Augusta School of Biblical Studies, Augusta GAMISLEADING STUDENTS


Advertises That They ARE ACCREDITED, when they are NOT. The "Teachers" & Administrators that run the school are not certified & not qualified in Theology or Biblical Studies, and they openly discriminate against Students & new Teachers based on race ( often harassing them with racial slurs by phone), often hire white sex offenders, felons, & people kicked out of Real Christian Organizations & Churches!!! One of The Teachers that they had working for them "Paul", had been arrested before for Murder!!!


  • online complaints against Augusta Biblical Studies & other racist Christian Institutions supported by them:
    Augusta State U. Is Accused of Requiring a Counseling Student ...
    [Jul 22, 2010] In a news release announcing the lawsuit against Augusta State ... her degree, free to have and to share her biblical ... when asked about them in the course of her studies. ( 208 Comments ) - Cached.More results from »Cambridge Who's Who About Cambridge Who's Who
    Cambridge Who's Who Registry is a business index of professionals in USA, UK, Canada, Australia. The Cambridge Who's Who Business Networking Directory for Executives ... - Cached

    Brainwashing, Mind Control, Indoctrination, Oppression ...
    17 For the flesh lusts against the Spirit, and the ... What is a proper style or format for Biblical prayer? ... Jerry S. from Augusta, Georgia writes, "Thank ... -

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