back to their service station and it turned out to be a problem, that cost me $600. I find it hard to believe that this company would not have seen any damage under the hood. Shame on them for selling me a car that broke down in one month. I have called them and they will not help with the payment. It is "as is" I called and text the sales girl and never received a call back or response. Finally put a bad review on their website and received an e-mail to contact manager to help with the situation, only to find out that was an automated email and again told "too bad".
It is now July and yet again it broke down on my daughter as she was at the gas station. It would not start up after she turned it off. Tried to jump it and nothing. The tow truck came, tried to jump it and nothing. So, once again headed to go to the dealership service station. At first was told it was only the battery, so I say go ahead, I will pay the $140 and replace it and we will go from there. Only to get another call back from the manager stating that there is more wrong with the car, that after the $89 five point check on the vehicle and replacing the battery that it still did not start. They would have to keep it over the weekend. It is costing me an arm and a leg and will be spending more money than this car is even worth to fix it and I haven't even had it more than five months. I feel like your company has lied about this vehicle and allowed a car that is NOT SAFE to be bought at their business. I am concerned for my child's safety and only want what is fair. They offered to buy it back for less than $2000 or should I say, trade it in and get another car from them. I would never give them business again. I do not want my child driving in an unsafe vehicle that this dealership had no right to sell to anyone. I want to return this vehicle and be reimbursed all my money including the money I have wasted to fix it. I have already filed complaints to the managers at that facility, as well as the BBB, FTC, NHTSA, and more . The district attorney general has received my complaint and was the one who told me contact the above people. Next I will be contacting a lawyer who can help us with this situation if you cannot come to a resolution quickly. Thank you for your time and look forward to hearing back from someone.

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