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Australian Cleaning Services review: Ripped off for Bond Clean 1

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7:20 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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Haylee Cohalan - Australian Cleaning Services - refer to complaint re Total Domestics. - STAY AWAY ! Email: [protected]
Paid for a full bond clean (including carpets and pest control), they spent maybe a total of 1.45 hrs there (which includes them returning and travel time to/from Real Estate for key pick up/drop offs). So of course the job they did was incredibly poor. When they returned to rectify the things the Real Estate had pointed out, they were still not done, there was urine on the toilet seat from the cleaners using it (as we left it clean when we vacated), oven dirty, stove top dirty, bathroom floors still dirty & had hair, marks on walls, tracks needed to be cleaned and all floors mopped. I had to go and fix these things up which took 1.5hrs of my time with someone helping me to fix these things up. All I got from Haylee was the run around, calls and emails were never returned. It took forever to receive an invoice and then when I did get it, it was fraudulent as it had 'Pest Control' which Haylee assured me time and time again (in writing) that it was carried out. After to speaking to the Carpet Cleaner who was contracted to do the carpets and pest control, he advised that the Pest control was NOT carried out as Haylee had not paid him.
The Real Estate were also not happy with the carpet clean but out of pity for me, they took care of it and I just had to pay another reliable Pest Company to do the work on top of what I had paid Haylee. A month later I am still chasing up a refund for out of pocket expenses and would have been happy to leave it at that. As I am getting more run around I will be going to Fair Trading and Small Claims as you have to wonder how many other people they have taken advantage of. I will be posting my experience on Face Book and should the post come your way, please forward it along and ask your friends to do the same to let them know to do their research on these companies before giving them money that you have worked hard for. The Real Estate researched the company sent me an email claiming that they rebranded themselves in Feb 2014 but the owners remain the same. The Real Estate also contacted A CURRENT AFFAIR who knows all about them and has provided a contact at Current Affair - Christina [protected].


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Brisbane, AU
Jun 08, 2014 10:13 pm EDT

Do you have any contact details of this Haylee Cohalan. I need tod find her. She has stuffed me around

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