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Attorney Gary Saunders review: False Advertisement

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This attorney practices false advertisement. He thinks he is tricky by buying various websites that start with The blank is filled in with various city names. The problem is he only has one office in Murrieta. I live in Beaumont, CA and was glad when I saw a bankruptcy attorney near me when I did the online search. The URL was an easy decision for me. After searching the entire site for the location of the Beaumont office I decided to call since I could not locate it on my own. I was informed the office is only in Murrieta and I would need to drive there for a consultation? Are you kidding me? Gas prices today won't allow me to make a 2 hour round trip drive to speak with an attorney who falsely claims his office is in other cities in order to lure unsuspecting clients. GARY SAUNDERS IS A FRAUD! He should be required to remove his websites unless he chooses to open up an office there. I hope you post this and other see that he is deceptive in his business practices.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Aug 10, 2020 9:29 pm EDT

SCAM SCAM. FBI good idea i will add to my list

May 21, 2020 12:42 pm EDT

This attorney is being charged by the State of California Attorney's Bar.
Look here:

4/29/2020 Disciplinary charges filed in State Bar Court 20-O-30276
2/13/2020 Disciplinary charges filed in State Bar Court 20-O-30011

for details:

all of this is public information on bing and google and yahoo.
This law firm needs to be shut down. The attorney who owns this firm Gary Saunders is NEVER involved or in anyway competent. He and his [censored]ic staff have caused hundreds of homeowners to lose their homes. maybe even more. about time the authorities get him.
I wonder when the Attorney General, FBI Financial Crimes unit, and FTC will get involved and rush this office with windjackets.
consumers need to be protected.

Jul 16, 2015 1:13 pm EDT

I paid fees upfront to have mr. Saunders file a demurrer against an property management group that was giving me a notice to evacuate the premises simply because I filed a lawsuit against for mold in my home that cause serious respiratory issues with my infant. The demurrer was denied because Mr. Saunders never showed up, I was guaranteed by Ramon legal asst. that we can respond again but now a hearing would be held. Paid another fee and showed up to hearing and another attorney was sent to file a response mr. Pierce. Mr. Pierce stated that it was too late to file since attorney didn't respond in a timely matter. A sheriff will be coming to my home and I have no where to go. I've been reaching out to mr. Saunders all day and haven't heard back.

Nov 23, 2014 6:51 pm EST

I agree 100% to all their allegations about Gary Saunders and his firm, I have my share of pain and suffering because this attorney maliciously and intentionally did not tell me of a judgment, just so he can collect more money from me. He led me to believe that he had answered the court on a timely manner, number 1, number 2, that he was collecting another fee from me to represent me on a upcoming trial, when in fact the day before, he was informed by the clerk of the court that a judgment have been entered and will not accept any response. Instead of telling me the truth, I was sent an email the day after and another email two days later, with a Fee Agreement document, specifically stating that the fee agreement was to represent me on a trial or hearing, not once, but twice with the same deception. I could have had 34 days to move my store, instead the sheriff came to inform me of the judgment, I got 5 days of chaos and nightmare to move out. Because Mr. Saunders chose to deceived me I lost a lot of business, I lost a lot of merchandise and messed up all our furniture because of lack of preparation. He is a very cold hearted man, he does not deserve to have license just to pry on people in need, and play real human beings with families for a fool. Bad karma Mr. Saunders. Lulu wilmington

Mar 18, 2014 11:52 pm EDT
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My house was Foreclosed and sold at auction on December 23, 2013 due to Fraud and Negligence of the Saunders Law Group and Representative, R. Seville, for a Winning bid of $518, 550.00. When I contacted Saunders Law Group on December 2, 2013 Saunders Law Group omitted to the facts that no documents had being filed on my behalf for the Lawsuit again Nationstar for Double tracking Foreclosure. Also, Saunders Law Group employee, R. Seville, stated clearly during my phone conversations taking place from December 4-26, 2013 that documents would be submitted to attempt to stop the foreclosure on December 23, 2013. I never received proof of any documents about attempts made from Saunders Law Group to contact the Trustees about the sale. I submitted a complaint to the California State Bar. The Saunders Law Group is presently under investigation. MJ March 18, 2014

Aug 04, 2012 11:21 am EDT

File a claim with the office of the California Attorney General! go to their website.

Mar 21, 2012 12:36 pm EDT
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It makes me so sad to hear this. All of these poor people who have been taken advantage by Gary Saunders and his "firm". I as well did have to pay a retainer (upfront) to Saunders Law Group for a "loan mod". He as well never returned my phone calls while he was "defending" me. The only way I was able to speak to him was to actually go to his office and WAIT for him to see me. Even then, he was never familiar with my case. His assistant Alex, was horrible. On a side note, Gary Saunders did call me on February 10, 2012 because he saw my negative post . He still was not familiar with my case. He said he would look into refunding my fees. As of today, I have not heard anything back from him. I am not surprised! Please stay away from this attorney! Billy Gilbert / Corona, Ca.

Mar 21, 2012 12:06 pm EDT
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We retained the Law Offices of Gary Saunders / Saunders and Turner Law Group to file a lawsuit against Bank of America for Wrongful Foreclosure. After reviewing our matter, they sent us a retainer agreement for $5000. We paid, provided our information and escrow documents, notes of conversations with the lender, foreclosure notices, etc. Their office also said the would need a separate retainer agreement to defend us on the Unlawful Detainer action filed by the bank which wrongfully foreclosed on our home while we were in the process of obtaining a loan modification. We paid another $3500 for the defense of Unlawful Detainer retainer agreement. Gary Saunders FAILED to file our Answer in a timely manner, FALSIFIED a Bankruptcy filing form, and we were evicted from our home because he DID NOT FILE or serve the Answer on our behalf. Then we asked for a temporary restraining order and he PROMISED to go in to court to stop the eviction, which he NEVER DID. He and his staff just kept giving us the RUN AROUND and later we were informed his staff no longer works for him. On the lawsuit against Bank of America, he FAILED to serve the Summons and Complaint; he FAILED TO SHOW UP up to our Case Management Conference; and now our case is set for Dismissal because of his inaction and his staff's inaction and FALSE PROMISES. In addition, Gary Saunders was sanctioned by the SEC and is being investigated by the FBI.
www.startribune com/business/[protected]
www.ponzitracker com/main/2011/10/21/receiver-in-trevor-cook-ponzi-scheme-wins-approval-to-hire-o.

Dec 28, 2011 12:09 am EST
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Unfortunately, I had a very bad experience with Saunders Law Group as well. I went to them in a desperate time and instead of making me feel comfprtable or that they were on my side, I experienced major lack of communcation. I experienced numerous phone calls that were not returnded as well as Mr. Saunders not showing up to 2 of my BK hearings. In the process of my BK, I went to them with a loan mod for my home. I was in a foreclosure situation. They advised me to do a loan mod with them. I did so and paid the fee upfront. The communication in this was absolutely horrible. I was never approved for my loan mod and ended up paying over $30, 000 to get my home out of foreclosure after I took their advise. I was so dissapointed in their legal council. It caused so much stress in my life, and I truly believe I was "sold" false hope. Thank God my life is on tract today, but I can honestly say that dealing with Gary Saundes / Saunders Law Group was a horrible experience for me and my family.
-Billy Gilbert / Corona, Ca.

Oct 17, 2011 9:18 pm EDT

concerned attorney-
Upon the Internet you can claim to be anyone. I would love to talk to this person who claims to be a bankruptcy attorney. Our law firm treats all of our clients with compassion and professionalism. We also donate money and time to local charities. It is disturbing to see this post that maligns the attorneys and staff that work for Saunders Law Group.

Our guess is that it is either an attorney just starting out that desires to deflect clients from us to their advertising or a former employee who we have sued.
-Gary Saunders

Sep 22, 2011 11:39 pm EDT

He is listed on the Handle on the law website, you might consider contacting them to let them know as he is an approved attorney on their website. That way others will take notice of this accusation or even get them to take care of the problem incurred by you. Good luck!

Sep 07, 2011 1:31 am EDT
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Hello angered consumers. I have been researching Saunders from a slightly different perspective. I am a local BK attorney (based in Riverside) that actually cares about people and wants nothing more than to see my Clients satisfied. I treat them with respect and they do likewise. Perhaps that is why my business is doing well and I get so much referral work.
Enough about me (this isn't an advertisement after all-which is why I haven't identified myself specifically). I have been looking into Mr. Saunders as I received a call from a client of Saunders who was mistreated as you were. Unfortunately, in the past few years (including 1 current client), I have had to "fix" the negligent mistakes of attorneys like Saunders. It really angers me and I do not appreciate them giving the profession such a bad name. I went to school for 8 years, studied at a very respectable law school and spent 6-figures with the goal of helping people to the best of my ability, while making a presumably comfortable living. I am going to tell you now (and some of you may already know this), people like Saunders get away with this malpractice in part b/c many clients fail to complain to the PROPER authority. YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST FILE A CLAIM WITH THE STATE BAR OF CALIFORNIA. There website is; It will take some extra effort, but they can shut down his operation if it proven that he violated ethical obligations. They may also be able to help you recover fees.
*As an aside, I am basing this personal opinion on what I have read and the conversation I just had with the caller/client of Saunders. Do not take this "Ed-Op" opinion as fact. I have never met with Saunders, nor have I ever dealt with him. It is not my intention to libel anybody. However, if what you have stated is accurate, he may need to answer to the governing body I described above.

Good luck and God Bless all of you.

Sep 06, 2011 2:04 am EDT

We should have done our research on Gary Saunders Law Group in Corona before deciding to Hire them for our bankruptcy. My wife and I felt comfortable with the person who gave us our free consultation and took our money but we were never able to actually speak with our attorney Gary Saunders and our bankruptcy was dismissed due to the company's lack of follow through. SEVERAL UN-RETURNED PHONE CALLS and incompetent staff made our entire experience a living nightmare. We are still dealing with the fall out months later and they refuse to give us our money back. Let me save you your money and a huge headache - DO NOT USE GARY SAUNDERS LAW GROUP!

I agree, Attorney Gary Saunders is a scam artist!

Jun 07, 2018 12:27 pm EDT

He is the worst attorney, his employees are the stupidest dumbos they call on something before having all info in the file, example I completed my Bk financial class and I should be receiving my Bk discharge papers and the dumb office clerk calls and says they need for me to take that course before I get my discharge paper ! Stupid you have to show completed paper work when you see Bk judge for it to be final court has all my completed work but GS office does not know their brain from their [censored]! Don’t use him !

Jun 03, 2011 3:23 am EDT

Thanks for sharing this and saving me time and of course gas money. Really appreciated