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Earlier this year I contacted Armed Forces MCSS to inquire about the availability of some hard to find military items. Their customer service responded that the merchandise was “on the floor and ready to ship.”

At that point AAFES and every commercial provider were out of stock. There were pictures of the CEO all over the website, Captain Maria Garcia. When I dug a little deeper I found out that the entire staff had some type of military affiliation.

Leaning towards the side of caution, I Googled Armed Forces MCSS to see what came up. The first three hits were their main website, Merchant Circle and Complaints Board. I thoroughly read through them all, and because of two factors – merchandise availability and military affiliation – I placed an order.

And what a mistake that was.

When the merchandise arrived MOST of the goods were backordered. What wasn’t backordered was switched out for inferior goods.

For weeks I tried to resolve the issue by calling and emailing. When I called I was referred back to their online customer service because I had “already started that process.” So I sent emails, and I sent emails, and I sent MORE emails. No customer service response.

Finally after jacking with them for a couple of weeks I called them and told them I would pay for the correct merchandise. I wanted a return authorization for the crap they switched out. I would not accept any more shipments from them.

So what happened next? THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE THREATENED ME! It was at this point I realized that EVERYTHING EVER posted about this company in a negative light was true.

I was beside myself thinking that a company, owned and operated with fellow service members, could have such low integrity.

So this is where it gets interesting. I did a little research to try and figure out what in the heck was going on with this company.

Come to find out, Armed Forces MCSS has THE WORST small business credit rating available! Armed Forces MCSS’s credit score is a class 5 and degrading! And according to Dun & Bradstreet a class 5 small business credit score has the HIGHEST probability of delinquency!

No wonder they don’t deliver?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


So this is what Armed Forces MCSS does is CLEARLY deceit by design:

1) Bait you in the store by acknowledging goods are “in stock and ready to ship” when in fact they are not.

2) Immediately charges your credit card.

3) IF they ship out ANYTHING it is switched out with an inferior item.

4) Backorder your goods 90 days KNOWING that once your charge hits the 60 day mark YOU CAN’T DISPUTE THE PAYMENT.

So go bankrupt Armed Forces MCSS.

Go bankrupt and quit stealing from the troops that so unselfishly fight for the freedom of every American. Even the freedom you enjoy.


  • Jd
    JD Oct 02, 2008

    Finally some media coverage on their customer service, you decide.

    You decide.

    /URL removed/

    You decide

    You decide

    Wow, only one federal contract in eight years. Hmmm???

    You decide

    And the truth shall set you free!

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  • Jd
    JD Oct 02, 2008

    Just do the charge back with your bank. I did it, got my money back and laughed at their threatening e-mails afterwards.

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  • Sc
    Scam Artists Feb 15, 2009

    Read this armed forces mcss and explain this one to the people. This was posted in the Army Times. Are you trying to say this is a lie also? Hmmmmm lets think about this. Are you going to sue the Army Times also? Thieves always get caught

    Troops blast online uniform retailer

    Sometimes the online store that seems to have just what you’re looking for isn’t what it seems.

    Several otherwise savvy service members — among them a major and a master sergeant — say they learned that lesson recently after trying to purchase uniform items from the private company Armed Forces Military Clothing Sales Store of Jamaica, N.Y.

    Many say the company simply does not respond to complaints about late or undelivered orders.

    Despite its official-sounding name, the company, also known as Armed Forces MCSS, is not part of the government.

    Air Force Maj. Dwight Minnick is among the dissatisfied customers. He said he ordered $457 in uniform items in early March and was told they were in stock and could be delivered by April 1.

    When he hadn’t received his order by April 9, he called to cancel and, he said, was told that could only be done online. However, when he tried, the system failed to cancel the order. So he canceled the charge with his credit card company instead.

    The uniforms eventually arrived, he said — the week of May 5, more than a month late, while Minnick was on temporary duty. Shortly after he called FedEx on May 14 to find out how to return them, however, he received a call from Armed Forces MCSS.

    “He threatened to call 911 and have me arrested, ” Minnick said, adding that the employee would not give his name. “He told me there was a $10, 000 fine. He said he had done this to two other people, but he wouldn’t give me any other information.”

    Minnick said he complained to his base inspector general, who has since briefed other airmen at Ellsworth Air Force Base, S.D., about the company.

    “I’m concerned about the young airman or soldier who gives in to these bullying tactics, ” he said.

    Leslie Fields, chief financial officer at Armed Forces MCSS, acknowledged problems.

    “We do have some dissatisfied customers, ” he said. “I send out our sincerest apologies to these people.”

    He acknowledged “bad attitudes” in customer service, and promised: “I intend to fix the problems.”

    He said anyone with complaints should e-mail him directly at [email protected], or call him at (718) 291-4611.

    He also said he had thousands of satisfied customers and that his company is pursuing legal action against nine people whom he says accepted orders and then canceled payment through their credit card companies.

    Comments from interviews with service members and postings on the consumer bulletin board allege the company threatened to file IG complaints and take legal action against service members who tried to cancel orders.

    Most complaints are from airmen because of the Air Force’s new airman battle uniform, which has been in short supply everywhere. Fields said the company has been working closely with vendors to try to get the uniforms they need in stock.

    Missouri Air National Guard Master Sgt. Miles Spainhower said he used his credit card to place a $275 order with Armed Forces MCSS. He said he never received it and got only $225 back when he canceled the order.

    He filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, which forwarded it to the company for response. Spainhower said Armed Forces MCSS mailed him back a copy of his complaint, with no response — but addressed the envelope to “Miles ‘Crybaby’ Spainhower.” Fields said he is looking into that.

    The New York Better Business Bureau has rated Armed Forces MCSS as “unsatisfactory” for its complaint response record, said Tony Barbera, manager of the New York BBB’s information and investigations department.

    According to the BBB’s online report at, 26 complaints were filed against the company in the past year; it failed to respond to 21.

    Fields said his company ceased working with the New York BBB after it refused to remove what Fields called “erroneous” information from its Web site. He said his company has filed a complaint about the BBB with the New York attorney general.

    Here are some things to consider when buying online:

    • Check out the company through the Better Business Bureau,

    • Buy with a credit card; you have more protections.

    • Check the terms and conditions before buying. Unless you agree to a longer time frame, the company must ship within 30 days, or you have the right to cancel, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

    • If you have concerns about a company, contact your base legal assistance office.

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  • Mo
    morrison May 29, 2009

    463 days ago by Samson [send email] 0 Votes
    They are SCAM Artists and the owner from research on the website is Carmine Annuziata who is a Major in the reserves. There is also a Capt who is part of this company who is a reservist I believe. They seem to be blowing alot of smoke. This Company needs to be reported to the JAG Corp. by everyone who has been ripped of by them. Obviously they are if they are threatening to report them to your Command. They use that tactic to try and scare someone, since they think they know the ins and outs of the Military System. SKAM ARTISTS WHO RIP OF THE MILITARY!! THEY SHOULD BE IN LEAVENWORTH.
    463 days ago by Samson [send email] 0 Votes
    They are SMAMMER Reservists that run the Place. The owner is a Reserve Major Carmine Annuzita from research on their website and the Web. Another is a Captain. They need to be reported to JAG. THIS IS TOTALLY UNETHICAL Especially when they are trying to report you to your Command, they are blowing smoke screens to try to get you to stop pushing the issues. SEE JAG IMMEDIATELY!!! They should be in Leavensworth for this, not SCAMMING Soldiers.
    463 days ago by Joey Barned [send email] 0 Votes
    They are SCAMMERS. The place is run by a few Reserve Officers by Research on this Place. One is a MAJOR carmine annuziata and the other is a Captain. Thats how they know to try and report you to your Commander. This Place needs to be reported to JAG. Especially when they try and blow a smokescreen or threaten Soldiers. This place is run by nothing but SCAM Artists trying to make a quick buck off a Soldier.
    463 days ago by Joey Barned [send email] 0 Votes
    They are SCAMMERS. The place is run by a few Reserve Officers. This can be Researched on this Web. One is a MAJOR carmine annuziata and the other is a Captain. Thats how they know to try and report you to your Commander. This Place needs to be reported to JAG. Especially when they try and blow a smokescreen or threaten Soldiers. This place is run by nothing but SCAM Artists trying to make a quick buck off a Soldier.
    458 days ago by Af_major [send email] 0 Votes
    This place is run by a bunch of scam artist Reserve Officers. Their names can be found on under the web address That is why they think they can report you to your chain of command. They cannot do that and it is unethical for any member of the armed forces to do that. Yes they are very shady and advertise they have items when indeed they do not. Report them to JAG corp. They are a bunch of SCAM Artists who like to take advantage of Military Members.
    458 days ago by Joseph H [send email] 0 Votes
    Its ran by a Reserve Major and Captain stationed in NY. Yes this place will scam you as they have done many before.
    458 days ago by Joseph H [send email] 0 Votes
    This place is a private business ran by a Major and Captain in the Reserves in New York. These scoundrels need to be reported to JAG in Hamilton NY. These practices should not be tolerated especially when they are in the military trying to steal from honest hard working Soldiers.
    456 days ago by Dean, Major, Usaf [send email] 0 Votes
    What this company does is criminal, they should all be fined and probably arrested. At least investigated by the OSI as a minimum. But what can you expect from the military. Think the JAG and OSI would investigate people ripping off servicemembers? Heck no, they would investigate the servicmember at the first accusation of impropriety false or otherwise. But they won't lift a finger to help you the servicemember at all. Either way Armed Forces MCSS are a bunch of crooks. Yes, thiefs and crooks. Stay away from this rip off company. I ordered ABUs a month ago and still have not received the uniform.

    Dean, Maj. USAF, AD
    455 days ago by Sr Airman Luke [send email] 0 Votes
    Seems like their reputation is growing and its not a good one. They have 17 Compaints with the BBB. They can also be reported to the postal service since this also seems to be mail fraud. I guarantee the Postal Service will investigate since they seem to provide false documents. The only way to get a business like this to stop is to report them to the proper authorities.
    446 days ago by Fernando [send email] 0 Votes
    They should use the Motto "Proudly Stealing from American Soldiers" on their website. What a bunch of dupes. Thanks for the heads up on this place.
    443 days ago by Mark Usaf [send email] 0 Votes
    I wish I would have found this forum before I ordered the ABU gortex from this company. I called and was told it was in stock back in Nov 07. My credit card was charged in Dec 07. Here it is now the middle of March and I still have not received my jacekt. I placed numerous calls and emails and all I hear is that my item will ship shortly. I was even told that I had disputed my order, which I have never done. Then Brian Williams tried to threaten me and report me to the IG and the provost marshall (LOL). Forget about dealing with Brian Williams or any of the other minions who work for this piss poor company. I am probably out $325.00. Tell your friends to stay away from this company as all it will lead to is a lighter wallet. I sent the BBB a complaint last night. I have also passed on to the members of my base to stay clear of this company as well.
    441 days ago by Ny Arng [send email] 0 Votes
    Here is another so called employee of armedforcesmcss Spamming on YouTube. Advertising in a Military Uniform on the internet. Also possibly a member of the NY National Guard. From the comments posted for the video. Here is the link:

    Airsoft guns are Illegal in the confines of NYC. And if your a Serving Member of the NYARNG you are violating NYS Military law by wearing your uniform in an Advertisment. I SINCERELY hope your not a Member of 258 FA "Sgt" Zapata...
    422 days ago by Lauri Williams/government Cont [send email] 0 Votes
    I must say, this is the first NY company that has gotten away with this ### with me. I've had past experiences with bate and switch NY/NJ companies and learned after once bitten they are pretty much all the same. I'm a contractor and have supplied our hard working Soldiers that represent us unlike these DIRTBAGS. They are liars, scammers, thiefs. I'm guessing I'm out almost 900 dollars. I was told back in FEBRUARY when my card was charged that we would be receiving the 4 NEW APECS in mid march. Well mind you.. it's only been two weeks now that it's April 1st. BUT after all my phone calls, emails and yes to even the RETIRED Maj Carmine whatever his last name is- no answers no responses. Same old crap as everyone in the previous posts. Its the same song and dance.. "will be shipping shortly". I was even told that he "KEITH" went down to shipping.. they probably don't even have a "shipping" department! They probably work out of a basement of a falling down brick building like all the other NY scamm shops! I'm so disgusted and actually really irritated that I ordered these through these THIEFS/CROOKS and not Propper like I was going to. But my guys were cold in the contracting office that I work for and I searched high and low trying to find the NEW APECS- not the defected ones that were generated, the reason for the back up on the APECS. Now how do I tell my guys I was scammed and they probably won't get the jackets while deployed. Unfortunately for MCSS it HAS NOT BEEN 90 DAYS YET. Our bank will hopefully reverse the charges! I'll show them the BBB website and this complaint board. I do not like thiefs, liars, or scam artists especially when my company lives to help our Soldiers stateside and Overseas!

    My last phone call tonight was at 5:50 and Keith answered the "ordering line" as always and had the audacity to tell me he has no information and everyone is getting ready to walk out because it was 10 to 5!!! The NERVE! Thank God, I do not live in NY or anywhere even remotely close. I am going to contact one of my contractors that used to be deployed to the same contracting office and he lives in NY! OFF TO THE BBB...


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