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APRIL KELLEY of Michigan purports to be in the business of online insurance agent services but in reality she is crazed defamation artist who posts to scam reporting sites libelous information about innocent people, saying they stole her copyrighted software of a questionable business site that she doesn't even have; she breaks contracts with web programmers and then charges them with theft of services and theft of money; she says people are trying to kill her and that she has reported these insane ramblings to police and FBI.

Her husband Edward F. Kelley says he supports everything his crazy wife does and is therefore guilty of same. April Kelley has teamed up with an obsessed and known JFK assassination conspiracist from the Netherlands named WIM DANKBAAR who also makes a habit of defaming innocent people. MRS. KELLEY engages in identity theft and encourages others to do the same by posting personal information about innocent people all the internet.


  • Do

    J Bartell please stop stalking me.

    Please no more unauthorized charges via!

    No more opening & authoring domains under my name & info!

    No more claiming u are a licensed therapist. UR license via the state of California was canceled months after being issues! I was told bc u falsified college!

    Quick contacting me from numerous gmail a addresses &/or pretending to be other people!

    Quick falsely accusing me of lies that UR imagination keeps creating!

    Quick copying & stalking he do much so now u are also a SCREENWRITER NOW! Just WOW!

    Quit STALKING, extorting, harassing, conning, lying... bothering... contacting me!

    Numerous cases against u under UR name & aliases plus UR domains such as,, Bill Keith, Stephan Rowland, etc...

    NOW LEAVE ME ALONE! & please do claim I'm harassing u! Plz do file more fail se claims as SOON BARTELL THE AUTHORITIES WILL DEAL WITH U! Not me nor all UR victims! Most as famous! That's right... UR a straight up STALKER! I've had it ever since I saw u charged my credit card the other day! Plus UR IPs are masked over as mine! Even routed UR domain from California thru Lansing Michigan to STALK & SPY ON ME & MY FAMILY!

    Please continue to set me up & lie! I'm completely innocent!

    Oh setting me up by opening & authoring domains u opened under my name & info... YET UNDER UR A RECORD & RNAME... that TOO justice will be!

    U are a very SICK TWISTED MAN!

    From UR where u claim UR a CIA hitman with 23 confirmed kills... that they recruited by the CIA u due to years of a successful behavioral therapist! Um u have no license & the one u claim was canceled months after bring issues bc u falsified college! Therefore the rest of the story is BS... MORE Bartell Stories... HOWEVER I LOVE UR ONLINE CIA AGENT PROFILE WITH .GOV EMAIL! Priceless!

    U are STALKING ME ABC U hacked my servers 5 years ago & then said I would have to be the highest bidder to get my software back. I told u is report u to the FBI! U laughed stating they were UR friends & they wouldn't help me! U were right... bc THEN u hacked me so badly u got rid of all my evidence... However wine u returned 5 years later as u promised to set me up & HARM me... & doing exactly as u promised... my ex gave me an old hard drive & sure enough... NEARLY ALL THE DOCUMENTATION OF UR CYBER & STALKING CRIMES I CAN NOW PROVE!

    So keep it up! I assure I will NOT reply again! But please do STOP emailing & calling me too! Apparently it's YOU & NOT me that is the stalker!

    Again... I do not have one fear now as I have ALL that proves what u did! Even u stalking me from early 2008... YET SOLID PROOF! U violating my life from hacking, stsliing, conning, stealing, monetary theft, etc... are all criminal & I stand behind what I stand as the law also backs me!

    Go ahead file what u wish. I will not subject myself to UR manipulating of the laws, jurisdiction, etc... against me further. It's my time & I was have justice & victory over u stalking the living hell out of me! I especially love when u control my devices!

    I really like UR "consumer advocate" Judd Mcilvain sent me an email stating u have phone tapping equipment! Hmmm... now who's the BAD GUY AGAIN?!

    U use all UR crime reporting sites from,,,,,,, etc oh & love the domains under my name u own too! Awesome! :)... that u use to CON the public into believing your ###! BS... Bartell Stories! Plus UR supposedly hacked by a "Consumer Advocate" yet ...UR relationship is very sketchy at best.

    Best & QUIT CONTACTING, posting, phoning me... & YES STOP MAKING FRAUDULENT CREDIT CARD CHARGES... u know like the one from that UR a "volunteer", "work there" but owned in via registration in Aug 2013... & STOP pretending to be a Maj Robert Taylor from this supposed organization as I've reported u for impersonating a military officer & a CIA agent. I'll assume the end report will he my same conclusions... more BARTELL STORIES... BS!

    Report. File. Etc. Anything & all against me Bartell! I've let u slander, haunt, stalk, harass, threaten, extort me for YEARS... U Even had 18 domains dedicated to slandering me! Totally made up! & to remove them I had to PAY YOU! No more! I'm done! The authorities have ALL THE documentation now... let's just see who's the REAL BAD GUY... as I assure u it's not I.., nor do I have anything to hide!

    Oh & STOP routing my home up thru Germany especially Hetzner! I've doc'd ALL... from Abovenet, CoGentco, BizLand, PsiNet... u are the one that is guilty & KNOW U HAVKED ME FROM CHILD PORN IPS... & WHY U DONT WANT ME TO TALK! U think u must discredit & destroy me... & all UR evils will go! No! UR the one that is contacting me! Posting online! Even indexed my name AND ADDRESS specifically with all terrorist words... 100, 000 words/LINKS! No small time programmer can do this!

    Oh & yes I do have the proof now my domain u hacked & placed a remote database in it... yeah that one... had the EXACT IP AS THE! Yes the one the FBI shut down for mortgage fraud... which explains a lot from Mcilvain interviewing u as a "victim" of u know Steven Munich??! ;) &, etc... trust me Bartell... I'm now not the only one that is not in the KNOW ABOUT U... THE REAL YOU!

    I love how the above coincides with Stephan Rowland... which conveniently has the same phone as YOU via & u know the guy that u claim u are not yet gave the Battle Creek police this very number & it went to u... BUT WAIT THIS CANT BE BC HES FROM CANADA?!? Haha! Right! It's YOU BARTELL from California... against "Rowland" from Hollenbeck youth center u know where u STOLE & TOOK OVER THEIR DOMAIN... Oh & yes it the ties back to UR site & u harassing Arnold Schwarzenegger??! YEAH... love how that all coincides & USES THE EXACT HOSTVOX nameservers as the site u claimed I opened & authored to harass u... YET IS YOURS!

    Poor the famous horse whisperer as u have terrorized this man & UR the BAD GUY! Plus all the others... love how most are mortgage related too! Yet WHY ME?!! Oh that's right... I'm a screenwriter & NOW SO ARE YOU... as u are stalking me! FACT!

    Cheers & of yeah... DONT HACK & or charge my credit card further! I've reported it to my back already! :)

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    Sorry my iPhone has crazy wild autocorrection SKILLZZZ tonight! Haha! Nearly just as imaginative as u JAY D BARTELL! Hehe TURE STORY... :)

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    Wisa Littenberg Feb 12, 2017
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    DONEWBARTELLSTORIES: RME! You're a "SCREENWRITER"?! Right--a PROFESSIONAL WRITER who unabashedly hits that "SUBMIT" button without even first bothering to PROOFREAD???????????? At least, as an afterthought, you slapped on the COUP DE GRACE: "MEA CULPA! 'Sorry my iPhone has crazy wild autocorrection SKILLZZZ tonight!'" An iPhone is only as smart as its operator . . .

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