Amazon Lanka Internet Jobs And Data Entry Jobs Training Institutecheating about earning e money

N May 11, 2015 Review updated:

Amazon Lanka is an institute which earn money from cheating innocent people.. they publish advertisements in television and newspapers mentioning that users joining with amazon lanka can earn money more than 100, 000rs while working at home.. when i first contacted them they said that they provide work for us after completing the one day workshop at their institute.. i have paid rs. 7500 and joined for the workshop. It was a waste of time and money i was too late when noticing that they have cheated for my money.. they said they work with 12 companies to provide internet jobs and data entry jobs and handed over us an acceptance to fill in and sign.. i have also signed that and paid the fee thinking that they would provide work for me.. but after the training they only gave us some company names (neobux, freelancer, upwork) to create accounts ourself and i understood that this is a fraud because everybody knows those companies are free to join with.. please do something for this frauds and stop them from cheating innocent and poor people just like me.. rs. 7500 is a big value for poor people like us.. and this cheating is unacceptable.. hope you do something soon..

Amazon Lanka Internet Jobs And Data Entry Jobs Training Institute


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      Oct 19, 2015

    This is true. for an amount like 7500 rupees, all they provide us for are some of web domains (and a couple of miserable tutes, loaded and useless CDs and a lunch packet that they highly boast about) where anyone in the world can register for free. We have to manage all the rest ourselves and their customer care representatives and more importantly, the so called lecture himself are such great people to talk to, if you got a problem. Talking with personal experience, what you finally get from the lecturer is a, "so, there is nothing we can do" and the women at the phone, they are the worst people i have ever talked to on the phone. They do not hesitate to tell whatever that come to their mouths at the moment and literally, they haul with words at you.
    It was really a relief to know that i am not the only one who is in this status and i am sure there are many. Authorities must do some research about what happens to all those poor and hopeful people including ones as young as school leavers who throw a big amount of money out of their hands for nothing.
    If this website has a purpose, this disguised fraud mentioned above should be seen to by authorities in the country.

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      Nov 22, 2015

    I am Live in Southern province.My home town Is Matara.I am a Job Seeker.I have experience in office pkg.I am 27 age and married. have a little baby. so I can't unable to go out and doing a job.So I really like to join your company and doing a online job.If you think that I am suitable for join please call me or mail me.also I am a poor girl.My hussband only doing a job.

    my email- hiroshi.[protected]

    Thank you.

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      Oct 10, 2019

    @hashi ahangama I also like to do a data entry job

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      Dec 12, 2017

    Thank you for reveal these things.

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      Jan 04, 2018

    i also like to do the data entry so please tell me how i can do that my email address is [protected]

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      Mar 19, 2019

    i also like to do the data entry so please tell me how i can do that my email address is

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      Jul 04, 2019

    i like to do this data entry job please give me to more details

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  • K
      Jul 07, 2019

    I'm very tired of finding data entry jobs on the internet. If you know whatever way to get a data entry or ms office job, please be kind enough to let me know some information about them.


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  • D
      Jul 17, 2019

    I like do this data entry plz tell more information

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      Jul 25, 2019

    Already I'm a doing a job. But my salary is not sufficient to live perfectly. So I have interested to do part time job nearly 2 hours pey day. Could you help me and send me details to achieve my target. Thank you.
    My email is [protected]

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      Sep 24, 2019

    ඔයාලා කියන් විදියට ඇමසන් ලන්කා කියන්නේ බොරුවක්ද ????...

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