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I purchased a man's cardigan from their website. When it arrived, it was not the chunky knitted garment advertised on their website but was really thin, almost like dish cloth material, the sort of thing I would use to clean the floor with. The colors were also completely different to what I had chosen on their website, brighter and more suited to the female of the species. When I looked into getting a refund, as stated on their website, I found that the company was not actually in Poland but China and they wanted me to send the cardigan back at my own expense, almost the cost of buying the item! This company's website is both deceptive and misleading. I have since found several other buyers who have suffered the same buying experience. Artowna are obviously copying other people's quality designs and producing them as cheap Chinese knock offs... At expensive prices. If you buy from this company, don't expect to receive what you ordered!

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Update by BeeeBeee2
Jan 10, 2021 4:41 am EST

After 7 months I eventually got a full refund from my credit card company, without returning the awful jumper I received. It was based on the fact that their trading address in Poland (instead of China) doesn't even exist in Poland and their conditions for returning the goods are contradictory and misleading.

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Jan 09, 2021 6:55 pm EST

Bought sweater on December 7 from Artowna and received it December on the 24th.The sweater had a huge snag and was sewn very poorly.Was stuffed in a bag and very wrinkled.Sent email a few days latter never heard back .Beware of buying from this company they advertise on facebook.