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APK review: Needs more improvement on the quality of building construction

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I faced issue with APK construction in Vengambakkam/Tambaram, who is very smart in getting the money and comes to the house and collect the cheque by speaking as a close relatives and he come with stories to plunder the money, but in terms of construction work we have to do multiple follow ups in person and in calls, and he disappears if we are visiting him. Literally painful and very smart, we have to wait for hours to meet him and discuss the issues but still he won't come & finally explains over phone and work won't get resolved. He made the construction as poor quality leaving the masons at work, now i am literally suffering and after paid him 35 lakhs, poor construction of work such as cracks in the walls, and even basic things such as drainage connections, plumbing, electricals connections are not done properly and i am spending more time and money again.

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Nov 14, 2021 1:00 am EST

Highly poor quality construction by APK builder. My opinion they are not at all a builder.

Anyone please don't give any work to them.

In just 8 years my house water leakage in ceiling.

Ragu is Cheating person.

God will severe punishment to him. He cannot escape. Wait and watch.