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My name is Nupur Waikar. I am using IDBI debit card.

I work in Symantec, Pune and I have come across and shocking issue.

On July 7 2007 early morning in between 3 to 4 am I tried to withdrew an amount of 5000 rupees. It said the machine cannot complete the transaction. I tried to withdrew 5000 rupees again but the same thing.

I waited for 10 minutes thinking may be it will withdrew the amount and I left with no luck.

TO my surprise next day two transaction of 5000 rupees were done on 7/7/2007 and I had 10000 ruppes less in my balance.

I think this is only due to wrong transaction due to the faulty machine.

There was no board that the machine is faulty.

I would like someone to give me a call as soon as possible or else I will have to take a legal action against this.

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Jul 07, 2008 7:10 am EDT

Three days ago I have tried to take $400.00 off my debit card. I had to make two transactions. The first was for $200.00. That came off. The second transaction was for another $200.00. I did not receive it. I tried it again it said non sufficient funds. I called my card and I have no money on it. I called the guy who own the machine and he said I had to wait 12hrs and it will be back on there. 12 hrs went by and no money. I called him again and he was rude as usual. He then stated that I have to wait 10 days and if I have a problem with it call the cops. I think that he was arrogant. He stole money and now he dont want to replace it. I will have to pursue this matter into court, because this does not make any sense.

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