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A Aug 24, 2018 Review updated:

On August 15th 2018 I entered a service request for my hot water heater. American Home Shield (AHS) assigned Tom Melton Plumbing and charged my credit card the $75 service fee before they even came to my home. On Thursday August 16th I had a four hour window appointment which they failed to show up for and I had to call them to reschedule. On Friday August 17th the Tom Melton service guy showed up and had to call into the office and send them pictures to solve the problem. It was determined that it was a bad water vapor sensor and he told me it had to be ordered but it should be in maybe tomorrow or the next day. I then wait all the way to the following Thursday to get a call which I never did so I called AHS. I want to point out at this time I have not had hot water in 7 days. The AHS representative tries to call Tom Melton and they do not answer so she leaves a voice mail and sends an email she then says I should get a call later in the day. I wait all day, no call, so the following morning Friday August 24th I call AHS again. The first customer service representative informs me that there was no work order received and they would have to contact Tom Melton to get the work order approved before the part could be ordered. Remember I had called the day before and no one mentioned this lack of a work order so I asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor merely indicates that they need to call Tom Melton to get a status on the work order to which I say did you have a hot shower this morning? She says yes and tells me I should boil water. 7 days without hot water, I pay AHS every month via automatic withdraw for my contract and some flippant customer service rep to tell me to boil water! As of this point August 24th my hot water heater is still broken, I do not have an appointment or have any idea the status of the part that they supposedly ordered a week ago. I have requested that another company be assigned to finish the job but was told I have to wait for Tom Melton to call them back and given that they failed to do so yesterday I have no hope they will today. I have been with AHS for over 10 years and have never had this kind of problem but prior to this but given this situation I am seriously reconsidering handing AHS my money every month.


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    Rebecca b. Jackson Jun 15, 2020
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    I have the same problems with American Home Shield and Tom Melton Plumbing Services. I called AHS on 5/26/20. They assigned the complaint to Tom Melton. On 5/27/20 they came out, took photos, did a water pressure test, and state they would send the data to AHS that day.

    On 6/5/20 I called Tom Melton with no answer.
    On 6/5/20 I called AHS and stated the problem. They said they did not receive a report back from Tom Melton and they needed that to move ahead. They called, emailed Tom Melton with no response.

    On 6/11/20 I called AHS again. Again same response. They did report it to Contractor Relations and I was suppose to get a response from them. Nothing to date.

    On 6/12/20 I called AHS again. Again they stated needed report from Tom Melton, called him, and no response.

    On 6/15/20 I called AHS again. Again repeat of above situation. I tried to call Tom Melton and was hung up on 3 times. I was able to leave a phone message after calling 5 times.

    This is going on for 4 weeks, no hot water, leaking, other damages. What is going on? Is this a scam??

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    A.D. 14 Aug 07, 2020

    I had the same experience with AHS and Tom Melton Plumbing. Tom Melton Plumbing thinks all broken stuff works as designed. They are not professional, one plumber said he is going to get another faucet to change the broken one and never showed up. Another one thinks that a shower faucet on the cold giving hot water is working properly. They have no clue what to do and they don't want to do any work.
    Non-Service was performed 08/03/2020 and they came back after placing a recall on their work on 08/07/2020.

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