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Asianet Satellite Communications Complaints & Reviews

Asianet Satellite Communications / bigg boss

Aug 23, 2018

BIGG BOSS VOTING FAKE big boss voting fake aanu aadyathe 5 wk correct aaitt poyi ennal ippol avaru thanneyanu voting control cheyunnath ettavum vote kuravulla aalairunnu renjini ennal big boss thanne avarude vote kooti athe pole...

Asianet News Channel / tv program malabar manuel

Jun 25, 2018

Asianet News ( Malayalam) had telecasted a program named Malabar Manuel on 25/06/2018 at IST 19:30. In that program, the anchor was illustrating that BJP had assassinated Mahatma Gandhi and stated that BJP is celebrating the anniversary of the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. Also, he wa...

Asianet Satellite Communications / bharya serial

Jun 24, 2018

The serial Bharya telecasted in asianet requires to have a storyline which is more acceptable to the audiences. Negativity is being passed on to the audience through this serial. It seems as if everything bad happens to good people. After all that the family has gone through bringing Naina...

Asianet / Bharya serial

Dec 27, 2016

Asianet serial bharya is so horrible and tortorous. Please start building the story properly. No girl can come into the family and fool people like this. The hero nandhan is such a foolish person is it. He even mistakes his own parents for the sake of that i####ic b#### nayana. If we...

Asianet / Serial

Nov 18, 2016

I don't watch serials regularly. Only sometimes. But a recent episode from serial Karuthamuthu got me sooooo Angry about the quallity of malayalam serials. Who is writing these stuff??? A monkey or something?? Its spreading sooo terrible messages among the audience. A bad guy or lady can...

Asianet / Serial

Nov 06, 2016

Asianet which has a fairly good reputation for providing wholesome entertainment, is fast losing that tag. The serial Karuthamuthu being aired these days, keeps on changing the plot, just to keep it going. Some time back it gave the audience the impression that, it was nearing its end, by...

Asianet Serials / Serial karuthamuthu

Sep 17, 2016

Karuthamuthu serial is deteriorating into absolute trash. Already a hint has been dropped that, it is going to be dragged to year end, with Karuthamuthu's marriage being fixed for December.( hopefully it is 2016 and not 2017). The endless dialogues about Karuthamuthu's marriage, between...

Serials in Asianet TV / Karuthamuthu serial, the most boring serial in malayalam

Sep 15, 2016

Sir, Sorry to say that the serials in Asianet are becoming stupid and boring day by day. One best example is "Karuthamuthu". It has a good story-line but due to the extended time given to them, they were stretching this serial making it the worst now. Now it is a torture for the viewer...

Asianet / Discrimination religion

Aug 27, 2016

I watch asianet daily.Its a good channel.But most people feels that there are some discriminations on channel. Asianet will celebrate all festivals except eid or bakrid.All programs in asianet have special episodes on other celebration but no celebration on eid/bakrid.Please remove the...

Asianet / Cutting most part of the show mylanchi little champions grand finale

May 16, 2016

SO angry to asianet.What is done a bad job.While telecasting the show mylanchi little champions grand finale you cut most of its important shots even contestents performance of the 1st stage.then what is the use of telecasting the show.1st round 4 performance were cutted.2nd round...

Asianet Communications Limited / Malayalam serial chandanamazha

Jan 11, 2016

I know there is no special explanation needed for why I'm lodging this complaint. A man with the common sense of a 10 year old child will understand the ludicrous nature of the serial chandanamazha which Asianet hailing as one of the best right now in the malayalam serial industry...

Asianet / Serials

Jan 06, 2016

Asianet channel is fast losing its reputation, as a provider of wholesome entertainment, because of the absolute abysmal quality of the serials being aired these days. For e.g. :- STHREEDHANAM. :- The serial began with a fairly good storyline, but has not deteriorated into absolute trash ...

Asianet Channel / Malayalam serials

Dec 02, 2015

Hi I have been watching Asianet for many years in fact the only channel I used to watch. But unfortunately the quality of the serials are so poor and appalling. It just happens to us to watch it especially chandana mazha and parasparam telecast time is the time we watch TV. I feel sick...

Asianet Communications Limited / Tv serials-contemporary cctv mandatory for ips officers residence, affluent residence

Oct 20, 2015

Gossiping to mother via mobile loudly and wicked deeds in Chandanamazha, the servant and tutor terrorist link in Parasparam etc are the core of theses serials, to last for suspense, sometimes I use to watch. My request: As available now a days use CCTV the very first day, catch the...

Asianet Tv Channel / Repeat of programs

Jan 20, 2015

We are are getting only asianet channel in Malayalam.all the programs are repeat of the evening program.the only program available is the mornings ng movie.but all the movies are repeating in every moths.since there is 1000s of movies available please do not do like this to viewers.

Asianet / repetition of serials

Nov 02, 2014

Please stop telecasting the serials in the afternoon. After telecasting a series of such meaningless serials at night, its quite stupid to show it again the next day. I am sure there is nothing to miss in all these serials because the story can be guessed by a kindergarten. I would suggest...

Asianet / tv serials

Oct 29, 2014

Please stop broadcasting tv serials on saturday. Atleast let the people enjoy a day from this stupidity. Also these stupid serials are really affecting the children of the avid watchers of these serials. Please stop on saturday atleast and stop amma serial.

Asianet News Channel / Wrong news about saudi arabia

Jul 05, 2014

Asianet News ChannelRespected Saudi sending this complaint from KERALA of the KERALA channel named ASSIANET NEWS always try to abuse Muslims&Muslim countries expertly SAUDI day ago I see a fake news for this news channel about SAUDI government...I don't know why thi...

Asianet Serial Amma / Making the viewer a fool

Jun 03, 2014

Amma serial is now a stupid serial.For confusing the audience the serial has succeded.The director please understood that the viewers are not fools.Before chinnu remember everything, now for giving a chance for old chinnu actor(malavika) in this serial you made evrything confused, but...

Asianet Singapore / Repeated programmes

May 29, 2014

Hi Asianet We are from Singapore, We are subscribers of Asianet channel in Singapore and its the one and only Malayalam Channel available in Singapore, and we are paying 9$ monthly for the subscription, And From Morning to night it shows 3 times the same Serials and shows, I don't know...

Asianet / Amma Serial

Mar 08, 2014

Dear Director of Amma Serial I would like to tell you my opinion on your serial 'Amma'. It is SO bad because you will never get to the point. Its been almost 7 years since its been running and you will never finish the serial. You are so STUPID, Your characters are STUPID, and...

Asianet / poor anchoring

May 22, 2013

Hi I am Ranju from Chennai, a malayalee and always see ur programs as every programs are good rated ones when compared to other channels and my first preference is always Asianet. I mostly watch " Taste Time " in your channel and happen to see a poor anchoring in that program.The anchor who...

Asianet Tv Serials / Asianet T V serials are very annoying and encouraging crime

Apr 20, 2013

I cant express how annoying Asianet Serial's are. Kumkumapoov, Amma serial is really a dumb, no-sense, no-story, serial they are telecasting. What does the director think of himself? h doesnt need any other certificate that he is blind, he is dumb and he has no brain oviously. IT IS...

Asianet / Poor quality of Serials

Feb 06, 2013

Asianet serials are becoming stupid and boring day by day especially Amma and Vrindavanam Those serials are torturing our common sense everyday. Let me explain a bit about Serial Amma, there is a leading character named Chinnu / Ponnu in the serial. that girl act like the wisest and...

Asianet / Boring Programmes

Feb 05, 2013

The new programme Sundari Neeyum Sundari Njanum is quite boring due to its over emotional cituations and the judges crying to it. My openion is to fill it with fun and music. Otherwise better than this is to watch the fking foolish serials from any channel

Asianet Tv Channel / Kailasanadhan Serial


I am from Kerala state capital Thiruvananthapuram. Commercials broadcasting in Asianet Channel is becoming too horrible and unbearable in its prolonged duration, but not in its audio visual quality. I do not use to watch prime time serials as majority are too poor in its theme or message...

Asianet Tv / Dance Dance


Asianet TvThis is regarding the new program "Dance Dance". Inaugural function was fantastic. The presenter girl was also excellent except for her hair do which was a disaster and worse than that of Lady Gaga. Please let the hair stylist know that this is not a ramp show. The real tragedy strike...

Asianet Communication Ltd / Idea Star singer


Iam the viewer of Asianet Idea Star Singer Programme.It is clearly understood the partialty of Judges to some contestants.It is a singers programme from the name, but the judges give high marks to contestants who are acting well.It is not a drama or reality movie showIt is a game between...



I had an agreement with this company for installing an internet tower on roof.Company was said to pany 2495/- per month as rent. Company was taken 40, 000/- against this agreement through his vender.One year has passed on work has proceed and no rent has paid by company. When I try to...



I have an agreement with this company for installing antina on the roof on 20 july 2009 . One year have passed but company has not paid rent.I was paid 40, 000/- to company vender.No any types of work has proceed by company. All vender & company Head offfice patna switch off hi...



ASIANNET WI FI BROADBAND INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER is a froad company in Bihar. TOWER LAGANE KE NAM PAR CHOR COMPANY HAI. This company hasnot lisence for internet provider. You can see on net " STATUS OF PENDING APPLICATION OF ISP GRANT. Gr Net Broadband has on serial no. 18. I have also...

asiannet wi-fi broadband / Now frauding in Durgapur


This company is fraudest in India. Head office of this company has closed. No any tower is working in Bihar, Jharkhand or Bengal. No rent has paid after agreement. This company has no lisence for Internet. All cheques has bounces which was issued by GR Net Broadband. Ram Kumar Dubey i...



Head office & branch office of this company had opened in Patna, Ranchi & Durgapur. Ram Kumar Debey was derector of this company. Company made contract through vender in all three states at Block and Panchayat lebel for installing a internet tower on the roof. Company issued cheques for...

Asianet Wi-fi Broadband Service / RENT PAYMENT & WORK PROGRESS


I (jay mangal singn)was made a contract with this company for instollation a internet tower on the roof in july 2009.By the terms & condition of this contract, company has to paid 2495/M after six months of contract date. I had paid Rs 40, ooo to company vender against this contract. Now...

Asianet / Nammude swantham mammukka


What happened to "Nammude Swantham mammukkinea"-Dubai? We paid good amount of money for tickets, but couldn't enter the gate itself. It was heavy rush like Thrissur pooram.We have seen ladies, children were beaten with iron rodes. It was mentioned in the ticket that Right for...