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Anthem(Chubb) InstituteRipp Off

Do not go to Anthem Institute(formerly know as Chubb). I attended class there from 2007 to 2009 for a computer education. When I initially went to inquire about attending classes there I was told alot of bull about how I would be able to obtain a high paying computer job when graduating and how much they were in touch with companies on a regular basis for employment of there highly regarded students.
The reality is that the student admissions representatives are really sales people who are interested in locking you into a student loan situation with a bunch of wrong information. The school itself has a problem retaining good teachers and if you have a chance to see one of there want add listings for a teachers position it clearly states NO TEACHING EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. It also asks for only about 2 years experience in the field your will be teaching.
So you are going to pay over $17, 000 and have someone who will be teaching you that possibly has no teaching experience! Mind you, the theory is that they want industry people who are in the field to teach but we all know that if you can do a particular job well that dosen't mean you can teach it. Its like the great athelete who can't coach to save his life.
During my time at the school many teachers left and we had two that were fired for their inability to teach, but at that point they had already tried to teach us.
The equipment we had to work with for our hardware labs was garbage. We were asked to try to fix problems when in fact the parts were defective to begin with.
There is only one teacher there that honestly knows what he is doing and he can't teach every class
Let graduate placement work with you if you want a $13.00 an hour job. Which is alot less then I make now.
Frankly, the school is a money mill for themselves and thats what they care about.
I always heard great things about Chubb but I am telling you that this is not the old Chubb that had the outstanding reputation with companies.
Do not waste your money or time going there for a computer education. Don't let the admissions sales people suck you in. Go somewhere else.


  • Cl
    classactionlawsuit2004 Sep 01, 2016

    I agree. I never received job placement in my field or any field using their career services. In fact they told me that I should take any job whether or not it was in the field I received my diploma. They said any job was better than no job at all. I could have just saved myself $17, 000 and went looking for a job without going to their school. I was looking for a job before I attended this school. I just thought if I had a skill and a diploma to go with it I would get a better job. Now I have no job and I'm still paying a student loan. Thanks Chubb, I mean Anthem, I mean Branford Hall Career Institute for nothing.

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  • Li
    Lici Taveras Apr 19, 2016
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    Verified customer

    they had the nerve to give me a fake certificate and idk what to do i dont wanna pay student loan for a fake piece of paper

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  • De
    Deisy Raygosa Jan 04, 2016
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    is there any way to get our money back!? sallie mae now navient still wants to be paid! And i dont have a diploma this school closed and mark me as a graduate i dont have a diploma or a transcript so i couldnt get a payment forgiveness.

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  • Th
    TheAgent Feb 11, 2014
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    I applied for a marketing job with their Marketing dept. I needed a job and was willing to do telemarketing. The interview was in a classroom and it featured a flashy looking salesman type speaker giving us a pep rally "motivational " style speech that sounded like a cheap sales pitch mixed with a Revivalist holy roller service. That usually means a very unethical sales pressure style or worse an MLM. It just seemed very shady.

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  • Ge
    gearsaregrinded Feb 11, 2014

    is there any way to get our money back!? because sallie mae still wants to be paid! just like I still want a job in drafting! heck, they dont even offer a autocad program anymore! they said Id be able to come back for refresher courses for free, for life! now im just s.o.l. $20k in debt and no drafting job like the rest of the class.

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  • Aa
    Aaron Lambert Jan 20, 2014

    Do not invest your time, money, or integrity with this institution. These types of schools flourish on promising a change of life to students by preying on vulnerability accompanied with aggressive sales/admissions tactics. I worked for this type of schools for several years, and saw, first hand how admissions reps would aggressively convince potential students enrolling in school would benefit them, their children and their families. The quality of education is poor, instructional staff isn't properly trained, nor, qualified. If you research colleges, you'll see that most of the programs offered here, are also offered at a more reputable community college, usually at a substantially lower tuition. Don't buy into the endless commercials, these 'colleges' are only interested in numbers, not your ultimate success.

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  • Ke
    Kevin Luckham Jul 28, 2013

    These problems tend to define ALL of Anthem's locations. I myself went to the now closed New York City campus and graduated as valedictorian. Career services refused to make even the slightest attempt at job placement. I have contact dozens of class mates and have found that, NOT ONE SINGLE STUDENT I KNEW THAT EVER GRADUATED, EVER GOT AN INTERVIEW ANYWHERE. NOT ONE!

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  • Th
    thementalist Dec 08, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I have a four year college degree and I'm a mid life student who attended the Parsippany school in the MA program after losing my job and deciding to start a new career path. The Parsippany school for Medical Assisting is a total mess. During the time that I spent there they administration made several changes in instructors, hiring and firing at will. The instructors I had all had a tendency to treat adult students like children in the classroom. The MA classroom environment lacks consistency in teaching methods. Students and instructors were often pulled from class in the middle of lessons which totally disrupted the learning experience. One week instructors want the work done one way and the next week they wanted it another way. Twenty two medical vocabulary words were given every Monday night and students are expected to know there correct spelling and give word for word descriptive meanings from the Language of Medicine text book by Wednesdays quiz. Obviously, students have very poor retention of the materials when given so little time to memorize so much material. Many of the instructors fail to realize that the students are paying to receive their education and have a right to an opinion about instructors teaching methods and the way they are handling the classroom and staff changes. This could be a great Medical Program with the right instructors. The one male instructor of the MA program needs to be careful of being brought up on sexual harassment charges. Telling a room full of female students in a visually and verbally graphic manor about an incident where he got a female patient sexually aroused while cleaning her is inappropriate. It made many of the students uncomfortable, yet he has told this same story to the same class three times! The MA program needs to be reevaluated and revamped. Many of the past instructors have very little if any teaching experience. That's a big problem. The Dean of the School looks to be about 25 years of age, she is very inexperienced in life and in teacher student communication. That needs to be changed as well. I would not recommend the MA program at the Parsippany campus to anyone until some major changes have been made to this program!

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  • 40
    4.0 GPA Student Sep 23, 2011

    After attending Chubb in Parsippany and having to pay for classes I never attended because there was no one scheuled to teach, I find all these complaints credable. They said that I would have no problem finding work after school because they have hundreds of recruiters
    seeking their talented students. Then I find I have too take a class in job
    hunting and that I should start my job search early. They had no recruters comming to the school and that I must have misunderstood.
    Some good teachers told me in confidence that they are leaving
    because of all the lies being told to the students and themselves.
    If you want a good job in the IT field I recomment that you
    go to an acredited school such as a Community College or Better.
    Stay away from the crooks at Antheim

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  • He
    HelpfulInstructor Aug 25, 2011

    Wow!! This is what I needed to see! I am an instructor at a previous school (anthem) and I as an instructor says that the school [email protected] very unorganized, unprofessional, and very money hungry! My own superiors told me that it doesn't matter if the student does not abide by the rules but as long as they are in class is what matters most!! I was so in awe that I couldn't believe what I was told! There are so many things going on at this school that it REALLY needs to be SHUT DOWN!! The whole MA department is crumbled to pieces and its on its last leg! Even the MBC program is falling short same as Gen Ed instructors. I know that as an instructor I have duties and thats what I do teach my students and help them! But I get criticized and chewed up and spat out for it! Well Im here to tell anybody dont even think twice about attending this school. Oh and all I can say is the location is in TN.

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  • Re
    Refuse Topay Apr 09, 2011
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    To "lostmoney"...did you do anything about it?..since it was a rip off
    My mother was mislead when the representatives signed her up as well. She's not good with working with computers and when she was signing up she specifically asked if there were any computer related work. The representative said my mom signed up. After a couple weeks into the program she was getting assignments upon assignments that required her to look information up online. She withdrew because of the pressure of constantly having to use the computer to complete her assignments...she now has to pay 45% of what she has left to owe...she's only been enrolled for 4 weeks. What do you suggest we do?

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  • Mi
    MissShani Feb 17, 2011

    im a single mom with 2 kids i attended anthem institute. During my externship my son was sick and i had to take a break and was told i could come back when i was ready just bring the paper work. they told me to call before i showed up. that's exactly what i did and no one wanted to return phone calls. finally about a month later someone wanted to get back in touch with me . they withdrawn me from the program and told me i could re-enter when im ready. i went a re-entry appointment about a month later and basically got bashed for being a single mother with no help from the externship coordinator and was denied re-entry. i was upset and called the president of the campus and asked him is it possible that i can return after a semester of college. he told i can return back when ever im ready. about a week later i received a phone call from the loan people tellin me i cant finish until i pay the school back 4000. now 1 yr 1/2 later i received a phone called from the school saying i was eligible for debt forgiveness program. now when i get there they tell me im not eligible because i repeated one class and cant repeat another. it would be against federal law. That i would have to take out another loan and start from the beginning.

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  • Ga
    GazaSlimz Feb 05, 2011

    I totally agree...they lied in your face. Everything is a cover-upfor them. I went to school there in one campus within 6 months, I was being transferred to another. At the beginning, no one mentioned that, that may occur. I was really disappointed. I only went along with it because I paid a lot of money.

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  • Da
    daldal Jul 20, 2010

    to davidleshin and sedberg1 let me tell you somethings folks
    I went to that school with an MCSE experience and Baccalaureate in Computer Science and the reason i signed up for it is because i couldn't get a job in IT because i didn't went to a school in the US.

    I find out that i was teaching the teachers there because none of them is certified to teach except one and that was the program manager if he wasn't certified i could of shoot my self. Anyway 3 months after i enter the school i got an IT job NOT through the school but only my hard work and looking here and there I was hired as an Teach Support 6 and promoted to Sys Admin after another 6 Months I am the IT Director at my company making 110k.

    My problem is i didn't finish the school because to me it was waste of money and time. I decided to stick with my job and i worked hard for keeping it so i didn't finish the last 3 classes. Seeing what people went through and what i went through trying to find an IT job i think i made the right decision.

    Anyhow now i am an IT Director i have time to do other things so i decided to finish the last 3 classes just to get Anthem Certificate. They told me that i have to pay for the classes on the new tuition rate and books even that they told me when i was leaving if i comeback within a year i don't have to pay anything except 125$ re-entry fees.

    Seeing all this complains and the amount of money setting on credit for a school that i didn't even finish i decided to step up and do something about it and i am sure you guys will enjoy it on national TV.

    Listen to this i though i may share with you. One of the "Job Replacement" contacted my company asking if they are willing to give a JOB for someone who graduated school trying to i guess fire me even that they never got me the JOB. My CEO told me that i was laughing on such way for them to still [censor] you up even when you left them.

    I did however hired one of the student that was in class with me and never done it through the school.

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  • Ni
    nick71181 Jun 18, 2010

    I agree that Anthem is a waste of money. I went there when it was Chubb, I busted my "you know what" as listed above and graduated with a 4.0. It took me 2 years to find a job after graduating in 2001, some of the people that I attended with never found jobs in the IT field. I asked and asked about help with Career Services and job hunting assistance and got NONE. This school is a money hungry revolving door that barely cares about you while you were there.

    I went when I was 18, as you can see from above I was not the typical goof off college student. The school practices age descrimination, if you are not an older person they shun you and do nothing to help you, regardless of your performance. I used to work with a previous Executive Director of a Chubb school and he told me that he left because it is run by the most pompous, rude and stuck up people that he has ever worked with and all that they care about is money and not the students.

    A few years ago when I was looking into different positions I was told that a degree from an accredited four year school would help me. Now that I am out of work and I go on interviews and speak to recruiters they all tell me the same thing, "you are not going to get the money that you were making without a degree". So I looking into Anthem to see what openings they had, I looked into it and applied for a position, a position that I was over qualified for - experience wise and never even received a phone call back after the initial conversation that I had with them. I talked to them over the phone when I saw the listing, I told them my experience and all of the previouse jobs that I had and they sounded really excited about it, especially all of my experience in working at technical colleges. They were going to call me in a few days to setup an interview and I never heard from them, I sent emails and left voicemails and not one of them was returned or replied to.

    This is priceless, Anthem Institute's own people through their lack of interest once they saw my education pretty much told me what I have thought for the past 9 years, that I wasted $15, 000 on a worthless piece of paper that says Chubb on it.

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  • Mr
    Mr.A May 06, 2010

    Im actualy atttending Anthem institute till this day from april 2009 til may 2010. I like the school the ppl there are basicly like family. Im in the MA session. i've struggled with attendence issue and still wonder if they believe in me and know i can make it, with me being a 24yr old youn woman and a single mom toa kindergarner isn't easy. The instructors there well yea some or should i say one has a couple of issue but i pay them no mind cause i dont underestimate anyone. i got my fooot in the door half way and looking for that puch or something to knock me all the way.
    Im done the course and on review (which means they watch my attendence ) before they send you on externship. My grades are between A's, B's, and C's im an average student looking to help ppl in the medical field. I know what im striving for and i want the best for me. I cantwait to graduate it really doesn't matter if i graduate with five or ten ppl, that didn"t start with me, we all worked hard studying, for exams twice a week and lab praticles @ the end of the course which should be the last 3months. MA is a 9 month program on an average. They have alot of computer access where you can look up jobs on your own there after class during break or whenever your not in class since campus closes by 11pm. overall i totaly agree with most comments when they say it you that have to want a carreer, they will not hold your hand

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  • Se
    sedberg1 Feb 19, 2010

    You know, I went to school here and I don't have any degree or IT education aside from Anthem diploma. I graduated in early 2007 and currently make $80K/year. I graduated with 11 other people, and the only people in my graduating class who complain about Anthem and say they can't get a job are the same people who used to goof off in class and play online games all day. Then when it came to tests, those of us who succeed now are the ones who got As and excellent scores because we actually paid attention. Nothing in this life is handed to you, and I busted my you know what to have what I have.

    You are probably one of those people who thought, let me go to school and expect just going to school is going to get me a job. It doesn't work that way. You get what you put into you. I studied and paid attention, answered questions the teachers asked, and when it came time to doing labs, was actually asked by those students who didn't pay attention how to do the labs. Those students who didn't pay attention and couldn't do the work because they had not are the ones who aren't working now. That's not a surprise.

    IT interviews are very technical. Employers point blank ask you how do I solve this particular problem. Anthem will show you how to use the technology, but if you take it lightly and expect a silver spoon feeding, it'll be apparent to potential employers that you did jack squat in school. I've talked to plenty of Anthem grads being one myself, and without a doubt, those students who were lazy, goofed off, didn't take the program seriously, etc, are the same ones who are now unemployed and blame the school rather than themselves for their dissatisfaction.

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  • Da
    davidleshin Oct 21, 2009

    I went to this school and it was great. It got my career off the ground. Too many times people who didn't put much into their school walk away without too much. It is their own fault. These schools aren't designed to get you the million dollar job. They are designed to get you on track to a real career. I am very grateful to Anthem Institute. It was Chubb Institute when I started. I really liked the name change, by the way.

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  • Da
    davidleshin Oct 21, 2009

    It is too bad that unemployed idiots blame their school.

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  • Ou
    outofworkanthemgrad Sep 30, 2009

    I agree 100% with the above comments. I can vouch that it is all true because I was there attending their computer networking and security classes. They made alot of promises and stressed the importance of certifications which in fact are important, but not really they ones they give you a crash course on. There is in fact only one instructor in the JC campus who really knows whats going on and my class would always pray to have him for the next session, but we only had him once.

    I think the biggest slap in the face is when the job placement advisor woke up a year later and pressured us to get our resumes done the last week of classes. He met with us individually and went over our resumes and told me he has some good leads for me. If you can call links from Craigslist sent to you via email every so often a "good lead" then this is the school for you. I still get outdated links from him to this day!

    During the year we would hear about previous "interview sessions" from the instructors and other students. We were told that companies like Dell and HP stop in every 6 months or so and recruit. Im here to tell you the only people that stopped by was Bank of America asking us to open a new account.

    The equipment is definitely out of date and not up to par to today's standards.
    Stay away from this school (if you can call it a school). Its a total [email protected]# from the moment you walk in and say "Hi"

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