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CB Business and Industrial Review of American Water Resources
American Water Resources

American Water Resources review: Make them do the job that I have cotracted them to do

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I larry mooers have contracted with this company for the purpose of prtecting myself from a number of items such as water line sewer lines inside electtric lines outside power linesheating and colling systems but every time I file a claim I get a total run around this has been going on since may of 2022 today I entered a claim for inside elec line claim #311953 and they end up telling me that they are unadle to get anyone to fix my problem even th they have no problem colecting fees for all of these services and then they finally tell me to find a company to fix the problem now how am I to expect me to find a company to fix the problem and pay them to do the job and they will pay me back but nif I cant get them to do their job how can I expect them to refund my money I am on social security and can not aford hundered or thousands of dollars for a company to fix my problem if I had a water or sewer problem by the time I got someone here to fix the problemthere is no way I could pay to get itfixed that is their job to get someone here to do the job and pay for it my e mail is [protected] phone# [protected] please help if you can thank you

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