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Incompetence and Dysfunction At It's Best
13 month horrible experience with Owner/Partners/Employees…All complicit with deceit, preying on hardworking people's blight with the IRS and State Tax agencies. Argumentative/Combative/Manipulative/Rude and downright disrespectful! Please take your business elsewhere as they are only capable of delivering false promises and lies! Be especially careful of the Partners (All 3 of them working collectively to destroy your character as soon as you start questioning they're competency in managing your case). I firmly believe they threaten the employees from being open and honest with you. You will be placed on speaker phone without your knowledge as they try to entrap you and make you feel that you are a problem, even when you simply try to inquire about an update on your case. What honest establishment would place you on speaker phone without transparency? No one should have their personal information shared with the entire company without notice! Owner went as far as to intimidate me into (Illegal Astrosurfing)…requiring that I place a positive company review on Survey Monkey for them to continue with my case, or else, my case would be closed and they would revoke Power of Attorney. Meanwhile, they had done everything to screw up my case for 7 months!...Beware!...My case has never been completed. You can best believe if confronted, they will collaboratively lie!

Email Terminating Services January 9, 2019:
This email will serve as a written notice that your incompetent and dysfunctional services are no longer needed and Power of Attorney has been revoked. The last 13 months has been the worst consumer experience of my adult life. The blatant argumentative, condescending and unprofessional behavior Anthem Tax Services has shown is beyond the pale! I am no longer afraid of you or the IRS. You have continually lied about the service that you should provide for all your clients. Owner, partners and staff all complicit with deceit and false promises. You may think because I had a dire problem with the IRS that you could condemn me. I will make sure that my experience is documented with only the truth. In process are (2) formal complaints about your store front tax prep and resolution services filed with FTC and California Attorney General (Xavier Becerra) Consumer Affairs office, identifying all of you. I will be revoking also the coerced false review (Astroturfing) requested by you. Your false accusations and intimidation to close my case and revoke your POA will no longer support your sense of White Privilege. None of you are better than any of the people who seek your incompetent services. All of you are simply taking advantage of other people's hardship and blight! I will seek all North American States where you do business to file complaints with consumer affairs and I will make sure an accurate assessment of my experience appears every time your company name is Goggled. You all deserve to be exposed for your fake promises on your flashy Con website! To the are not a [censored]ing priority either! You will not have to falsely accuse me of placing a poor review of my experience, it will be the truth...The Truth Prevails!

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Feb 18, 2019 9:10 pm

Anthem Tax Services Managing Partner
Jacob Shulman say's

I hold the following licenses and designations:
– PTIN (Professional Tax Identification Number)
– CAF (Centralized Authorization File)
– CTEC (California Tax Education Council)
– Registered Tax Preparer
– Licensed and bonded by the IRS to practice in all 50 states
– I am currently working toward my EA (enrolled agent) license

Since when does the IRS License and Bond unenrolled return preparers as this is what his designations imply.
It is also in violation of circular 230 (if he even knows what that is)

This is about as comical as it gets. I believe out of the 8 Representatives they have listed, only 1 has an EA certification. Oh one of the others' MOM is a CPA, sorry.

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