American Income Life Insurancehiring


I submitted my resume for a marketing management position. I was called for an interview. I googled the address they gave me and it was a marketing agency that was listed. First of all the agency was wholly unprofessional. The receptionist was blasting her music when I walked in the door. The other man sitting in the front area and working there was wearing basketball shorts. Not many of the workers were dressed for a professional environment. After a brief 2 minute interview I was lead to a "group interview" that was basically a pitch to become an agent for American Income life insurance. They DONT pay for training and expect you to work for free through your training and licensing process. You have to pay for the class, the licensing, etc. I went for a second interview and turned up 15 minutes early. The receptionist wasnt there. She supposedly starts at 8:30. At 8:45 still no receptionist & I was told by the guy wearing blue Jean's and a truckers cap he was going to interview me because the man who was supposed to was on an airplane. I walked out when he couldn't even find my resume and seemed like he didnt even know what he is doing. They pulled a bait and switch on the job. They didnt mention in the ad it was 100% commission with no paid training which is against the law. They also were the most highly unprofessional group of people I've come across. No wonder they interview 20+ people at a time. If it wasnt 5 minutes from my house I wouldn't have even been interested. There are professional insurance agencies out there. This isn't one of them. They are scammers.

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