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Amrita University, Ettimadai, CoimbatoreFalse promises

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This is the time of the year when senior officials (I would call them sharks) of so-called ‘leading universities’ in India visit the Gulf to lure students to their institutions, and I am writing this as a warning to parents before they shell out huge amounts of money for admission.

I will narrate my story here. Four years ago, the director, international relations, of a Amrita University, Ettimadi, Coimbatore, India, which has campuses in Kerala and Karnataka, visited Muscat scouting for students. I met him at an Indian school in Dubai and paid the Rs 700, 000 he demanded for my son’s admission in the university’s engineering (IT branch) college.

Initially, I was reluctant to pay such a big sum, but he said: ‘You
have to decide fast, because there are hundreds in the queue’. He also boasted that ‘not a single student who graduated from our university remains unemployed’, and listed the names all the top IT companies who visited his university for on-campus recruitment every year.

Ultimately, because I had no other option at the time, I paid. I am repenting now. For so many reasons.

First, this ‘great’ university has discontinued its IT course! So much for campus selection.

Second, I found out that the teaching standards are sub-standard, to say the least. Most of the teachers are fresh engineering graduates without any experience and don’t even speak correct English (forget about good English). Half the time they conduct classes in Tamil. Any student who dares to request a clarification is insulted in front of the entire class. Once during a visit there, I mentioned this to this gentleman, the Director, International Relations. His answer was: ‘Well, you bring good teachers, we are prepared to pay them Rs100, 000 a month… We are trying, but we don’t get properly qualified teachers!’

Third, the atmosphere on the campus is oppressive. The teaching staff and administration officials misbehave with students for the slightest of reasons. They insult and abuse students openly, totally demoralising them. In fact, students are scared of the staff and don’t speak out openly.

Fourth, the conditions in the hostels are deplorable, particularly in relation to food served to inmates. Most students are forced to eat at the canteens within the campus, paying exorbitant prices. The parents, thus, end up paying the mess fees plus the canteen expenses!

After my visit to the university, I discovered that this is a very cleverly planned trick, in the sense that the university makes huge profits from leasing out the canteens. I counted at least four sprawling canteens, all crowded all the time, and two more were under construction. Thus the reason for the poor quality food in the hostel mess becomes obvious.

I write this letter to caution parents to be vigilant. Please do not pay any money unless and until you make your own investigations about the university/college where you are planning to admit your children. Don’t be duped by the big-name institutions.


  • Fu
    FUBAR_stu Nov 06, 2009

    Am a student, from the ettimadai campus and i agree most of what's been said :

    Food :
    1. Hostel food sucks (taste our Idly s, you ll get the idea)
    (Note : Only Vegetarian diet inside the university )
    2.Canteen food ? Sub-standard, extremely over priced.(Try our 'schezwan noodles' - you can see a puddle of oil on your plate)

    1.The teaching staff, yes, most of them are fresh (n average) graduates. But there are some really good faculty too, brains, experienced and really knowledgeable.(But are far removed from the students, bad teachers are only alloted to us)

    2.From my experiences, the teaching staff are well-behaved towards students.

    3.But those at the higher posts, like the Prof of Students "Welfare" (WTF!) and the Dean, do not show an ounce of respect towards a student.Ask anyone who has gone to them with a grievance, they will tell you. These fellows are incapable of empathy, and need lessons on behaving decently.(They yell, scream, do not offer you a seat, do not allow you to speak, do not listen to you when you manage to speak -just to quote a few examples). Completely contradictory to the stated mission of the university.

    Academically, Good on the whole. Great Labs . Nice opportunities to advance yourself technically. Some great faculty.
    Cool swimming pool, too.

    They are a bunch of thieving businessmen, too.

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  • Ys
    YSR Nov 10, 2009

    Yeah, some of those bigwigs, who call themselves deans, vice-presidents, student welfare director, etc. are real monsters. They shout, scream and howl at students who approach them for assistance, that too in the presence of dozens of other students and staff. In fact, they behave like illiterate savages towards students, totally demoralising them.

    One must see how these guys live - in palatial houses within the campus will all the paraphrenalia - housemaids, gardeners and cooks - all at university expense, of course paid for by parents of students. Compare this with the bad food and lousy accommodation that the students are given in hostels.

    One cannot help but wonder: Does the Amma know the goings-on at her institutions. I doubt it. I think she has been kept in in the dark, while these shylocks enjoy life to the hilt. In the name of Amma they are taking parents and students for a ride. I hear that she is basically a very nice person and sympasthetic towards children and the downtrodden. I hope someone conveys to her the true happenings in her educational institutions.

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  • Tk
    tky Nov 25, 2009

    I agree entirely with the complainant. In fact, I would request all parents and students with similar experiences with Amrita University, Ettimadai, to come out openy through this column. By doing so, they would be providing a big help by warning parents who have plans to admit their children at the university. I regularly hear about intimidations and verbal abuses students are subjected to there. So far, the management has succeeded in keeping a tight lid on these happenings with the result that the outside does not know the real picture. And mind you, all this after squeezing every rupee from parents by way of capitation fee, huge tuition and hostel fees and other charges.

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  • Uu
    uuw Dec 13, 2009

    Just to read the complaints about Amrita University, Ettimadai, after several friends told me about them. My friend's daughter, a brilliant student, had a very bad experience from one of her teachers at Ettimadai recently. This young guy tried to be a little too 'friendly' with her which she promptly rejected. The result - she was failed in the subject he is teaching. Now the poor girl has to re-sit the exam! Can anyone believe this happening in an institution that belongs to Mata Amritanda Mayi? I hear that teachers failing students in exams because of personal likes and dislikes are quite common at Amrita. What a pathetic situation.

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  • Ab
    abila Dec 15, 2009

    Since this college is in the name of Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, all these comments indirectly streching AMMA in to this matter. I have a request to all fraternity that please do not stretch AMMA's name in to this matter as AMMA has done all these for the well being of her children.

    As an institution Amrita university has its own merits and demerits. If you feel anything bad please discuss the matter with the concerned people and try to correct it. I don't think a complaint letter like this will help anybody to understand these matters.

    We also heard a lot complaints from others regarding Amrita Engineering College, Amritapuri as the authorities there is not maintaining a proper standard. They are approaching the subordinate in a rude manner and are showing partiality towards staff members even to give proper salary. There is no standered for salary increment. All these increments are given only based on how the staff members buttering up their bosses. They are not considering staff members ability, education and other qualities. Truly speaking, the above said problems can be corrected by having a good, educated and well mannered top management. Asram and AMMA has no direct involvement in selecting staff and other employees to these institutions. It is the duty of the top officials to run these institutions in a proper way. Now a days many people are becoming devotees only to get positions in these institutions. Such people are basically cultureless and are not appropriate to hold such top positions. The Authorities have to look into these matters seriously . Otherwise in near future itself the fame of this university will be collapsed.

    Now so many engineering colleges are coming up in kerala. It is not difficult to get a seat for engineering. Why people are lured to Amrita University? It is because of AMMA only.

    I know students from good schools are giving priorities as follows. IIT, REC or NIT, Model engg. college, Govt. Engg. colleges..., Amrita University.etc. Why??????????

    It is time to think and act.

    AMMA has no attachment to all these institutions. She is Brahma . People who has spiritual background can understand this and never blame AMMA for these happenings. In history we saw Dwaraka disappered in presence of Lord Krishna. Like that if it goes like this ...we can see yet another ...

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  • Ri
    risvan Dec 19, 2009

    I am in agreement with abila when she says Amma should not be dragged into this controversy. She is like a Goddess to all of us. But all these educational institutions that operate under the name of 'Amrita' technically belong to her or a trust that she presides over. So, unfortunately, it is impossible to keep her name out, despite the fact that we all know she is not in any way involved in the day-to-day running of these colleges and universities. It is a small cotery of people who control her that manipulates and controls these institutions for their personal gains. It is a known fact that these people pocket millions of rupees every year. There are no proper auditing and accounting procedures. So no questions are asked. The most ironic part is that these persons are outwardly great disciples of Amma, some of them even are 'sanyasins', and give discourses during which they speak about the virtues of a simple and humble life and personal integrity!

    As someone wrote earlier, I too wish that the nefarious activities of this gang was exposed and brought to Amma's attention.

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  • Co
    Common stupid man Mar 05, 2010

    How come she wont be responsible for a college running in her name. tell it to school children even they wont believe..
    Put all these details in TV news then you will know who is responsible for what...

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  • Ia
    IamAsadStudentOfASE Jun 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi Al.

    I am a btech student, entering my final yr at Amrita Univ, Coimbatore. I have lived and felt the depths of this place, hence safely take my following verdict to be correct:

    Do not join the college. It is college with inferior syllabus, incompetent teachers, arrogant management folks, indifferent chiefs, inadequate placements and worst-of-all: They boast as if it is the best college in the whole damn country. I can say thousand reasons why one should avoid the college, but im sure the text field will overflow, hence Im summarizing my experiences below:

    1. The syllabus is a no-brainer.. One can easily mug up and get marks.. It is going to be exactly like what we had in state-board schools.

    2. Faculty: There is a 100% Probability that 90% of the staff that one has in a semester does not know 90% of the syllabus. Im serious. The H O Ds are egotistical futilities who do not care to address any issues.

    3. Zero-Exposure: The College shows sexual discrimination, racial-discrimination and cultural-discrimination. The management is filled with malayalis and they favour only the smarties from their states. Girls and boys are frowned at if they form friends with the opposite sex.

    4. Boasting ***ks: The worst part is that they act as if they own the best college in the world, and they treat students like s****. Please DO NOT even think about this college.. It is literally putting urself on the death-sentenct podium.

    I mean every bit of what i said above. I cant reveal myself due to reasons tat are obvious. Take care. Watch out.

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  • S9
    S937 Aug 04, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree completely with everyone. This is my own experience that saved me from getting into this HELL. I got a rank of 8980 and still the univ., kept on calling me with no shame. They want only money.


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  • Ma
    MANAVIAN Dec 14, 2010

    Institutions are places of worship. There may be ups and downs everywhere. I never say that faculty members are right and students are wrong. I too worked with a College in Administrative Capacity and saw the behavings of students. Today, students are fearless as they have ample of opportunity waiting outside to grasp them immediately after their completion of studies. The worth of their selection will be understand later by the organisation which grasp them. In the recent past, it was acknowledged that the students wanted to be free bird and they even does not like their parents to guide them. In such a case, how they accept some third person come across them. But, this definitely did not able to deny the approach of Faculty Members. Now a days institutions have become business centers and students have become consumers. When the student act as a consumer, the faculty also think them as business men and exactly they are doing multi level businesses and spending their while time in the college like a Faculty. So, we cannot expect the typical Master relationship from them. A master is GURU who teaches and preaches their students. But, as a whole, it is advisable not to give over demerits to the organisation which itself become a great advantage of advertisement to the college.
    Dear Students, please behave like students and be fear for future. Let teachers be whatever it may be. Study, Study and study. These days won't be back.

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  • Ju
    justhuman Jan 13, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Come on guys...crap to ur AMMA and stuffs..Institutions are place to develop your knowledge, get education and not for worship... Be a professional in teaching and not as money suckers. I have heard a lot about this institution. They are compelling both pupil and staff there to follow Hinduism. Management mandate everyone to say NAMASHIVAYA for greetings and not usual Hi, Hello, GM, etc... This is total [censor]. Also they make mandatory deductions from Faculty's salary every month in the name of some functions, AMMA's program, etc.. which is an illegal act. End of the day the faculties has to pay tax even for the money which is being deducted from their salary...Not little amount guys its in thousands every month. WAKE UP PEOPLE..DON'T FALL PREY to these kind of stuffs.

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  • Bh
    bharani d May 06, 2011

    i got 7173 rank in amrita btech entrance exam can i get a seat in amrita please send me a reply

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  • Pe
    peacefulamerican May 16, 2011

    I am an American who have for over 15 years seen that the consideration of Amma as a Great Soul is very destructive. There are others, some whom have served closely with her that have witnessed similar events in the ashram, the organizations, destructive behaviors from Amma herself, stupid advice from her, harm to families etc... It seems that the organizations follow their leader, who is not a god, maybe not even a good teacher.

    Having witnessed the destructive power of Amma in America, it is not shocking to me and other cult watchers that these practices occur in her universities. She is not our mother but someone using religion to build her own name.

    Spiritual narcism is not the answer, nor the reality of Great India.

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  • Ni
    nimmyammu May 23, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I disagree with what has been told earlier. 1) hostel food is not that bad compared to any hostels in kerala and tamil nadu. It is far better. But still students like me to tend to go canteen to have food with our friend. But not so frequently. It veg food with variety of dishes. Many of the students are non-vegetarians and are not happy with what they get so the result they over spent in canteen and daba etc. 2) this is the best university with a bful campus to make us happy. It is indeed a blessing to study in Amrita. 3) About English speaking talent, it is quite common in any colleges in India to faculty with poor English speaking skills, because we are Indian and English always remain our foreign language. Compared to previous years the university has succeeded in bringing good faculty from different parts of the world. 4) Many of the students will not be happy to live here since here there are lots of restrictions just for the students sake. The university stand to teach the students the values of ancient India and not just a place to freak out and live like foreigners . So if you want your kids to be good human beings do think Amrita or if you are looking for a different life style where the values has no place then Amrita is not a place for you.

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  • Te
    Tears May 27, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We are leaning each day that it is very dangerous to trust Ammachi, as well as many of her staff. We feel many may be trapped in a cult. We call it the cult of the hugging saint. There are over 500 people on a private email list named [email protected] Please sign up to receive support. You may read past testimonies and you may also sign up without giving your name if you would like for this to stay anonymous.

    Many have been hurt, many have lost family and friends. The motivation of the organization, especially at this time, is to accrue as much money as they can from every relationship that there may be to Ammachi, her following and her staff.

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  • Ki
    kingsspeech Jun 21, 2011

    I am a former student of this institution (got out in 2010). Let me tell you something...

    Values?? We do not want values.
    We want good teachers and lecturers and a good place to learn. When the best colleges are teaching their students amazing things and giving them practical knowledge, this institution is wasting their time in the following ways:
    1. Yoga classes.
    2. Cultural education - believe me... they have compiled a textbook for this subject which says some crazy things like India had nuclear warheads 5000 years ago and we "invented" jeans.
    3. Students have 3-4 hours allocated as "free" in their time table.
    4. Four hours every week is dedicated to "placement training" for three years of the engineering degree!!!
    We had practically wasted thousands of hours before the end of the fourth year.

    Values are important. But I think they should have been taught to the students before they entered college. [censored]... THEY HAD EIGHTEEN YEARS TO LEARN THAT.

    The lecturers are so ignorant of any latest trends in their own fields. They dont even know the basics. I dont know which idiot appoints them. These people were some of the worst performers in some of the worst colleges in India. If I had the power, I would kick out 60% of the teaching staff of this college.

    The students who join the college are some of the best (I cannot vouch for those joined via management quota). So many people of my batch were SPL/Captains of their respective schools and are very intelligent with great communication skills. And there are those who "just missed" getting into IITs and NITs. These students are very responsible and matured. When you have students like these and a great infrastructure, you better have good faculty.

    One of the good aspects of this college is EVERYBODY GETS A JOB!!! yay! I thank the college for that...

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  • Ia
    iamastudentofASE Jul 03, 2011

    I am a student of Amrita! I would like to share my views
    1. I agree that food is not of good taste and the fees is raising like hell!!
    2. About faculty, its impossible to have all the faculties as geniuses as in IITs.. there may be some inefficient ones. But there are some really really good, experienced and talented faculties in the institution
    3. Ya, malayalis rule the campus. 90% of the administration ppl are malayalis and 60% of faculties are malayalis and hence they just dominate everyone.
    4. There is no encouragement to sports and other student activities!! no cultural events. namesake sports day.
    5. They have a depertment called 'students welfare' which does everything other than welfare for students with full of arrogant people
    6. One thing I would like to say is, Values are important friends. This is the period where a student learns values. This is the period of life where you get to so many different things and you can easily get distracted. So I would say that teaching values is the most important thing and the institution is very rightly doing it! All the parents expect their son / daughter to be of good behaving, good attitude, esp. non-drunkard, and so on other than being an intelligent student. Every day they will be woried about the security and well being of children.
    7. The placements are not that bad. Its ok!
    8. I have to say this, The campus is really beautiful and a superb climate brings a relaxed feeling to your mind too!
    overall, tothe parents, I can say Amrita is safe!!

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  • Aj
    ajith_r Aug 01, 2011

    ooooh...i jus joined amrita coimbatore...mtech...cyber sec...i'll b joinin d campus on 16th aug...all i wanna say is...'m keepin ma fingers crossed...lets hope d world out der is not as bad as it might sound...!!!

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  • Co
    Compl ASE Aug 16, 2011

    Every bad point mentioned here is true and very few of the good points mentioned here are also true!!

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  • Un
    unholy ASE Aug 18, 2011

    i am an ex student of this so called prestigious institution..i have read all the comments posted above..all the things that some have trademarked as bad are indeed true and i have seen and have had to endure it over there.. one of my faculty never liked people who joined in nri quota, so people like me( a nri student) had to face his taunts .. and if we retort in a respectful way also, there, that instant, u have an arrear .. no use watsoever after instance, when we found worms in the gobi curry they served us, we gave a complaint, no action, still the same result. then we conducted a strike by not ewating mess food, they call us and tell us to eat bcos there are many ppeople in the world who do not get a single meal a day, wat bloody reply is dat?? we pay such a huge amount of money for the mess food adn they reply like this??the only thing i gained fromthat unholy college is friends.. dats all..

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  • Ek
    ekatma Aug 18, 2011

    i am a pass out from amrita vishwa vidyapeetham this year and i totally dis agree to what has been spread until now..IT department was taken out from most of the colleges now..but amrita didnt just dissolve the branch..they just didnt take any freshers for IT from the next year...and everybody in the IT dept gets placed..if not, its bcase of thier poor coimbatore no other colleges gives placements like amrita..Being a Mechanical Student i am proud to sat that there Was 100 % placement in my batch as well as in my seniors batch..placement depends upon the ability of the students and not that of the gives you the chance and you have to prove yourself.

    As for the mess provides a variety of south indian dishes that tastes good.. my parents loved the food there...its faaar better than any other colleges in coimbatore..

    The teaching staffs, yes few of them are freshers...but most of them are good enough for the subject that they take..if you dont like them u can always complain to the higher officials and they would do smthin abt it..and most of them speak proper english...

    And Dont tell me students arent treated well...the hostels are way better than other is kept neat and clean daily...visit any toilet in a hostel and u will see for your self..they clean it everyday in the mornin after the students leave for college..

    the 'Students WELfare" actually does its purpose... nobady just realizes it..any complaint by the students is taken in2 account and action is taken with immdte effct...i know so coz i hav been there a hell lot of times...but they try to solve the disputes taking into consideration both sides...and yea you walk outside with a gal at 9 and they find u in a place where u r not supposed to be..they would scold you...other colleges they wouldnt mind..but they have a reputation to keep...

    the syllabus is as the same as in most of the colleges in india and they update every 2 dont brag about it..

    my friends from other colleges like PSG, NIT TRICHY ...they have cme to my college and loved its beaty and the treatment so much...and i have seen their hostels also...where there is no warden and guys jus smoke and weed there..all the above students who supported this ### post must have had problems weedin or smokin and they just put their anger here...grow up!!!

    and last to the ex-student...what you are now is because of has served u like a mother scolded you like a had ur fun and festivals there...a unity within the students that people admire.. every college has their back drops...even people have...dont judge by that itself..and AMRITA is the most fastest growing institution in south has become what it is with a few years..and where ever you go in this vil gain respect coz you belong to the amrita proud.. dont jus brag about your family on sites... grow up!!!

    EKATMA...( all ma ekatmain friends please support what i have said to preserve the purity and mostly to what we all now miss and cherish, a gr8 college life)
    OM amriteshwariyaye nama!!

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  • Bc
    bcb7 Aug 21, 2011

    I completely disagree with this post !!!

    Your kid did not get a placement ??? ... Could you please post your son/ daughters grades ???
    I am a passed out of Amrita and I had multiple offers, my batch had 100 % placements, in fact lot of us had multiple offers

    I am from EEE dept. and our dept had some of the best faculty... I am sure who ever wrote this post does not have any clue about other colleges in India. Amrita is one of the best colleges in TN.

    Please refrain on making such general statements about the University !!!

    thanks !

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  • Ba
    Badri Krishnan Aug 22, 2011

    Funny article.. i dont understand why the author gets so whiny about the whole system/university cos of her son's inability to get placed/ get accustomed to the kind of food.. Firstly, if ur son was so deserving, why did u end up with Amrita? You could have chosen some other university that was "blessed" to teach ur son.. Talk abt placements, its all abt skill.. not the university.. 5 pointers get placed in two companies.. 8 pointers pass out without any job.. we have seen it all.. its sheer skill.. and of course, if the market is bad, univ cant use a magic wand and get ur son a job..

    Talking about food.. no university can provide "mama's food".. ppl should get used to it.. comparitively amrita food is very hygenic when compared to most of the universities in kerala and tamil nadu.. Mind you, I am talking abt hygeine and not taste.. So, ur boy should stop whining, clear all arrears and come out and find a job for himself.. and may be cook his own food while working..

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  • Sh
    Shivaram K V Aug 25, 2011

    I myself is an alumni of amrita. The statements are true to an extent. But i dont find its so bad so as to file a complaint. My friends get food daily from outside through day scholars and also during sundays, we go out and eat. I agree the cost of education is high. But if u focus on the education perfectly you can reap the benefits which is much more than what you expect(experience!). The hostel is very clean and hygenic. They clean the bathrooms and hostel premises daily. Food is served hot. I never had any physical disorder because of that, for that matter none of my mates dint have any of that kind. Those who have food from outside(dhabas and all) often end up in the bathroom or clinic. So what i mean is

    Be simple. Be human. Be good. Be amritian.

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  • Aj
    A JOHN Sep 10, 2011

    Why this type opinions are coming only about Amrita, Coimbatore in the name of ex students. Is it all the other Engg colleges of this nature are 100% perfect? All are having complaint about veg food, Hindu culture and about few teachers’ behavior. No body telling about what type of education they are expecting from Amrita.

    Abi John

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  • Ex
    Ex-Amritian Feb 14, 2012

    I am an ex- Amrita Mtech passout. Some points that I would like to highlight.
    1. The fees is high as compared to other institutions especially the mess and hostel rent, but then which college provides u with single room and new menu every week?
    2. The Mtech faculty were all experienced, Phd holders. The only issue was partiality. Most of our teachers were from TN, so no matter how much ever you score but you will be in for a shocker when the final results are announced. For Mtech there is no transparent system for providing marks
    3. The wardens and other staffs were extremely friendly, that is only if you don't have a bad repute. As long as you mind your own business no one will bother you.
    4.The campus, labs, curriculum (1st year half of the stuff I had already learnt for Btech but there were others more than 70% who haven't had heard about lot of stuff) are all good.
    5. 95% of my batchmates got placed in core companies (VLSI design engineers) and 5% got placed in IT. So, overall placement record is very good.

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  • Su
    suggester Feb 20, 2012

    I had joined ASE, Ettimadai through MANAGEMENT QUOTA.(capitation). Now I am sharing my personal experience from studying here:
    1. On the beginning of the academic year, they would create a fuss that they are the best college in Tamilnadu and so on. Also they got accredited A grade by NAAC. But i had witnessed the week long make-over drama inside the campus before the NAAC authorities came.
    2.They try to impress by saying the names of V.C, DEAN etc. But the V.C is performing the duty of a rubber stamp and the DEAN should learn some manners so as how to talk with people. He is the most HEAD WEIGHTED person there.
    3.There is a "DEPARTMENT OF STUDENT WELFARE". They do not listen to the students complaints and act against the welfare of the students. I do not know why such a thing exists there?!!
    4.Among the Faculty, 95% are inefficient . Malayalis treat their likes and discriminate others. These are well known in results. Also Staffs do not help dull students, which is the mission of this institution. They should atleast work for their salary.
    5.People are convinced on the first day that there will be moral values. But this is not at all true. Every immoral activity takes place inside the campus.
    6.Finally, your Son/Daughter would get placed, even if he/she joined another good college WITH HALF THE FEES AND DOUBLE THE FREEDOM. The syllabus would be a lot easier and students will get freedom if they join elsewhere.
    beleive my words...
    if you want to do engineering... PLEASE DO NOT JOIN HERE.

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  • Fl
    flipship May 07, 2012

    Hello friends ;
    I dont know what to say after hearing this, i am completely confused on if i have to join this college for engineering . The placements are there for any college but what about the quality or the company in which the students are placed is what i need it at first . I am a vegetarian and a brahmin hailing from Hyderabad so, i cant resist something that actually degrades my culture . But, one of my seniors who passed out of Bangalore campus really got placed well HCL comp and an other story i herd was from an other guy who left the campus after 1st year paying all the 4 year fee and studying in some local CET college here, where he feels is good . I am also an author for my web ( and teach students in my free time for free and to say a tech guy . Now friends, with these qualities of mine will i sustain in this college ? or is there any other college ( not NITS or IITs as i dont think i fared it well ) that will suit me ?
    -Thanks in advance .
    -You can also mail me @ [email protected] or write at or call or message me at +[protected] .

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  • In
    Invincib1e May 09, 2012

    flipship, don't worry ... i"ve got a website too, for people like us, we've got natural talent ... u choose your desired branch and you are sure to shine ! if you are form south india, there is no better college, not even iit (frankly no' iit'an has manages a website, programs software during his study at the institution .. placements are very good, from last years salary there were two equal to iit, ten equal to nit, and many above 10 lakh/annum, its up to you to become the top five in your branch, so you get a good placement ..More over, if a college is bad, all the comments have to be bad, even if one thinks is good, then it means there is only a different opinion with others can notice, most nri students and management quota students complaining because they are not up to the mark

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  • An
    Ankoor325 May 16, 2012


    My rank is 3400, can i get seat in Amrita University... please help me what to do.


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  • Va
    vas.k May 21, 2012

    my cousin would like to join in amruta university, is it a good university

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  • Ia
    IamALWAYSRIGHT Jun 13, 2012

    i m currently studying in this university and i think the whole things been blown out of proportion. I saw some exagerated claims . i hear the same thing from my friends who had a lot of freedom earlier. i studied in a defence school and i dont find the college dissapointing. one thing to understand is that those who left the college with a bitter experience are just finding this as an excuse to throw something back at the colg.
    its true that food isnt that great but much better compared to other colleges i visited during their techfests.
    The colg is doing evrything to improve the teaching standard which is already a benchmark for other colgs in TN.
    the syllabus is extracted as it is from the IIT's. trust me on this. i have compared and found it 60% similar.
    hit "best universities in india" in google. Amrita was rated 35th in INDIA by HRD-ministry in 2010.(do you need any other proof or do you still want to go with these quakes???)
    anyways have a great life ! i m not here to campaign for AMRITA admissions. JOIN if u feel like. AND do dont if you are not intrested.

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  • Jc
    jcherulil Jul 12, 2012

    Tell me which college in the private sector is better than Amrita, Ettimada. Had the student in question been intelligent he or she could have got admission in one of the IITs or NITs. Basically, those who complain are either incompetent students or are brought up in an aristocratic gulf life style. Personally, I would not spend Rs.7, 00, 000 (Seven lakhs) for one Engineering admission as I, like most of the Indians, am struggling to keep both ends meet. THE CULPRIT IS ONE WHO PAYS THE HUGE FEE. These are the people who encourage and promote corruption in this country. Don't try to throw stones sitting from a glass house. There are millions of poor intelligent students. Your son is an "idiot". Don't blame the board for a poor picture. Painter is bad, not the board. I am an educational consultant and I know very well what is happening.
    E-Mail: [email protected]

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  • Fa
    FacultyofAmritaCBE Sep 28, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is written by a Faculty member of the Coimbatore Campus.
    I would like to clarify some of the aspects based on the complaints about Amrita University:
    1. Students who like to roam around freely with their boy/girl friends would not like Amrita University because AMRITA does not permit these kind of activities.
    2. If you are a rogue, under performer in class and have indecent behaviour(which is showcased my most of the incoming students now), please dont join Amrita.It is not the right place for you.
    3.If you are not bothered about hygienic food, dont join Amrita as food is prepared in the most hygienic way.Food is good.They may not provide you with 5 star quality food but it is far better than most college messes
    4.Syllabus is excellent, updated every year(equivalent to MIT, USA).It might be difficult to learn during the course of study but everyone appreciates after graduation
    5.Placements is not 100% It is 300%(every eligible student would have atleast 2 offers+1 dream offer)
    6.Admission does not happen in the IT department.Instead it is done in the CSE department.Regarding placements, there is absolutely no difference between CSE and IT for the companies(nor any branch for that matter).It is only the CGPA and the soft skills of the student that matters in the interview
    7.If you are not placed, it means you would have purchased your project from Gandhipuram bus stand and you would have roamed outside and got less than 50% attendance.University cannot do anything on this issue
    8.Visit our campus before you make the right decision.Dont believe in rumours
    9.There is lot of emphasis on sports, co curricular and extra curricular activities.You should come to campus and have a view of our sports grounds, gyms, swimming pools etc.,
    10.VC is not proud to say that he is the VC of Amrita.Amrita is proud to say that he is the VC.Dont talk without knowing his credentials.He is a person who does service for AMMA without taking even a single rupee and all his travel is paid out from his own pockets
    11.Dean is a great visionary.Amrita has got excellent discipline only because of him.He is the man responsible for solving all student issues in an amicable manner

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  • Kr
    Krishna* Nov 09, 2012

    I did my post graduation from Amrita university.I was actually shocked to read all the above comments.I did my studies in Amritapuri campus.I should say it is in par with IITs.We even have interactive sessions with the best universities of the world like MIT.The food is great!!!Hostel accommodation-I do not want to call it a hostel .It was a very peaceful place to stay.The warden, she behaved to us like our grandma.I respect my alma mater and I am proud of it.To add to this, all our faculty are highly qualified.Our dean is a very very down to earth person and high quality research is conducted in this institution.

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  • Pr
    pragmatic Nov 24, 2012

    amrita university
    i was 2 years late in reading the above comments and the author's complaint..
    Well true the college is a suck up... 3 yrs i sat n ate the palatable idillys, dosas, pongals( looks like vomit), the so called pooris ( i call it mini papads), etc... about the hygiene...yes it is hygienic.. but let me put forward an example: i feed you oats and milk 3 meals a day for a week... ofcourse your going to remain healthy.. but is that going to suffice ... 2yrs of this ### ... literally speaking at times the food looks like ### to..
    And about the talks that other colleges in tamilnadu serve worse... people we pay 35k a year... other colleges its less than 20k... so that's no justice to the money that our parents spent on mess food... just one of the quixotic money making strategies that amrita practices.
    The next and the biggest joke of Amrita is its mechanical enginnering faculty(as far as i know...coz im doing my mechanical engg)...
    The so called HOD .. the biggest [censored] living on the planet earth... for the 3rd year of mechanical... the teaching faculty was simply pathetic... fresh pass outs are appointed to teach us, that to subjects which they have not majored in. They have no experience, they do not know the head or tails of the subject that is being taught( at times we students have to tutor the teachers during class), in the end of the day, they feel like they have done their job and set question papers which i bet if they sat and wrote it along with me, i could kill them at it.
    Despite teaching in the most deplorable way.. they correct out answer sheets expecting P.HD level answers.
    But then again.. there are good teaching faculties to.. but its no excuse for hiring incompetent once.
    Our campus spends lakhs and lakhs of rupees on worthless things..
    like the have put up cement benches almost at every nuke n corner of the campus.. especially places where students do not even pass by or bother sitting...
    changing the lawns weekly ( such a wasteful process)... instead of changing it every week...why the hell cant they just maintain it
    extending the electrical fences further around the campus...
    these idots have not bothered about
    fixing the main gym
    setting up AC's at the C.I.R block ( its inside gets insanely hot during the they appointed smart architects who put up a glass like roof on it)
    improving the outdoor games facility
    buying better sports equipment
    improving the GOD DAMNED FOOD
    recruiting better teachers ( do not give me the bull crap that you are ready to pay 1lakh per month despite which you are not able to get proficient teaching staff)

    Finally the pass system.
    i am not sure whether i joined a college or kindergarten.. my school way better than my college will ever be.. the lack of independence makes me feel like i'm some convicted felon living my life behind bars... its so demeaning and demotivating and depressing

    people.. if u want to witness and know what college life is all about ... amrita is not a place i suggest..
    but if u feel u need some rehabilitation for some ### that you have gone through before college...amrita welcomes you with open arms..
    THINK ON YOUR SINS...before you decide on amrita.. and see if its worth it

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  • Ex
    Ex-Amma Mar 22, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It is not only Amrita University which is accused of being negligent but Amma AIMS hospitals are accused of fraud, discrimination to poor people and violent beating of striking nurses.

    The Amma cult destroyed the Ex-Amma Forum mentioned above 27th of May, 2011 by Tears by a new forum has arisen from the ashes hosted on YahooGroups. Do not confuse with old forum, the new group is here:

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  • Ma
    manishush Aug 06, 2013

    To all parents who may be planning to get a place at the Ettimadai campus for their kids, please be rest assured that if you can afford to dish out enough cash, there is absolutely no problem in getting admission. But please do think a million times before enrolling your child in this so-called prestigious uni as the kids really suffer in the hostels which provide the very minimum of facilities. The wardens are downright rude and not in the least bit understanding when it comes to discipling students. If they were to allow the students a little more freedom, the kids would actually be better behaved. The mess too is indeed a mess. The food served is monotonous and the poor kids are forced to eat the same things everyday. The canteens do not provide much respite. I believe the dean and other senior professors who live on the campus live a lavish life. How I wish someone would provide them with the same kind of food everyday so that they get an idea of how kids live there.
    My son passed out after his UG prog and I would not dream of putting him there for his higher studies. The so-called campus selection takes place in every good uni and the authorities need not boast about it as I know several students from the campus who are yet to bag a good job. The kids are mainly taught by youngsters who have just completed their graduation. Some of them feel very apologetic to their students when they are strict and inform the students that they are simply following instructions of their senior profs. Discipline is important at this stage of life but too much of it can lead to the kids losing all control later on in life when they do get their freedom. When will the uni authorities realize all this ?? Someone out there please inform AMMA of the injustice at the Ettimadai campus. I am sure she would not condone such goings on. So prospective parents of students entering Etimadai, please don't put your child thru' what my kid had to go thru'. had i known this before i would definitely have looked elsewhere. Let our kids enjoy their college life. after all, didn't we ????

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  • Fi
    Final year student Aug 31, 2013

    Many people and most of them are my elders... I accept all your points. If I am given a chance, I have got some points which I wana say
    1. Yes, the food sucks in Amrita.
    2. Yes, The fee structure in Amrita is high.
    3. Most of the faculty are less educated... Am sorry. U met the wrong person.
    4. One may boast you, but its true, how so high the fee may be there are hundreds of people to get a seat in Amrita.
    5. is it that easy to score high here? you are kidding. Hardly there are 10 9pointers in entire mech, ece, eee dept individually. Majority of the university are 6-7 pointers. :( If it is that easy to mug and score, then 70% of the students are from stateboard, atleast there would have been atleast 25% 9 pointers, but for ur info there are only less than 4% in every branch.
    6. He asked you to pay Rs.7lakh? May be. I agree with. But a point why should you buy a seat? :) why should you go for management quota? is your ward that unfit for merit quota? Chill
    let me explain this... if the ward of the person, who paid 7lakh, and gets a merit seat, would have been this complaint ? no...
    7. IT removed..? yes it is. For the sake of placements it is removed? yes. But y do u bother if it is called cse or IT? either cse or IT?the student gonna placed in the same company, will be eligible for gate, gre and will be studying the respective syllabus. i dont think calling a horse as donkey will change that horse to donkey.

    Conclusion: Dialogues..every one can tell, , From the river banks every one can speak.. but listen to the one who is in waters and not on bank. Every college has got merits and demerits. Simiarly Amrita has got its own merits and demerits. My parents asked me to study here. I studied here taking education loan. my life was simpler. I am placed in the early 7th sem in a Fortune 50 company. I am happy here. I came here to live and not to COMPLAIN.

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  • Sr
    sruthy k das Jun 06, 2015

    i have joined the amrita coimbatore campus PG program..Can anyone tell me about the hostel rules and regulations?

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