angel face kittensrip off artist


You don't change your name from Echolake to Angel face unless you have to! She took way too much money from me with cats that had ringworm and questionable parentage/pedigrees. And was referred by Cozy Kittens. I went with my 2 young girls cross country to AK and she made me wait 2 days when I was paying $thousands for cats...she had them shipped in from desperate various places. She knew I was coming for months and We had to miss school because she had to groom them...meaning, they had no hair, ringworm, etc. She is the worst breeder and I curse the day her friend from Cozy Kittens also now a new name, maybe precious..just look for anybody that trys to sell kittens for $3 or 4K dollars and you'lll find them. They are the worst sue and pam I spit on you for ruining my experience and my girls and giving us ringworm!

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